Days Kassie DePaiva Leukemia

Days of Our Lives' Kassie DePaiva Confirms Ouster: 'It Saddens Me'

Daytime-TV vet Kassie DePaiva has confirmed not just her exit from Days of Our Lives, but that the decision was not hers to make.

On Sunday morning — days after broke the news of her exit — DePaiva thanked fans, via her official website, for the kudos she has received for the past few weeks of storyline (“Eve’s loss … forced me to go to a very dark place that no one ever wants to go to in ‘real life,'” she shared).

The two-time Daytime Emmy nominee (for her run as One Life to Live‘s Blair) then went on to affirm that, as she put it, the sand in her hourglass was running out at Days.

“I have no regrets. I had a truly remarkable experience there,” she wrote. “It saddens me to have been let go from the show just as Eve was finally finding her footing…. But that is the way the soap business goes.”

DePaiva, who made her Days debut in June 2014 (in the role previously played by Arrow‘s Charlotte Ross), is expected to appear on screen for several more months due to the sudser’s famously large lead time. says DePaiva’s exit storyline will not tie into the current serial killer mystery.

Will you miss DePaiva and/or Eve?

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  1. EJ says:

    She was wrong for that particular role. Plain and simple. Their mistake.

    • Peter says:

      I agree, I loved Kassie as Blair on OLTL, but I didn’t like her as Eve.

    • mooshki says:

      Nobody would have been right for the role; her whole story line was awful.

      • Poster4392 says:

        Those scenes where she was breaking down over her daughters death though…….Days hasn’t seen acting like that in all the decades I’ve been watching it. That stuff was RAW!! Days its kitschy and no one is very serious on it…its like a step above Passions when it comes to real emotion, so as far as Im concerned….perhaps Kassie wasnt right for Eve at first, but she hit a home run with her acting!! So gonna miss that. Ive never cried at Days, but those scenes were GUT WRENCHING! EMMY FOR KASSIE!!!

    • j says:

      I agree. The accent was the worst. But I preferred her character recently with the loss of Paige rather than when she was scheming. After Charlotte Ross, it seemed that the casting was not consistent with Eve’s personality.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    She’s a great actress and won’t have any trouble finding another job. Her role as Eve is awful. I say they did get a favor by letting her go.

  3. Pete says:

    She’s great. It’s still too bad she can’t play Blair on GH b/c of rights issues. Maybe she can play another character like they did with the other OLTL actors.

  4. Brenda says:

    I love to hate Eve she is sooooo good. I about died the first time she had sex with JJ. Did not see that coming. SO SORRY SHE IS LEAVING THE SHOW!

  5. Alma says:

    Maybe they could find a role for her on GH. Other actors from one life to live have been cast on GH. I loved Blair on one life to live.



    • Amy says:

      Everyone always said that about Sami too. And many other characters for that matter. Theresa as Sami’s first cousin is doing a great job at being the “next Sami” (NOT SAYING Sami can be “replaced” at all)….but just the scheming and planning etc….. If we didn’t have the characters that we all love to hate, we wouldn’t have a very good show to be watching! I am literally almost the exact same age as Alison Sweeney and I grew up w/ her on the show. I hated her for her younger years but as we got older I found myself “rooting for her”. I don’t like the “person” that Theresa Donovan is, but I think a lot about Salem would be boring w/out her!

  7. mollytanner says:

    We need at least one scene with her and Charles Shaughnessy before she goes. Kassie is always kind and professional, but I think it was always an uphill battle for her portrayal of Eve. I think she did a great job with what she had, but I do kind of think she was essentially playing Blair Cramer.

  8. Linda Thomas says:

    I hate to see her go she is a great actress loved her as Blair I’m quite sure she’s gonna leave Salem with a bang

  9. JC says:

    No so glad she’s going lousy actress couldn’t stand her. I’d mute TV when she was onn

  10. Theresa says:

    Can’t believe the character of Eve is going so soon…she will be missed!

  11. Joni says:

    So sorry to see Kassie DePaiva go. She is such a good actress and yes Eve was a unlikeable character but she always was way back when Charlotte Ross played her. I think Kassie did a great job on Days and I will miss her.

  12. Angela Pastore says:

    I will not miss kassey at all. She was not a good fit for DOOL. The old writers gave her a horrible storyline that.outraged the viewers. She had an affsir with her daughters boyfriend. It was disguesting. It wasnt rven sex but wrestling in bed. I’m happy to see her go

  13. dj says:

    Come to Y&R or GH!

  14. Amber says:

    I actually couldn’t stand her. Then, I forgot about how much I despised the character Eve, and realized just how good of an actress Kassie is. Because I didn’t like Blair on OLTL. And I don’t like Eve. But her being on Days actually made me want to see more of her. So I guess I am a little disappointed she was let go.

  15. aph1976 says:

    First i wish Kassie all the best in whatever she does next.However i’m sure she’s been in the soap business long enough to know things like this happen and it has nothing to do with her ability as an actress.Plus this could be a good thing for her because it frees her up to do other stuff.

  16. wolfie34 says:

    Dena Higley probably listened to the stupid fans and cost someone their job. I hate old lady soap viewers that cry whenever a female is a villlain. If they had their way Theresa would be gone too.

  17. June says:

    I thunk Eve is a beautiful woman and did a fantastic job of what she was hired to do. However I will be glad to see the end of her storyline.

  18. mike says:

    She made the role her own, some other soap should scoop her up. She would be great in a Jack/Phyllis triangle on Y&R.

  19. liame says:

    I don’t understand how she can say, “just as Eve was finally finding her footing”, her character was horrible and she deserved a better role than that.

  20. Sharon says:

    I think at first she missed the vulnerability that Charlotte Ross brought to the role even though Eve is a “love to hate” character. With Paige’s murder she finally hit her stride. But I never think of the character as a “regular”. She is best in periodic doses.

  21. Bobby says:

    I don’t watch DOOL but I love Kassie DePaiva and think she has done some incredible work. I would love to see her on General Hospital JUST to watch an interaction with her and Roger Howarth.

    Good luck Kassie!!

    Oh, and you haters can stick your horrible opinions up your collective a$$ and twist them until your eyes cross.

  22. Saundra Silva says:

    It truly saddens me because I’ve always thought she was a great actress. I was sad when she left the show as Blair. I don’t know the reason for you are letting her go but it seems like on the soaps they don’t really care what the fans want. I think you’ve made agreat mistake she did a great job on that show

  23. Pam says:

    Yes I will miss Eve on DOOL I’m watching this show for over 35yrs. and Kessie is an very good actress we need some excitement in this show. I’m sure someone will pick her up for some other part.

  24. sheila heath says:

    So sorry she’s leaving. What is going to happen with her. She is a good actress I like her. Good luck in your new role.

  25. anniebee97 says:

    Actually I will miss her. At first she sickened me but she has done such a remarkable job of going to that dark place that I’ll miss her. But she is who she is and if she stayed it would be the same old garbage … which made her character hard to like at all.

  26. John Hibert says:

    They always take the good people off and mess with people’s lives. Boycott the show CBS and ABC are great for this they did the same thing to Ashley Judd

  27. Zandra Danielson says:

    I ‘m sorry to see Kassie DePalva leave. I thought she added a touch of class to the show.

  28. navarre2534 says:

    I love the actress. She is and always will be Blair Kramer, unfortunately! I’m glad this stupid storyline is done! Eve and Jennifer’s constant feuding got monotonous and stupid. It was too ridiculous!

  29. Linda Laird says:


  30. B James says:

    I love to hate her, but miss Paige and JJ more

  31. Kurt Hames says:

    Must say I never thought I’d despise the role of Eve more than when Charlotte Ross portrayed her but KUDOS to Kassie! You were brilliant in this role and I hate to see you leave!!!

  32. Dee Hubbert says:

    Stop the killings!!! We do not need another police detective story!!!!

  33. Dee Hubbert says:

    Let’s have good people. She has always been a mean and evil person. Good-bye to her. She was mean to her own daughter. Where are the kind people? Get Bo out of the prison.
    We do not need the torture that is going on in Days. Too much in real life.

  34. teresa brenner says:

    I liked her character and think It is mistake to see her go. There could have been all kinds of NEW story lines.

  35. Danna1963 says:

    In a word….NO! The writing for her role was awful. She did a great job for what she had to work with, but the storyline sucked.rej

  36. zoe says:

    Love Kassie as Eve. Someone of her caliber was a welcome addition to DOOL. Looking forward to seeing her in her remaining scenes. Just know she will be missed!! Whether it’s Blair or Eve she’s great! Best of luck to whatever comes next Kassie. . .

  37. Cerry says:

    She will be missed. Wonderful actress who I felt fit in nicely with the cast regulars. A loss and huge mistake by Days!

  38. Crystal Hinton says:

    She didn’t seem to fit even though she was one Of My favorites in One Life To Life. She’s a very talented actress.

  39. Sandy says:

    The things they had her do were awful What real mother would do the stuff they had her do

  40. Kassie is My favorite Actress ever since I have watched her and loved her acting as Eve Donavan and I do hope she comes back for the 50th anniversary because it will be exciting to to see her I am going to Miss her but there is another Donavan Theresa so I hope that helps me to watch her moon shine just like Eve

  41. I Hope Kassie de paiva Goes on a different Soap Opera The Young and the restless team and I hope she comes and joins them so I can still Watch her and It be different Writers and Cast

  42. Sunnyside says:


  43. Josey says:

    Loved her in the role, will miss her on the program, I think it was tremendous acting on her part as she grieved for her daughter and I wish they had let her stay but it looks like they are getting rid of a lot of the actors on the program.

    • Sandy says:

      I have been following the show 619 80 since high school and I thought her character was one of the more interesting ones I hope they don’t start letting go of some of the main characters that of been on the show since the 80s or since the 60s

  44. Jeri says:

    Bring her over to GH! Love her!!

  45. Renee says:

    Kassie I will definitely miss you on DOOL! You make Eve lovable even though she is such a mess.

  46. Deborah Owens says:

    I wonder if Kassie will show up on General Hospital as Blaire? Some of the OLTL cast have gone into GH. Some of those who have, also lost their parts, although.

  47. Daisy Pettway says:

    No will not miss her shoulda let da necktie killer got her

  48. Kassie De Pavia is one of our finest actors in daytime.Loved her as Blair and think she deserves an Emmy for her portrayal of Eve. Especially durring the Loss of Paige. Her acting was Amazing!

  49. mwoda says:

    I watched Days in its early years and stopped watching anything on NBC when they dropped Another World. I made an exception when Kassie went to Days, and have enjoyed it immensely. ‘Loved her in the role of Eve and thought she was fabulous in it. I can’t imagine why they dropped someone so talented, when there was so much story there for her to still develop.