Minority Report: Is Its Future Arresting?

Minority Report Premiere Recap

“Can you see… whether this show will survive?”

So, more or less, said one of the Precogs in the premiere of Fox’s Minority Report sequel series on Monday night. But before you chime in on whether or not you saw enough to come back for Episode 2, let’s briefly recap the pilot.

Picking up in 2065 – 10 years after the end of Precrime in the Tom Cruise film of the same name – Precog Dash (played by NYC 22‘s Stark Sands) is struggling with his visions. As the movie detailed, the three Precogs were sent away to an undisclosed location, but now Dash has made his way back to Washington, driven by the desire to help others. He tries to stop the murders he sees on his own, but without his twin brother Arthur (One Big Happy‘s Nick Zano), who “sees” the names, his gift is incomplete. He just can’t get to the scene of the crime in time. Meanwhile, big sis Agatha (Mad Men‘s Laura Regan) warns Dash not to interfere.

Dash soon enough encounters Detective Vega (Deception‘s Meagan Good). After she learns who he is, they team up (on the down-low) to stop an attack on a political hopeful. It turns out that the containment system where future killers were incarcerated really messed with their minds, and one prisoner’s daughter wants revenge. But first, Dash and Vega need to get intel from Arthur, who unlike his do-gooder brother, uses his gift for his own benefit, selling information on the black market.

As for Vega, here’s what we know about her: She has a history with her new boss Blake (That 70s Show‘s Wilmer Valderrama); her father was killed, driving her to become a detective; and she lives at home with her mom, who isn’t against the idea of her daughter getting it on with Dash (“When I was your age, we had this thing called Tinder. It’s how I met your father.”). Speaking of mom, she went off birth control at 65, so Vega has a much younger little brother. (In fact, science is so advanced, even fries are healthy in 2065. Sign me up for this future!) But proving some things never change, The Simpsons is celebrating its 75th season.

As a fan of the film Minority Report, I hope the Fox series will branch out past the procedural premise and explore bigger questions about free will, destiny, the role of science, what’s wrong vs. right, etc. And while another opposites-attract pair solving crimes isn’t the most original idea, Good and Sands do make an engaging duo. The best scenes of the pilot were of them at home just talking and getting to know each other. Plus, Sands has an endearing, puppy dog-like quality that makes you root for him.

But what did you think of Fox’s take on Minority Report? Grade the pilot via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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