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Once Upon a Time EPs: Same-Sex Romance in the Works for Season 5

It may or may not be “Mulora,” but there will definitely be a same-sex love affair in Once Upon a Time‘s upcoming fifth season.

“We know that [the LGBT] community has been a big supporter of the show, and we would love to be able to tell a love story that reflects that,” executive producer Eddy Kitsis said Friday at a press screening of the Season 5 premiere.

Added EP Adam Horowitz: “We want the show to reflect the world as it is now. Whether that’s going to be with any particular character” — Mulan being the obvious choice given her previous feelings for Aurora, and her return to the action this fall — “we’re not going to say.”

Kitsis, meanwhile, confirmed that the ABC fantasy series will make good on that desire to explore a same-sex relationship. “It is something we’re going to do this year,” he revealed.

“It’s something we think is due and important to do on the show because it’s the world we live in,” Horowitz explained.

Once Upon a Time returns next Sunday, Sept. 27 at 8/7c on ABC.

Once fans, do you think Mulan will be the character at the center of the arc? Who else would you like to see explore an LGBT love story?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Nathan says:

    Stereotypical much for the female warrior?

  2. Lisa says:

    Disappointed that our request for representation with the 2 lead characters has been reduced to a guest star appearing in few episodes.
    We don’t care about Mulan, and we surely didn’t spend 4 years supporting Mulan, but Emma and Regina.
    We’re not here for scraps, so thanks, but no thanks.

    • John NYC says:

      As the two leads have been portrayed VERY straight for those 4 years such a wild turn would have never been seen as organic to the show.

      • Erik says:

        Very straight? Please. I’m a guy and even I can see the gay subtext they’ve been throwing at these twords since season.

        • Joey says:

          Unfortunately for supporters of the ship its queerbaiting at best. Something they’ll toss into the script to give LGBT fans hope for it but never actually going through on it. Did you really think there was more to Regina’s “And now she’ll taste my forbidden fruit” line back in S1?

          • Jennifer says:

            The fact that you’re even asking that indicates that they haven’t been portrayed as so very straight as you claim.

          • Joey says:

            @Jennifer: Do you not comprehend the idea of queerbaiting? I explained perfectly above that question why there’s not more to it than what was shown. All they’re trying to do is pander to the LGBT community without actually doing anything for them. That’s actually extremely problematic.

          • Jennifer says:

            @joey I’m not saying it’s not queerbaiting. I’m saying it can’t be queerbaiting and very straight at the same time.

          • Joey says:

            And I’m saying that it can be queerbaiting and straight at the same time. I mean this isn’t something like Destiel we’re talking about here where they all but come out and say it.

          • Jennifer says:

            I am by no means an expert on the subject but the terminology indicates a deliberate invitation to interpret beyond the main text and thereby not restricted to any one definition.

          • Lucifer says:

            Queerbaiting = When two heterosexual characters of the same sex have great on-screen chemistry and fans get upset they don’t have sex. It’s totally fine to have your “ships,” but stop trying to claim some kind of homophobia when they don’t come true.

          • browneyegurl says:

            Jane Epsenson has admitted that they queerbaited in season 1 and Kalinda Vasquez who no longer writes for the show also admitted that TPTB have no interest in telling queer stories. This is just a desperate attempt to grab viewers. Remember folks “watch it live”.

          • hannah says:

            Season 5 has been an ultimate disaster – everything centered around captain swan and supposedly Regina was the savior, but ended up not doing much besides taking the dagger. She ditched Emma multiple times for robin hood, especially when she was asked to go to granny’s with her. An lgbt couple has yet to come, and it would be even worse if they decided to randomly through in a side character – that makes it seems like they’re just telling SQ fans to f*** off just get over the fact that they’re never going to become a couple. SQ fans have been treated so badly by the writers, who seem so adamant about making their current ships work and is so determined to not see what’s been so right all along – SQ!! And to make matters worse season 5b’s all about Emma going to find her supposed ‘true-love,’ while really her relationship with hook is not healthy at all. No one’s interested in once a upon a hook or once a upon a captain swan! Not swan queen fans, anyway

    • Val says:

      Emma and Regina have NEVER been the intention or were the story going there. Its all a idea that is formed in some fans head and want to force into the show, when it was never there. Not in context and not in subtext.
      Many times Adam and Eddy have addressed this, that there has been no intention of that in Regina and Emma.

      Its either you are purposely ignoring everything else this show and story is showing it seems.

      • Jennifer says:

        This idea that A&E have repeatedly shut down the notion is a persistent myth. Even if it is never maintext, Adam HAS specifically acknowledged the subtext. Regardless, neither the article nor above comment claimed otherwise so I’m not sure what the point of your response is.

    • Duke says:

      What the most common term for the notion that a female heroine can’t have a close, non-blood relationship with someone unless it’s somehow romantic or sexual?

    • Lucifer says:

      @Lisa, go back to writing your fan fiction. It’s the same thing with you fanon shippers. You take two characters that are straight and simply friends or siblings, ship them together and grow a following, and then get immensely upset and cry fowl when the writers don’t obey your fantasy.

      • Angela says:

        Not all shippers act like this, regardless of whether the couple they ship is straight, gay, or bi. And many shippers can also appreciate and do write about their friendships, too. Try not to generalize.

    • hello says:

      Shippers are a delusional bunch, to bad that too many times showrunners actually give in to their demands

    • r says:

      must you people hijack everything, come on. seeing as you ppl are a small percent of the population be grateful you even got a nod in your direction.

    • Ana says:

      I’m a brunette, so I request that Emma change her hair color to reflect mine. She’s my favorite, so it has to be her. I demand satisfaction and representation.

      Also, I like to make everything about sex. Two women have a meaningful relationship? I’d like to cheapen that with sex, please – and I won’t be satisfied until I get to watch them go at it.

  3. Pati says:

    I feel really stupid but last time Mulan was on the show I thought that she liked the prince not Aurora. I had no idea lol

    • Katy says:

      It was ambigous at first but then when they literally had Mulan hold Aurora’s heart in her hands you could tell something was going on (at least if you really looked for the subtext like some people do)

      • Lia says:

        Beyond that, the last time they were together, Mulan was about to confess her love and Aurora broke her heart telling her she was pregnant w/ Philip’s child. That’s when Mulan decided to leave.

    • H says:

      You’re not stupid. She was straight in season 2 than suddently gay in season 3. The writers decided to give in to a part of the fandom since she wasn’t a main character so her change of sexuality didn’t change the story too much.

      • Sd says:

        No disrespect but…

        “Straight in season 2 and suddenly gay in season 3” is a bad way to phrase that. A&E explicitly said she’s bisexual.

    • kortney says:

      For real!! There was no where in the show where she indicated she had feelings for Aurora. Plus they still have to free prince Philip from the wrath.

  4. Ram510 says:

    I don’t think it’s needed. I actually wish they found a story that would’ve better followed the movie. But looks like we have to sit through ABC forcing another gay storyline just because they think every show needs one instead of just the story unfold organically

    • Sue says:

      Totally agree. Might have to stop watching this show too.

      • I would encourage you to go ahead and stop watching.

        • Clayton Dittman says:

          I would encourage ABC to change their motives and represent the reality which made this reality possible. Remember, without heterosexuals, there would be no homosexuals today.

          Heterosexual is still the basis for human life and sexual reproduction… That’s reality. Homosexuality is simply a lifestyle that doesn’t actually contribute back to the world in any unmotivated form.

    • Jennifer says:

      I agree. Mulora feels shoehorned in at this point. Swan Queen is organic.

      • Ben says:

        Wow, boy do I see that the other way around.

        • Jennifer says:

          Look at the last four seasons as one arc.

          • Ben says:

            I do, and, look I’m not a shipper who hopes for particular outcomes and I tend to take things at face value, and what I see is Emma/Hook, Regina/Robin, and Mulan/Aurora. I think that’s what they’ve wanted me to see. So I can’t see Mulan/Aurora as shoehorned, because there it was in the show.

          • Ben says:

            Although I’ll admit to being kind of slightly in love with Jamie Chung and maybe I ship her with Aurora more than I think I do.

          • Jennifer says:

            @Ben What I’m trying to say is that Mulan and Aurora could be completely extricated from the show and it wouldn’t impact the larger story. There is no show without Emma and Regina. However you define it, their relationship was established in the first episode and has been a driving force ever since. It has slowly evolved from antagonistic to allies to friends to something so deep that they protect each other and make sacrifices for each other and it can and likely will evolve even further and continue to be integral to the story as a whole.

          • hello says:

            This is the problem with shippers, there is no room for another type of relationship than a romantic one.

      • Erik says:

        They are in desperate need of good ratings to score a season 6. So what haven’t they done yet? Right, they haven’t played the LGBT+ card. Except no one cares about Mulan, unless you ship CS and/or OQ and feel oh so threatened by the possibility of SQ.

    • Benington says:

      Well we have forced fed heterosexual storylines solely, for eons. Gay people are a natural part of life both past, present and future. It is about time all media begins to reflect their existence and their lives. It is proudly sad, in this day and age that every time a gay relationship is mentioned, it provokes so much controversy .

      • oh so you have your cake and you want to eat it too ? you think all straights OWE you something maybe ? don’t be naive , you really thought that you were going to make people enjoy gay storyline after you made it clear that anyone not encouraging it was a bigot ? every single show with LGBT characters will lose millions of viewers until you understand that respect is earned, NOT demanded ! you stab people’s backs and you want them to scratch yours ? lol fat chance

    • AM says:

      Agree. I will stop folllowing it.

  5. Ian says:

    No, but seriously, I’m over the moon about this. Because generations of queer people have loved fairy tales too and have longed to see themselves in a world where love truly does conquer all.
    And I hope it just won’t be Sleeping Warrior, but a pair of men falling in love as well.

    • abz says:

      Yeah, it would be nice to see a storyline on this show with two princes too. It still feels like its more common to see a lesbian couple than a gay couple/characters on TV nowadays that aren’t just guest stars or characters that get lost in the shuffle.

  6. Angela says:

    I’m hoping that the LGBT story is Swan Queen because I don’t want a rushed storyline for us. I want a deeply layered and well written, developed story like Emma and Regina. Anything with Mulan will not measure up and that’s not what I want ir asked for.

    I hopeful for Swan Queen!

  7. Ashley says:

    Emma and Regina. I would love to see Emma and Regina as queer because that would be quality representation and quality storyline. A real slow burn since season 1 so why not see then be canon. They already share a son and a true love. They’ve been through so much together.

    I would love to see OUAT explore Emma and Regina as a couple.

  8. Naomi says:

    All I have to say is it is becoming more and more obvious that swan queen I.e Emma and Regina is becoming more and more inevitable. I’m extremely excited to see what Adam and eddy have in store.

  9. Carter says:

    Emma and Regina. OUAT should explore Emma and Regina as a couple. #SwanQueen ftw

  10. Mako says:

    Can OUAT explore #SwanQueen as a romantic couple this season or if not next season? That would be such a great and groundbreaking love story. So my vote goes to besides mulan I would love OUAT to explore Emma and Regina as a couple.

  11. Mayra says:

    If they want to give the LGBT community quality representation, they should go with Swan Queen, not a side character.

    • Dean says:

      so basically a same sex couple is only acceptable if its Emma and Regina wow are all pro gays such hypocrites I thought equality for all was your slogan.

      • Manny says:

        Excuse me but we are allowed to CHOOSE our representation. We shouldn’t have to just accept whatever scraps are given to us, just like heterosexuals don’t have to.

        You saying this is extremely homophobic because you’re basically saying we should just take whatever, shut up, and be happy with it. That’s not right.

        We want representation and we want it with Swan Queen.

        • Dean says:

          you couldn’t be more wrong if right were a country. The fact they introduce a same sex couple and its not the characters you want characters who have been portrayed straight as arrows for four seasons only proves for you its not so much about representation so much it is of getting your way and to lable those who call you out for it as ‘homophobic’ only shows how little these alleged values or beliefs you have mean to you. No wonder Kentucky isn’t a fan.

          • Maria says:

            Well who are you?! I am gay! I know what I want in representation.

            Captain Swan CHOSE Emma and Hook over Emma and Neal! Why is it okay for them and not for me?

            And if you’re against LGBT representation, don’t comment on an article about it. Seems like you’re the one with the issue, not me.

          • Ben says:

            @maria – I am not much of one for shipping of any orientation, but “Captain Swan” shippers didn’t get to choose anything, the writers did. You are most entitled to want any outcome you can think of on a TV show. But I don’t think anyone is entitled to accuse writers of being, essentially, homophobic for not choosing to make specific characters gay, which is what some people in this comments section are saying. Yeah?

          • Lucifer says:

            @Maria. The writers had wanted Emma and Hook together since day 1. Graham was originally going to be Hook, but they didn’t have the rights at the time so they made him the huntsman. I guess you could claim the writers are “Captain Swan” shippers, but they’re the writers so that’s the way it is.

        • Ben says:

          I am straight and I want to choose my representation of Emma as completely straight. (I say that not because its true, but to point out to you the stupidity of your argument. It’s like saying that, after a President is elected, you should get to choose that they are gay. That’s not how equality works.)

        • most heterosexuals DON’T CARE how they’re represented …they don’t care they just want to watch a good show, not a lesbian fanfic !!! don’t you understand that it’s going to kill the show if the only people watching left are you ?

      • Jennifer says:

        Exactly. One side story in a show full of romances is NOT equality.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Probably will be Mulan but there is nothing they could do that would be as meaningful or impactful as Swan Queen. The only thing that would even come close would have to be another story that involves Emma or Regina because they CAN’T be relegated to the sidelines or the footnotes of History.

  13. Kendall says:

    I can’t wait!!! Red Warrior??? Mulan and red

  14. Rob says:

    It’s obviously Mulan and Merida. Feels contrived but I’d like to see where it goes.

  15. Manny says:

    Emma and Regina have gone from “I don’t care what happens to you” to “I saved you, now save me”. THAT’S the representation the LGBT want, not a rushed side story. Gay characters are always side characters (the quirky gay friend, the gay cousin) and I’d love to see this show do something different.

    This could help make a social change for many groups and if that’s going to happen, the story should be at the level of Swan Queen.

    I hope they do this story justice.

  16. Victoria says:

    Im very excited about the new Mulan romance!! This season will be amazing. I cant wait for more Emma and Hook development. They are my favorite relationship

    • Jennifer says:

      Wow. You could have left out any mention of Hook and Emma to make your agenda a little less obvious but you couldn’t resist the urge to push your het ship on an article about LGBT representation. Classy.

      • Me says:

        As far as I could read the OP was excited about the LGBT prospect, but also excited about their particular ship. Why is it ok for you to push your Swan Queen ship, which since they are both paired off with male series regulars, probably won’t happen, but not ok to talk about a current couple? We all get to enjoy the show, no need to attack someone.

      • Lucifer says:

        You’re the same person who has been trying desperately to push their fanon ship and calling anyone who points out it’s not remotely canon “anti LGBT representation.” But someone talking about a canon relationship is pushing an agenda? Wow.

      • hello says:

        Let’s just ignore that Emma/Hook has obviously been the plan since the moment they met

  17. tahirah says:

    So excited i really swanqueen about to happen, can’t wait

  18. Drew says:

    I dont care about the subject at hand, but what does “the world we live in” have to do with OUAT? Seriously. That was a stupid comment.

    • Jennifer says:

      Um, fairytales have always been metaphors for the real world.

      • Drew says:

        Yes, they have. But this is OUAT. Maybe in season 1 they could have sold the idea that they were using fairy tales to mirror the real world. But the show hasn’t attempted anything that deep for a very long time.

    • abz says:

      I think they just mean they that they want to reflect the diversity of our world within the OUAT world, showing all different types of people and human relationships.

      • Drew says:

        Except they don’t really do that. There are all kinds of people that they have no interest in representing. Which is fine, because the show has nothing to do with reflecting the world we live in.

  19. Maria says:

    Some of these comments remind me why a well written LGBT story is needed. There needs to be more tolerance and understanding.

    Hopefully Swan Queen (Emma and Regina) are the ones to do it.

    • Ben says:

      Hey, I’m pretty comfortable with how Empire is doing it.

      Btw, reality check, fictional characters on TV don’t do much to create tolerance and understanding. You know what does? REAL people who are role models.

      • Christoffer says:

        Actually, TV and movie characters do a great deal when it comes to creating tolerance and understanding. True, as an adult the impact is minimal, but as a child/Young adult, we really do take a lot of our cues from TV. The average American spends about 33 hours in front of the TV (of some form) each week. They -are- real. They make us think, dream, laugh, cry. Just because you can’t touch them doesn’t mean they don’t have an impact. Whoopi Goldberg comes to mind. You know how she became an EGOT winner? She saw Lt. Uhura in the original Star Trek role and and that made her realize, truly, that she could do anything. Without that representation, we’d have one less EGOT winner around.

        But if I can shift the conversation to something you mentioned in a post above (That I can’t reply to) that when it came to the ships in the show and the straight romance, “I think that’s what they’ve wanted me to see.” I think that’s actually the TV and its impact talking. We’ve been shown, again and again, that the female character should be together with the male character. Pick up any movie, any TV show, and 95 times out of a 100 you’ll see just that. But what’s interesting about the narrative of OUaT is that even though they’ve thrown them together with males, the story structure itself doesn’t support it. They’re -telling- us they belong together, they aren’t -showing- it.

        I’m making a mess of that, and I’ll continue to do it so I’ll leave you with a little exercise. If you have time, go back and watch, or simply try to remember back to earlier episodes, and image Emma as, say, Emmet, and go over the interactions between Emmet and Regina. Because if you do that, if you change Emma to a guy, you’ll probably see what Swan Queen shippers already see, the narrative and character interactions that forms the basis for our current storytelling culture.

        Some people say that if you changed Emma into a guy lesbians would stop shipping them. As a guy that ships Swan Queen, I say that if you changed Emma into a guy -everyone- would ship them. (No, not everyone, but the majority of the people that refuse to see Swan Queen does it simply because that’s “not how we’ve been told stories are told”)

        (Oh, and please don’t see this as an attack. You actually seem quite reasonable, especially in comparison to the hate and personal attacks that’s usually spewed in places like this, and you merely provided a good opening)

        • Angel says:

          Bravo! Very well put!

        • Ben says:

          What I’m saying is – I don’t actually personally see orientation when it comes to relationships, because I’m not a shipper. I don’t really care who someone ends up with when I come into the show, but I DO care about whether or not it feels like the organic reality for those characters once they’ve developed. And I also fully believe in creative types getting to do what they want with their own intellectual property, and fans not having the ability to demand particular outcomes. If that means the writers believe they can impact the world by putting out positive change, then great. Do it! But I don’t think positive change can exist when something is done just to please fans – it has to be organic to the story the writers want to tell, or it will not have impact.

          TV can have impact, but just the mere existence of a gay relationship won’t do it. It’s got to be real. That’s why I like how Empire is doing it, and why I don’t think Swan Queen would be in any way helpful to tolerance.

          • Christoffer says:

            Ah, but that’s the very point I’m trying to make. If Emma had been a guy, everyone would be shouting from the rooftops about how organic it would be for the two to end up in a relationship. About how the Savior helps the evil queen find redemption and love in the most unlikely source. Forget gender. If you look at the narrative, how the scenes between the two are set up, the body language, from a purely objective point of view the idea of those two characters ending up in a relationship is completely plausible.

            Actually, the mere existence of a gay relationship on a TV show will do a great deal. If you’re curious, go take a look at what actors and actresses who have played a gay role has to say about the people who have contacted them. Countless lives have been saved because a gay kid saw someone like them on TV, “fake” or not. Just because you can’t see the impact doesn’t mean that it isn’t there, or that it’s huge. Now, as for Swan Queen creating tolerance? Oh god no. This show’s fanbase is so damn infected with hate that if by some miracle Swan Queen would happen, the vitriol that would be spewed over everything would just destroy anything positive about it. I’m not saying it’s one sided either, Swan Queen fans have bad apples too, but when grown men sends messages to under aged girls who ship Swan Queen to “kill themselves because they’re disgusting” or kindergarten teachers have problems taking care of one year olds who happens to wear a sweater with a Swan wearing a crown on it, there is something seriously wrong.

          • Ben says:

            @Christoffer – ‘everyone’ is not everyone, far from it, its just a certain percentage of straight people that I think would equate to the percentage of LGBTQ people saying it now. I would not be saying it. If people want to have orientation shipper wars then all power to them, but I personally will not oppose anyone’s ship because of the orientation but I will call it out for not being organic in the context of the show and I’ll certainly call any shipper out for saying the show should be their way or else [insert insult about writers personal preferences]. I’d be saying the same to people who were trying to ship Jamaal with a girl, that would not feel organic to me.

        • Lucifer says:

          Nope. I don’t ship “Swan Queen” because I believe that heterosexual people can have wonderfully beautiful relationships of support and understanding without having to be romantic or sexual.

          • Christoffer says:

            Hey, I agree with you. It just never seem to happen the other way around on TV now does it? Rare is the show that has a male and female character be friends without something developing… about as rare as a show with lesbian characters in it.

            Of course two women can be friendly without them being in a romantic relationship. And there are tons of shows where this is true. But for some reason, when someone comes out to suggest that there is maybe more to the interaction between two people, people seem to forget about these and jump down the persons throat.

            While I truly believe you didn’t intend it that way, the problem with statements like that is that they imply that homosexuality doesn’t exist. Nowhere has it been stated that Emma and Regina are heterosexual. Oh, they’re not lesbians, but bisexuality does exist. People -can- be attracted to both genders to a larger or lesser degree.

            Heterosexual people can have beautiful relationships that aren’t romantic or sexual. And Homosexual people can have beautiful relationships that turn romantic and sexual.

          • Lucifer says:

            @Christoffer, I’m clearly replying to this fairly late because I forgot to awhile back so I apologize for that.

            I didn’t want to pull the sexual orientation card, but I am bisexual and would absolutely love to see more representation when it comes to people within the LGBT spectrum. I also realize what you are talking about with male and female co-leads of shows like Castle and Bones. However, OUAT has never been a partner show with 2 leads and a supporting cast, which is what most of the shows you’re talking about are. And those types of shows are pre-designed to have the two leads end up together. Also, the male and female characters on those types of shows are established as having exclusively heterosexual relationships. I would have had no issue if OUAT started with dropping hints about at least one of the characters not being heterosexual, but Emma has always been with men and so has Regina. Wanting them to flip heterosexual characters into being bisexual, just to please shippers, is a slap in the face to representation. Maybe we can someday have a show that starts out with characters having their orientation not strictly be heterosexual, but changing heterosexual characters to check off a checklist and appease a spoiled and hostile group of shippers is not the route to go.

            Also, I’d like to clarify that my point with saying that I believed heterosexual people can have wonderful friendships is because it has become an increasingly common for fans to ship two straight characters as a couple (solely because they have a great friendship, and in some cases just because they’re both hot) and then cry homophobia when it’s not carried out by the writers.

  20. johnhelvete says:

    I think it is fairly simple. The show takes Mulan, who has clearly been established as gay and pairs her up with one of the main female characters on the show. It can be Swan or Regina, does not really matter.

  21. Lola A says:

    Only Swan Queen and nothing else?!?! I’m sorry but what show have you been watching for the past 4 years? Eddy and Adam have stated that they didn’t write Emma and Regina as romantic partners but as friends. Are you a fan? Did you follow the Comic Con coverage? Colin and Jennifer stated that Hook and Emma love each other. Lana and Sean also said that Regina and Robin they love each other. Regina had been in love with Daniel and is now in love with Robin, also her soul mate, per pixie dust. Emma is in love with Hook and told Regina in the AU that she was and then told Hook. I’m very happy with OUAT including Mulan’s story. I think they will write an amazing story for her.

    • Val says:

      WELL SAID!
      Sometimes it makes you wonder what are they watching and following, and also purposely ignoring it seems

      • Den says:

        I ask myself this question every single time but I’ve come to realize that there’s no point in arguing with them because they will never believe anything you say so I just leave them to their fantasy.

    • Jennifer says:

      You said yourself that Regina loved Daniel and now she loves Robin. She could love Emma next. One does not negate the other.

      • Jane says:

        You’re right. She loved one man, she was sleeping with a man (Graham), and now she’s in love with another man. A woman must be next.

        • Xoxo says:

          Honestly I am not shipping in this show but this comment made me want to argue… there is a thing called bisexuality i know it is unheard of… but bisexual girl here… i was in love with a guy for years, then another then another guy, had sex with guys, and fell in love with my best female friend wow unheard off… :o wow but yeah sorry that can happen…

          • Erik says:

            Don’t bother. To some people it is hard to understand that sexuality isn’t all black or white. To them it’s either straight or gay, nothing in between. Do you know why they use that argument over and over again? Because they are deathly afraid of the possibility of Emma and Regina ending up together. “They are STRAIGHT” they say, as neither Emma nor Regina have ever confirmed what their sexuality is on the show. “They are STRAIGHT” they say, as all signs point to Regina having banged Maleficent in the past, as Regina offers a red rose to the nurse, as Emma and Regina look at each other as if there’s no one else in the room, as young Emma looks at young Lily as if she’s the sun and the stars. You won’t win with these people because they willfully blind themselves to the story that’s been happening within the story, between the lines, beyond the text. To them, it makes it unreal, it makes SQ shippers “delusional”, and they don’t ever want to consider the possibility that they could be wrong.

  22. Jackie says:

    I’m pretty certain the storyline will be with Mulan, and I’m glad she may get her happy ending. Maybe with Ruby, since she’s coming back too, or Merida or Lily? I don’t really like Lily, so I’m hoping it’s with someone else — Mulan deserves better!

    I think some fans are simply upset that their fanon ship is obviously never going to happen. (Of course, that’s been obvious for awhile.) Emma and Regina are CLEARLY in love with other people, and it’s also clear that Captain Swan and Outlaw Queen are the love stories the writers are telling. Why not celebrate actual LGBTQ representation instead of complaining that it’s not the ONE ship they wanted? It’s looking like it was never actually about LGBTQ representation at all but trying to force the writers to change their vision and make their fanon ship canon. I think their response is incredibly telling: Change your story and give me the exact thing I want or it’s no good!

    • Maria says:

      Why do Captain Swan and Outlaw Queen get to choose their representation? Why were CSer’s happy with SwanFire?

      I mean that’s a straight couple too.

      Answer: We all have preferences. I prefer Swan Queen. And you calling it fanon is extremely rude. Captain Swan was NOT canon for 2 seasons and they weren’t called fanon.

      It’s a double standard that is rooted in homophobia.

      • Val says:

        CS were happening in context and subtext as a romantic pairing building up since they met…. Thats how the scenes were, and the way the actors talked and even the creators. Hell even Season DVD specials and commentaries back that up.
        There is difference between building a couple you writing till they get together as that was the aim and journey then just a fanon ship that ppl like but wasnt there at all building up in the romantic sense.

    • Dean says:

      for people who preech equality and acceptance as their principles and values its ironic.

  23. abz says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m just not seeing SwanQueen like others are and I think it would be very strange at this point. It’s pretty much wishful thinking. Emma has never really expressed interest in Regina in that way nor has Regina in Emma. I like Emma with Hook and support the continued growth of their relationship. I’ve always enjoyed the development of Emma and Regina’s relationship from animosity to genuine friendship and co-parenting. I just don’t see it as romantic.

    It’s good they’re doing this storyline, but I’m not that crazy about it being Mulan. Don’t hate the character necessarily, just indifferent really. I’m guessing the relationship would probably be with Mulan and Merida or Mulan and Red (just a guess since she’s back for multiple episodes).

  24. For the record I am a gay man and I’ve been a fan of the show since season one I do not see you Regina and Emma as a couple and why does it have to be a lesbian couple and all everybody believes that
    Had feelings for more it was never explicitly stated as such it was very ambiguous whether or not
    Had feelings for fill up or Aurora and the fact that I wore was pregnant yes that cosmological leave but we don’t know if that was because she had feelings for Philebar were all we know is that she did not want to break up a family and why can’t it be a gay male couple why couldn’t Pinocchio where Dr. whale or Archie turn out to be gay why do something completely out of left field and have Henry be bisexual I mean there are 1 million different ways they can go

    • Jules says:

      I was thinking it might be Arthur and Lancelot. Or Arthur and Merlin. There are all sorts of possibilities with the new characters. We already know that Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot was a triangle. Maybe it wasn’t the triangle in the books, but one with a different angle.

  25. Sandra says:

    Why are the homophobes taking over this comment section?

    Anyway, I’m rooting for Swan Queen because a side character isn’t enough.

    • Dean says:

      to you homophobes are just people who agree Emma and Regina are not in anyway in romantic relationship. But to supposed gays or whatever they’re called these days demanding for realistic portrayal of same sex relationship if the relationship in question is not Emma and Regina then its not a true portrayal of a same sex couple relationship. For people who cry for acceptance and equality to indulge in such hypocrisy is amazing.

    • abz says:

      Disagreeing with SwanQueen and not seeing a romantic relationship between Emma and Regina doesn’t make people homophobes. Many people are more than happy to see Mulan have a relationship or for the show to bring on two gay male characters such as two princes or other fairy tale/Disney/whatever characters and put a twist on the story and turning it into a same-sex relationship.

  26. I can’t believe somebody just said that being a fan of Captain Huck and Emma swan as a couple is basically gay bashing I am a gay man and I am a fan of that relationship I did not see this supposedly subtext of Emma and regina as a couple but apparently I’m not as gay as I think I am since according to many people commenting here the only way you can truly be homosexual and or support the LGBT community is if you insist that they turn Swan queen which is a fandom not cannon on the show into a couple smh in my opinion I don’t think it’s accepting scraps if they make other characters besides Regina and Emma Gay

    • Ryan says:

      I 100 percent agree with you. I just read through all the comments and it’s truly mind blowing how angry people are getting. I’ve watched the show since the beginning and never once felt that Regina & Emma should be a couple. I fully support Hook and Emma because they actually are in love. I too am a gay man and honestly don’t think every show needs LGBT representation but if they are going to include a same sex couple I am fine with it being a side character. It doesn’t make it less impactful if it’s a side character and honesty if people don’t want Regina and Emma together it doesn’t make them a homophobe. I swear everyone is just looking to label someone as a bigot or homophobe whenever they can.

    • John NYC says:

      Oh it’s easy to understand: that’s the cheap way to try and shut down an opposing viewpoint. Especially one they can’t effectively counter.

      The part I find sad is the show confirms a positive gay storyline and the alleged pro-gay posters mostly dump on it.

      • Dean says:

        amen bro weather to call it irony or hypocritical is the only

      • Dean says:

        it’s only about equality and proper representaion if its only to get their way. I remember Jennifer morrison got death threats because she didn’t get a pic with Lana at a convention once, 3 guesses as to which group send ’em.

  27. Zainab Ali says:

    I think its going to be with Mulan and Merida which I’ll be excited to see. I liked Mulora but I don’t think that’s going to happen seeing that Aurora is married to and has a baby with Phillip. All in all I’m excited for this new season…

    • JJ says:

      Considering Merida’s sexuality has been debated since the movie Brave was released, I agree with you that I think the writers are planning on pairing her with Mulan

  28. zackkattackk843 says:

    Incredibly happy about this news. Give us Sleeping Warrior AND ANOTHER same-sex couple, please!

    • JJ says:

      I don’t think it’s Mulan and Aurora as a couple that the writers are going to pursue. I think it’s going to be Mulan and Merida.

  29. Leo says:

    I’m crossing my fingers for male couple instead. Who knows it could be #Merthur. Merlin and Arthur. FTW.

    • Kendall says:

      I think arthur is married but hey pinocchio is free.

      • Jules says:

        In the legend/myth/story of King Arthur, he’s married to Guenevere, but she cheats on him with Lancelot. Maybe in the OUAT version of the story, Gwen runs off with Lance and Arthur reveals that Merlin was his true love or Arthur was the one who was cheating with Lancelot instead of Guenevere. They haven’t been bound by the old legend in any of their other stories, so why should they start now?

  30. Dana Fansler says:

    It could be either Swan Queen Red Beauty since Meaghan Ory’s character Ruby aka lrrh is coming back or Sleeping Warrior since Jaime Chung’s character Mulan is coming back.

  31. Jessica says:

    I really hope it’s Emma and Regina. Finally, after four years of subtext and slow buildup, going from hating each other to caring deeply about each other, to maybe something more…that would be such an amazing fairy tale ending! But it needs to happen over several more seasons. It’s been slow-burn so far and that’s what makes it great. Maybe Mulan and another character will be the first LGBT relationship in the show, and that will pave the way for Regina and Emma. To have that kind of representation in a mainstream Disney show would be such a wonderful feeling :)

  32. Dominique says:

    while i am always more than supportive of any show writing same-sex romances, i despise it in the case of mulan/aurora.
    mulan and philip were in love. this was so painfully obvious from everything during season 2, from the premiere episode to that belle-flasback episode where we see mulan and philip meet for the first time. but then season 2 came along and suddenly mulan and philip were never in love with each other, and mulan is suddenly head over heels for aurora.
    sorry, but in that case, it really felt to me like the writers were trying to please a certain part of the fandom, rather than continue their original story.

  33. Red Snapper says:

    Am I watching a different show than most of the other people here? I have never once seen or thought that there was ever anything but a growing FRIENDSHIP between Regina and Emma. They have only ever been portrayed as straight and believing anything else is just wishful thinking. Trust me, I am all for some LGBT representation but expecting the two STRAIGHT leads to be that representation is ridiculous. Also, saying that anyone who disagrees with that is homophobic or something of the like is ridiculous. Why can’t two people of whatever gender or sexual orientation ever be just friends? I get shipping characters that are either possible or wishful thinking, I’m guilty of it but I don’t expect the creators/writers of the show to completely change who a character is just to make me or a portion of the fans happy. Of course I am excited that my community is going to be represented on one of my favorite shows but I want it to be done organically not just because they think they need a gay couple. It’ll obviously be Mulan and someone since they have already established her as having feelings for another woman. I don’t think it’ll be Aurora since she is straight and happily married and if they do go that route somehow it will feel totally forced. It’ll probably be a new character and I’m excited to see what happens. For the record, I am a member of the LGBT community and I totally ship Emma and Hook, Regina and Robin.

  34. Kat says:

    I can understand wishing that people on the LGBTQA+ spectrum would be represented by main characters rather than guest stars, which seems more likely. I can understand being irate that it took them 5 seasons to get around to it at all. But I will never understand the popularity of Swan Queen when it comes to arguments of representation. We need more representation, we don’t’ need any more toxic representation like this so called friendship. Regina is an emotionally abusive sociopath who treats Emma like crap and constantly tears her down. That she occasionally deigns to be civil to Emma, usually either for Henry’s sake or because Emma has recently done something specifically nice for her, but that doesn’t undo all the times in between where she is a horrible toxic person. Bisexuals exist, I have no problem with the idea of pairing Emma or Regina with women just because they’ve always been with men. But arguing that they’re the only proper way to do representation on this show? Yuck, please no. We need better representation than that dreck.

  35. Dizzle says:

    Speaking as a gay man and a fan of the show, I’d be a little bit insulted if it did turn out to be Emma and Regina…. They’ve gone to great pains to show (and tell, for that matter!) that Regina’s One True Love is Robin, and I’d be disappointed if they went against the last two seasons of established character just to include a same-sex relationship with Emma.

    I would personally love to see Mulan and Aurora be together, after the groundwork they’ve laid already.

  36. Boiler says:

    I know others have said it but many of the comments on this article are mind blowing. I don’t know what people are seeing on this show but, to me, the only obvious gay character is Mulan. The comments about Emma and Regina remind me of Rizzoli and Isles. It seems to me that women in general have no problem being close friends and still heterosexual. If they are lesbian they are but why put so much into this that to me isn’t there

  37. JJ says:

    I hope it’s just a few people, but I see some people who are posting about these aren’t the characters that they choose to be gay. It’s a tv show it’s a not a choose your own adventure book. Yes some fans wanted Emma with Regina, some fans wanted her with Neal, some fans wanted her with Hook. But the Hook fans didn’t get to choose. The writers determine how the storylines play out. Just like with every other aspect of the show. I would have preferred that Rumple had stayed dead when he defeated Pan, but the fact that he didn’t doesn’t mean that other fans chose for him to be brought back. In any tv show, whichever way the writers take storylines (especially romantic relationships), some fans will be happy, some won’t be. But doesn’t mistake who chose the direction. The writers did. The fans did not. If you want to get to choose how a tv show plays out, get a job as a writer or executive producer. Otherwise you are watching how the writers’ choices play out and sometimes you will like the choices and sometimes you won’t…just like every other viewer.

  38. Eran says:

    If it’s not Mulan then I, for one, am rooting for the writers to go down a ballsy path (if you pardon the pun) and have it be Henry.
    The character is a teenager by now and those issues/feelings, straight or otherwise, are bound to rise to the surface sooner or later. Ugly Betty was incredibly pioneering with their portrayal of Justin a few years back and while Justin and Henry couldn’t be worlds further apart, it’s not entirely farfetched to explore the sexuality of a young, leading character for whom sexuality was not even an issue up until now.
    Just my two pennies’ worth…

  39. Dan the critic says:

    I heard Ruby is coming back so maybe it involves her.

  40. kroz aku says:

    I don’t think mulan will get the main focus. I would like to see Elsa return and have a normal or lgbt relationship with an OC character

  41. Kelly Deeny says:

    I’m looking forward to this new love story. After all, OUT is about true love, whether towards self, romance, or family.

    As for which character, I trust that the writers will stay true to the development of their characters while also putting a new twist on an old story.

    I must have missed something between Mulan and Aurora because I thought Mulan had feelings for Phillip and chose not to ruin her new friend’s happiness upon learning of Aurora’s pregnancy. I never got the vibe that her romantic feelings were towards Aurora. Interesting!

  42. Cindy Warner says:

    I will just say this. Show runners need to be very careful when trying to cater to shippers. In season 3 of Arrow they caved to the Ollicity shippers and it was horrible. There was chemistry but they forced it instead of letting it grow organically. As for Once, I’ve always seen Emma and Regina more as sisters who are growing close and I do agree with other posters that CaptainSwan has been pre-ordained since season 1. Let’s face it, they made him a regular before his firs episode even aired. I can see Mulan being involved in whatever relationship they explored, but it seems like making it Aurora kind of blows the “she was awakened by true love’s kiss” trope if she leaves Phillip.

  43. buttercupscarlett95 says:

    I’m glad they’re bringing Mulan back. I hope they give her a beautiful romance. I doubt it will be Aurora. They won’t want to break up Aurora and Prince Philip, especially since they have a baby, and there hasn’t been any news of Sarah Bolger coming back. But there are lots of potential girlfriends out there–Merida, Ruby, Lily. It will be interesting to see where they would go with it.

    I wish people would quit pushing the silly idea of pairing Emma & Regina. Both have been portrayed as straight since day one. Both are in serious relationships, & Robin has been confirmed to be Regina’s soulmate. We’re talking serious shark jump territory with the whole Swan Queen thing. This is a show about fairytales, & fairytales are about happy endings. Take away Captain Swan and Outlaw Queen happy endings and you lose most of the viewers.

  44. Bianca says:

    Mulan and Ruby please!

  45. Sade says:

    I’m so confused by the comments for this article. Where did the article ever mention that the same sex couple would feature Regina or Emma? Aren’t they both in serious relationships? Aren’t they both portrayed as being straight?

    I’m all for same sex couples but Swan Queen seems like pure fantasy. I hardly think that after building up Hook and Robin as true loves of Emma and Regina respectively that Emma and Regina would all of a sudden enter into a same sex relationship with each other.

    The vehemence and vitirol with which fans of Swan Queen defend their ship and bash people who don’t see it is kind of disturbing.

  46. mika02 says:

    Mulan and Merida

  47. Winifred says:

    Me and my family have watched every episode every season , I am so sick of gay and lesbian community being shoved down our throats every where we go we will not continue to watch the program

  48. Why? The comic story is not gay.

  49. liame says:

    What is this show about again? :( . Why does everything have to be about sexuality? Just make a a good show and stop teasing people or putting idea’s in their heads about potential heterosexual and homosexual hook ups, it’s annoying.

  50. I don’t watch this show passionately but i think it’s always good to see a same-sex romance when it’s written right on TV. I think all the shows on TV lately need more LGBT representation. With same-sex marriage now being legal across the entirety of the United States, it’s a very important time to show more LGBT relationships.

    I really don’t care who will be the couple, as long as it’s written alright.