Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Maintaining the Status Woe

Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4

Apparently, when Fear the Walking Dead’s Travis is wrong, he isn’t just a little wrong, he’s completely and totally wrong. (Sorry if that sounded like Liza, but… )

Last week, he predicted that everything would get better now that the army had moved into the neighborhood, and this week, the soldiers’ “assistance” left even him crying for help. What, exactly, did they do? Read on, and I’ll tell you!

SAVED FOR POSTERITY | Early on in “Not Fade Away,” we learned how everyone was killing time during the military occupation. Chris was waxing poetic into his camcorder and discovering someone in the dead zone outside the neighborhood’s safety fence signaling him from a window with a mirror. Alicia was sneaking into Patrick and Susan’s house to self-tattoo Matt’s last doodle onto her arm. (Side note: Ow!) Liza was passing herself off as a nurse practitioner to play Florence Nightingale to those in need. Nick was stealing morphine from one of Liza’s patients, Hector, so that he could lie to Maddie that he’d kicked his drug habit. Ofelia was necking with enlisted hottie Reynolds (Shawn Hatosy) and trying to persuade him to procure medicine for her mother. And Travis… dear, gullible Travis was setting himself up to get bit in the ass by palling around with Lt. Moyers, the troop’s insensitive commanding officer. (How insensitive is he? His idea of a joke is, “Be nice so I don’t have to shoot you.” Charmed!) At least at first, Travis’ acquaintanceship with the d-bag allowed him to do some good: When neighbor Doug was too freaked out to get tested for infection, Travis was able to keep Moyers from “taking down” the poor guy by giving him a pep talk.

SEX, LIGHTS AND VIDEOTAPE | Since Travis wouldn’t listen to Chris about the signal that he caught on camera, the teen went to Maddie, who was more receptive. So MUCH more receptive, in fact, that right after having make-up sex with her boyfriend, she picked a new fight with him by suggesting that he have his soldier buddies check out the source of the light. Luckily, before the tiff could escalate into a full-blown spat, the couple was interrupted by Doug’s wife, panicking because he’d taken his precious muscle car and fled.

After locating the vehicle near the perimeter fence, Travis asked Moyers to send out a search party. But there was no need, the lieutenant said. Doug had already been apprehended and taken away, lest his emotional state “infect” others. When Travis noted that it would have been courteous to inform Doug’s family, Moyers — ever the gentleman — replied that he wasn’t a social worker, and if “Mr. Mayor” Travis wanted to tell them, he could. (Again, charmed!) Meanwhile, Maddie saw Chris’ light for herself and — wait, isn’t she supposed to be sensible? — cut through the fence to investigate! Alone! And, as far as we could see, unarmed!

GOOD “HELP” IS HARD TO FIND | As Maddie dodged soldiers outside the fence and saw the bodies of uninfected people that they’d shot, Dr. Exner arrived in her neighborhood, shuttled off Hector to a nearby “facility” and forgave Liza for fibbing that she was more qualified than the nursing student that she is. “Desperate times,” the M.D. said. And she was just getting warmed up. In short order, she decided that Griselda should also be taken to the facility for surgery, and, off a tip from Liza, examined Nick, whose heart rate rose when he learned that he’d lost his source of morphine. Later, upon discovering her son searching desperately for drugs, Maddie — beyond words — hauled off and smacked him. Repeatedly. He was still licking his wounds when Exner and Co. arrived to escort Griselda and Daniel away for her operation. Only Daniel’s wasn’t the second name on the soldiers’ list, Nick’s was! Before you could say “There must be some mistake!” the scene had turned violent, Daniel had been separated from his wife, Nick had been separated from his family, and Liza — faced with a no-win proposition — had gone with them. And though Travis’ ex had clearly left with Exner to look out for Griselda and Nick, Maddie blamed Liza — and, by extension, Travis — for the whole mess. As if that wasn’t depressing enough, the hour concluded with Travis spotting gunfire “switching off” the distant light that Chris and Maddie had seen.

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