CSI Series Finale

CSI Finale Preview: Grissom and Sidle's 'Awkward' Reunion, MIA Nick and More

Brush up on your forensic jargon and crank the volume on The Who, because it’s nearly time to say goodbye to CSI.

After formally getting cancelled in May, the long-running mothership series will tie up loose ends with a two-hour movie event on Sunday, Sept. 27 (9/8c, CBS), which will involve almost every key player from the past 15 seasons.

Though some fans may be skeptical as to how Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, et al. will return after being off the show for years, series creator Anthony E. Zuiker is confident that the finale’s plot will allow for a seamless blast from the past.

“We’re going to have an explosion at the Eclipse Casino, and that’s going to really unpack our cast. It’s one catastrophic event that will obviously bring back many of our CSIs,” Zuiker tells TVLine. “Catherine is back — this is her casino [that she partially owns]. Grissom [is] back. Sara Sidle will be heading up the case. It will bring everybody back to try and solve what’s going on.”

Read on for more details from Zuiker and the cast about CSI‘s swan song, including the fate of Grissom and Sidle’s relationship and the scene that will most satisfy fans.

CSI Series FinaleTHE EX FACTOR | Grissom and Sidle will have two hours to work out their romantic woes — and it sounds like they’ll need every precious minute. “We do see each other again, and we talk to each other as best we can,” William Petersen hints, “because we’re not very good at that.”

Not only does Jorja Fox confirm that the couple’s long-awaited reunion is “awkward, because we kind of broke up,” but Melinda Clarke’s Lady Heather will complicate things in the finale, considering the dominatrix “wreaks havoc everywhere she goes.”

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS NICK STOKES? | Following up on TVLine’s exclusive news that George Eads will not participate in the series finale, Zuiker says Nick’s absence will “not at all” be addressed during the episode.

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN | Fox promises the entire two-hour endeavor is “absolutely a love letter to our fans,” and Zuiker adds that the episode’s final moments will be some of the series’ most poignant. “The last five minutes of this show are as good as anything you’ll ever see in TV and cinema,” he teases. “For the fans, and for the journey of the 16 years we’ve been doing this, those last five minutes are really, really endearing. It’s going to be timeless.”

CSI fans, are you ready to say goodbye? Hit the comments with all of your hopes for the series finale.

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    Great to see Grissom, Willows and the whole gang back together for one final case and I can’t wait to see how it all ends.

  2. thisismenow says:

    Wait, didn’t the original synopsis say everyone was brought together by the death of a beloved character?

  3. Steven says:

    “The last five minutes of this show are as good as anything you’ll ever see in TV and cinema”. Kinda overselling it.

  4. Dean says:

    The CSI send off ep/movie and Marg Helgenberger returns for it Its hard not to laugh at the irony.

  5. Maryann says:

    So is Jules dead? She was pretty much my favorite character.

  6. I’m very disappointed that they had TWO YEARS to follow up on the sqweagal plot and chose not to! It was by far the best killer they ever had. Maybe that’s why he (or she) escaped!

  7. Am looking forward to two hours of the best CSI ever! and the last five minutes, too. :-)

  8. barry says:

    I always felt that Grissom and Lady Heather had fallen in love at first sight. They had such great chemistry right away. NEVER got the Sidle connection, absolutely ZERO chemistry there.

    • Whatevah says:


    • Grissom247 says:

      I personally believe it’s more like he was fascinated by what she did for living plus why her paid customers would be into this life style that he didn’t have prior knowledge of. She, more or less, was no different than a study subject like he would pursue how a colony of ants operated.

      Just Google a bit to see what Petersen had to say about Grissom and Sara. I always believe the actor who plays the character knows best. So it’s great to see Grissom’s happy ending with the only woman he ever loved.

  9. Shar says:

    No, and CSI Cyber is not going to take its place.

  10. EchoEcho says:

    I was very sorry to see the character of Wendy Simms, played by the awesome Liz Vassey, isn’t in the pilot. Loved her work with Wallace Langham!

    • First And Ten says:

      I too am sad that Wendy, as played by Liz Vassey, isn’t in the finale. I enjoyed Wendy’s interaction with Hodges and Vassey is always a delight to watch on screen.

  11. Diz says:

    Glad we’re getting this. It’s sad to see it go.

  12. kay says:

    I need Morganders (Greg and Morgan) to be together finally……

  13. Jenna says:

    I’m so excited! The PaleyFest panel was amazing last nite. Can’t wait to see the gang back together, esp Grissom and Sara. Here’s hoping they solve their problems and reunite…for good. WP and JF are truly magical together.

  14. GraceM says:

    Ate they going to address Elizabeth She’s character and her situation? They left her in a coma and we don’t know if she died it not.

  15. arial2 says:

    Heather “wreaks havoc”??? Seems more like things happen to her than that she causes problems. The last time we saw her, she had established a pretty stable life for herself. The only havoc would be in Sara’s insecure mind. Of course Sara and Gil will get back together; this is tv, not reality. I liked Gil and Heather because their relationship was based on two equals mostly just talking to each other, except for those two occasions when we were lead to think maybe they did more than talk, but we never knew for sure. Heather always seemed more concerned that Gil do what his heart really wanted him to do than that she “take him away” from someone else. I respected that aspect of the character. Gil and Sara always seemed based on Sara’s hero worship of her mentor and Gil’s desire to be there for the girl who had been so emotionally devastated as a young child. I felt the “attraction” was forced. Maybe the show will conclude with a more mature Sara and Gil working out their problems and I’d be fine with that.

    • “Of course Sara and Gil will get back together; this is tv, not reality.”

      OK, so which scenario is least like reality and more like dramatic tv?

      1) Sara, girl-next-door-type, smart criminalist falls in love with and marries her boss; OR,

      2) Renowned forensic scientist develops a long-lasting friendship / love affair with a narcissic, manipulative dominatrix turned sex therapist who is always directly or indirectly involved in a crime or one of his investigations?

      • Denise89 says:

        Thank you Danielle! Some people don’t know what ‘realistic’ means anymore.

        You’re one of the few that actually gets LH’s character. She uses her acquired knowledge to manipulate and confuse Grissom. Grissom is a very private guy (a bit autistic) and instead of respecting that (like Sara does!!) LH uses it against him and loves the power she has over him, hence her manipulative and narcissistic personality. Somehow she is always put on a pedestal, but c’mon guys, she is just an extremely expensive w h o r e and she’s been suspected of multiple crimes. BAD news. (not bashing the actress because she played her flawlessly) Even when Grissom came to her, because he was broken-hearted about Sara leaving, LH was like: ‘am I your secret?’ Instead of being there for him, like he was there for her when she needed a friend.

        Also I don’t get why it’s wrong to feel an attraction towards a man you admire. I never feel any attraction if I don’t at least adore or respect him in some way.

        Like Grissom once said (when Greg asked what turns him on) ‘someone who doesn’t judge me’ One guess who that person is. Both Catherine and LH have always tried to change him. Sara is more Grissom’s equal than any other female character (maybe Terri Miller back in the day)

        The attraction was ‘forced’? Right.., do gsr haters even know how big the GSR fanbase really is? There’s only a few people out there that believe the attraction didn’t feel ‘right’, Grillows and LH fans.

      • Grissom247 says:

        Thank you very much for stating exactly how I always feel about this Leather Heather character. I do think she’s far more manipulative than people can ever give her credit for. I was waiting for the series finale to reveal what Leather Heather took Grissom for? A friend? A former one-nightstand? Someone she loved? Nothing, she showed absolutely nothing how she felt about Grissom. That was disappointing after CBS/CSI hyped up the LH-Grissom-Sara ‘love triangle’ in the summer months. As story went on, it became more clear that Sara was the only one, and that Leather Heather was never what Grissom wanted!

        No matter she went by LH or Dr. Kessler, All I could see was a cold and calculating woman lost yet another person – Alison, her granddaughter – that actually meant something to her. I don’t know why this throwaway character was given this honor to be the center piece story subject of the series finale. Had they made her the mastermind of the bombings, then I can see why they brought her back! Losing Allison finally pushed her over the edge and finally she carried out some criminal acts that actually fit her character!

        Too bad the finale devoted some much screen times and lines to her while I didn’t get to see enough Greg, Hodges, Brass, Henry and Doc. Still don’t know why they didn’t call Wendy, Archie, Vartan and Sofia back. I think they deserve the callback so much more than the dreadful and freakish Leather Heather!

  16. Jess says:

    can’t wait to see this movie. I’ll be watching it after Once Upon A Time. Two of my favorite shows and I’m sad that CSI is ending but it had a good run.

  17. Deb says:

    Will dearly miss this show and cast. Looking forward to this 2 hr event!

  18. chaosrainz says:

    How bad did George Eads tick them off for them to not even mention his character? LoL

    • Nana says:

      I also wonder that myself. George must had done something so bad to the network or the show producers that he wont even be mentioned in the series finale. So wrong from George but he deserves it cause he is forgetting that show was his job the one paying his debts, clothes, food, house, other expenses, etc with the salary he received from the show.

  19. Cyril says:

    I’m glad they had the Clas to wrap it up with a movie. I wish they did something like that with CSI:MIAMI. I miss Horatio and the gang,as well as Warrick from the original.

  20. JustMe says:

    I stopped watching when Grissom and Sidle became a couple so I probably won’t watch the finale. It’s sad because I really loved the show in the beginning.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    that is two good shows we lost CSI and FOREVER as for CSI CYBOUR they could take that off anytime and I would not miss it

  22. Jax says:

    Certainly bittersweet, but I’m excited for this finale.
    It’s been a long journey and I can’t wait to see Sara and Grissom together again!
    Hope the last 5 minutes live up to the tease. I want my memories of this show to be good ones. :)

  23. Nooo. I will miss this show. I have watched religiously for years . They are making a mistake by canceling it.

  24. GSRShipper says:

    This is so bittersweet. On one hand, I’m sad to see it ends down Sara is my favorite character on television, but on the other I’m excited because Grissom and Sara finally get a resolution. Hopefully a happy one and judging by Mr. Zuiker’s comment, I won’t be disappointed! Grissom and Sara have been through enough in 15 years, they deserve their happy ending. Especially Sara!

  25. wvugirl2007 says:

    As for the finally I am upset that Nick will not at least be addressed from the way I understood the article. I think his new position elsewhere could at least be mentioned in passing. He was a character close to other characters that I think would stay in contact with them. Bad move to not add closer there. Also I will miss Nick and his dog. I loved them together.

  26. mary says:

    Remember fans: it’s football season,.so make sure you program your dvr-appropriately! Like probably an hour afterwards.

  27. laura carusetta says:

    gonna miss it. have watched it for 16 years. love grissom, love ted danson, glad they are going to give us closure. wish they would have done that with csi: Miami. miss them too. at least we have ncis. can’t wait for the 2 hour movie.

  28. AW says:

    After the series finale, I can then look forward to seeing CSI, CSI:NY, and/or CSI:Miami coming back in short-form two or three year from now, like Heroes Reborn!

  29. Shawn Hardy says:

    Saying goodbye to this show is really sad I have watched every show a hundred times over. Everyone on this show was great I hate that is over just know I will always be grateful for this show thank you for always being grade A show in our home u will be missed

  30. No longer a fan says:

    This will be the last time I watch CSI. I do not like CSI Cyber. When you deal with computers all day you want to get away from it when watching TV. I want to be entertained not watch the same crap I see and hear all day. Good Bye CSI.

  31. Rehanna says:

    How can it be a love letter to fans without Nick? The writers sure do a great job of freezing out actors they don’t like. George Eads & Gary Dourdan were the best.

  32. Darcy says:

    Sorry to see CSI go but thankful to cast & crew for 16 yrs!! You all ROCK!! That’s a long time to play same character. We watched the show religiously, even summer reruns – definitely a cult classic. Wish all cast & crew well on their next project.

  33. CAM says:

    A “love letter to fans” would include at least a mention of Nick Stokes.

  34. Jadean says:

    I’m not ready for it to end. The stories are good. Cross overs could have been more. It’s a timeless show. Oh well. Bring on the DVD
    Box set so I can relive all of it again

  35. mlaiuppa says:

    Love that they’re leaving it open for a CSI:San Diego with George Eads.

    Finlay is the one that probably dies since that actress isn’t coming back either.

    If they really want to satisfy fans, they better find a way for Grissom and Sidle to ride off into the sunset. Otherwise it will disappoint hugely.

    As for the CSI Cyber Spinoff, I give it one more season and then kaputt. It wasn’t that great this past year and the Sunday night slot is poison. I watched it on Wednesdays and mostly on Tuesdays but on Sunday I’m watching Masterpiece on PBS. I’m missing the first episode of Indian Summer for this 2 hour finale but that’s the last time I’ll do that. Cyber just isn’t going anywhere. And now that Peter MacNichol is gone, I have even less inclination to make it must see TV.

  36. Vicki says:

    Only wish this was not the finale. I feel it is still better the CSI Cyber, their cast has no chemistry that the CSI cast has had even with the changes. (Finley didn’t fit very well) Sorry that Nick, George Eads, will not be there as he was one of my favorites. No offense to Elizabeth Shue, Finley, but the number 2 on the show should have been Nick., he earned it.

  37. Sherry domes says:

    I have been a avid fan of CSI since The first season. I am very sad to have the series
    End. Wish it could of continued.

  38. sheila foto says:

    loved the show for years. loved the romance between grissom and sarah. always told my husband, that if I couldn’t have him, then I wanted sarah to have him! let’s hope that happens in the finale. also, I did read that finlay dies. gonna miss them all, for sure!

  39. Lucy Smith says:

    I cannot be more disappointed that CSI is ending; although it hasn’t been the same since William Peterson left. Then Marg Helgenberger left. Then George Eads (my absolute favorite) left. I liked Ted Danson and absolutely loved the gal that played Eckerly’s daughter (her name escapes me now.) Even with the changes, I was still a faithful fan. Thank you for 15 years of entertainment!

  40. I watch this show from the beginning, then they started killing off ome of my favorites, then Grissom left, pretty soon, most were gone, Now they say Nick who hung on all that time isn’t going to show up, this at one time was my number show, guess it is time for it to go.

  41. alice says:

    Sorry to see this series end. I particularly liked the quirky episodes like the one where everyone was dressed up as animals at a convention. For awhile they had these types of episodes about every third week. It was almost as if these were by a different writer. I did not really care for the extended episodes with serial killers. Las Vegas was my favorite CSI. As far as the development of the characters I found the early years of interaction more believable. In the last few years everything seemed to involve threats or abductions of the main characters which seemed to be too much to sustain. I guess that it why I liked the quirky episodes best and everything was solved in one setting and the action centered on these off-the-wall character rather then distractions from the personal lives of the CSI team. The earlier mixture of different types of cases seemed more entertaining. Whatever the year was though, I kept looking for when it would begin again in September, was sad to see it not return.

  42. Ruth says:

    Missed George Eads, but I loved the finale. It was a fun 15 years.

  43. Cindy Linck says:

    What happened to Elizabeth Shue’s Character Finley? Why was she not in the final movie tonight? The only comment was made by DB when he said, “oh Jules”

  44. I basically stopped watching CSI when Grissom left. Sarah Sidle and Gil Grissom’s storyline really intrigued me. When we discovered they were a couple….woo hoo!!!!!! Their intellectual and sexual connection was delicious. Sarah was more substance than sexiness and to think Gil saw that and made her his, well that move made him MORE DESIRABLE. As an actor, Wm. Peterson has ALWAYS been the cats’ meow for me, with his bowlegged sexiness. Eh, blame it on rio!!!!

  45. Sarah says:

    CSI was a great show too. I love CSI cyber too😋

  46. Cyril says:

    It seems like she died. As D.B said “Oh Jules”, he was packing away a plaque that said In remembrance of Julie Finlay…

  47. Evelyn Calinog says:

    Is this really the end? I have been watching CSI seen the beginning and reruns too. This is the best TV drama next to NCIS. Please don’t let in end!!!!!

  48. Dolly Remer says:

    Liked the finale. Sad to see it go. Thank you for all the good years of great entertainment.

  49. Mark Bastings says:

    Yeah the absence of Jules Findley wasn’t really brought to light, just a brief blurb by D.B. as he’s cleaning out his office and there was no prior dialog that he was planning to leave in the first place. Was kind of shocking that they killed her off in this fashion without any notice as she was a fun character on the show.

  50. I love this show and I hate to see it go,especially when so many mediocre show are coming back. There is still so many stories to tell and great actors to tell them. But I have learned when cbs wants to kill a show, they put it on Sunday night at 10.CSI,Miami, The Mentalist, just to name 2. But it is now gone,but it was a great ride and a great ending!