CSI Finale Preview: Grissom and Sidle's 'Awkward' Reunion, MIA Nick and More

CSI Series Finale

Brush up on your forensic jargon and crank the volume on The Who, because it’s nearly time to say goodbye to CSI.

After formally getting cancelled in May, the long-running mothership series will tie up loose ends with a two-hour movie event on Sunday, Sept. 27 (9/8c, CBS), which will involve almost every key player from the past 15 seasons.

Though some fans may be skeptical as to how Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, et al. will return after being off the show for years, series creator Anthony E. Zuiker is confident that the finale’s plot will allow for a seamless blast from the past.

“We’re going to have an explosion at the Eclipse Casino, and that’s going to really unpack our cast. It’s one catastrophic event that will obviously bring back many of our CSIs,” Zuiker tells TVLine. “Catherine is back — this is her casino [that she partially owns]. Grissom [is] back. Sara Sidle will be heading up the case. It will bring everybody back to try and solve what’s going on.”

Read on for more details from Zuiker and the cast about CSI‘s swan song, including the fate of Grissom and Sidle’s relationship and the scene that will most satisfy fans.

CSI Series FinaleTHE EX FACTOR | Grissom and Sidle will have two hours to work out their romantic woes — and it sounds like they’ll need every precious minute. “We do see each other again, and we talk to each other as best we can,” William Petersen hints, “because we’re not very good at that.”

Not only does Jorja Fox confirm that the couple’s long-awaited reunion is “awkward, because we kind of broke up,” but Melinda Clarke’s Lady Heather will complicate things in the finale, considering the dominatrix “wreaks havoc everywhere she goes.”

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS NICK STOKES? | Following up on TVLine’s exclusive news that George Eads will not participate in the series finale, Zuiker says Nick’s absence will “not at all” be addressed during the episode.

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN | Fox promises the entire two-hour endeavor is “absolutely a love letter to our fans,” and Zuiker adds that the episode’s final moments will be some of the series’ most poignant. “The last five minutes of this show are as good as anything you’ll ever see in TV and cinema,” he teases. “For the fans, and for the journey of the 16 years we’ve been doing this, those last five minutes are really, really endearing. It’s going to be timeless.”

CSI fans, are you ready to say goodbye? Hit the comments with all of your hopes for the series finale.

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