South Park Season Premiere

South Park Recap: Kyle Submits to Caitlyn Jenner in Season 19 Premiere

From the Bill Cosby rape scandal to the Jared Fogle molestation debacle, South Park had a lot of ground to cover after being off the air for nearly a year. Simply put, Wednesday’s premiere didn’t just cover that ground — it scorched it.

After more than 250 episodes of offending virtual every special interest group on the planet — and, in some cases, other planets — the residents of South Park were forced to take a hard look at themselves during the Season 19 opener, and things got ugly real fast.

Following a report of a student referring to rape as a “hot Cosby,” Principal Victoria was relieved of duty; filling her shoes was P.C. Principal, whose disdain for the offensive Colorado town can be summed up with a single quote: “I Googled South Park before I got here, and I cannot believe the s–t you’ve been getting away with!”

Season 19, Episode 1P.C. Principal first set his sights on Kyle, who received two weeks of detention for saying, “I don’t think Caitlyn Jenner is a hero.” Channeling his inner Tom Brady — aka choosing to “deny and subvert” whenever someone accuses him of breaking the rules — Cartman attempted to fight back, going so far as to frame P.C. Principal by soaking Butters’ underwear in his urine. But instead of admitting defeat, P.C. Principal (literally) fought back, sending Cartman to the hospital with broken bones and a bruised ego.

Despite Cartman’s later attempt to stop the P.C. movement in South Park — oh, did I forget to mention that the new principal formed a politically correct fraternity, which Randy was naturally roped into? — Kyle eventually submitted to public pressure, admitting that Jenner is a hero, “and she is absolutely stunning.”

(Side note: We all knew Cartman would lead the anti-P.C. rebellion, but did anyone expect him to employ the children of Syrian refugees? Good grief!)

If this was a pre-Season 18 episode of South Park, I’d assume that next week’s installment would find the town returning to its normal state of unabashed offensiveness, but following last season’s sudden introduction of — gasp! — continuity, I don’t know what to expect.

Is this going to be the season of political correctness in South Park? And what did you think of the Comedy Central’s long-awaited return? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your review of the episode.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jared (not fogle) says:

    I caught a lot of the puns and shifty writing, the pc frat poking fun at the frat that was quite prejudice (the extreme opposites), fogles, kids, pregnant Mexicans, taco launchers, 1st world problems. The pc principal still escapes me though. Who was that suppose to depict or play on?

    • rawley says:

      Just basic douche-ery. It was a commentary on how obnoxious the current PC obsessed culture is and how they actually aren’t as cool as they think they are. It wasn’t based off of any one person, rather, an idea and the collective reactions.

    • fork says:

      I think a big part of PCP’s character was that despite his fanatic support of socially vulnerable groups he was the least vulnerable person imaginable. A fit, white, male with a legion of other fit, white males to aid him in beating up children. In the episode we never actually see anyone from a minority group giving their views on the situation, just another group of tough men beating down people who disagree with them.

      I think it’s trying to portray another level of hypocrisy in the PC mentality. It’s implying that enforcing PC has less to do with creating a comfortable environment for everyone and more to do with asserting dominance over others. This is probably why Cartman goes along with it; he just wants to be in position of superiority.

      Long post short: PCs being everything they’re suppose to hate.

  2. AnnaP. says:

    One of the best episodes ever !

  3. dan says:

    Scathing indictment of Social Justice Warriors. Laughed a lot at this one.

  4. Jamie Brahm says:

    It’s not pro-PC, it portrays PC people as mindless bullies and posers. It looks like its supporting PC, but actually its not, the title itself ‘stunning and brave’ is repeated and repeated, showing a mindless cult-think supported by passive aggressive bullying (made vivid as actual violence and anger).

    South park has not gone PC, they have merely employed subtle methods to lampoon and dissect Political correctness, at a time where it is not so much at its peak, but rather in a sort of war with those who don’t agree with what it has become (see feminism being voted least liked word, as an example, or anti-feminist movements)

    In fact what they did was actually triple ironic. Because the deeper joke, was a little ‘hidden’, get this, passive aggressively within the metaphor of aggressive violent bullies. It was a jab – but if people are looking for agreement, they might be fooled into seeing it.

    • Louise olivo says:

      Brilliant review!!
      That’s exactly what I got out of this episode.

    • AtlLady says:

      Jamie, I agree with Louise. You have made excellent points. I watched the show 3 times and it got more farcical with each viewing. The PC activists ARE passive aggressive bullies with no sense of humor. They have reached the South Park level of George Clooney smug. God bless Eric Cartman and his battle against them with his weapons of choice.

    • Ben says:

      Well said

  5. Lisa says:

    South parks still razor sharp and the best animated show on tv. Matt and treys creativity continues to amaze me

  6. Classic South Park! Missed this show so much. Not many shows (animated or otherwise) can maintain this level of quality over almost 20 seasons. I’m not saying every episode is a classic, but it hasn’t suffered the same decline as The Simpsons for example.

  7. Angus says:

    I hope they don’t adopt the PC mantra it would ruin this unique series. They should have torn Jenner a part a la Tom Cruise. He’s anything but a hero.

    • Christian says:

      The implication that Jenner is anything but a hero was there, Angus. The story took a more facetious route than ever before, different than the tactics it took with Cruise and Travolta in that infamous Scientology episode. This episode was in no way pro-Jenner or pro-PC.

      • mjacobson6 says:

        Thank you! It kills me that people actually took this episode seriously – as if South Park was trying to clean up it’s act.

        Episode 2 just reinforces this. Beautiful social commentary.

  8. Ari says:

    I miss Principal Victoria! However, I’m excited to see what Matt and Trey have in store this season. South Park is one of my favorite shows, and I’m delighted that they have brought back season 19 and are making a season 20 in the future… I liked how deep this episode was, too! Kudos, Trey and Matt :)

  9. Jaybone says:

    Principal PC will probably end up like Ms Chokesondick. Dying a horrible way.

  10. Blargh Blippedy says:

    I thought it was a lazy episode. SP can be brilliant, but this was one of their more “tick off the box” shows, where they feel obligated to pick a few topical things, make some lazy jokes about it and try to unify it with some loose plotting. It didn’t work. and PC Principal was just a boring straw man character.

    The only thing that was kindof funny was for some reason they drew PC Principal and all the frat bros with an upturned lip. I knew a self-righteous high horse “brah” type who literally had the same expression. I think the Germans call this a backpfeifengesicht. (Face that should be slapped).

    • fork says:

      I agree that it definitely was not one of their better episodes but I wouldn’t call it a “tick off the box” show. They stick to one main topic though most of the episode. Kyle, Cartman and Randy’s plots were all directly tied to PC and most of the side references are one or two lines at most. I found it surprisingly tight for series.
      Also I’d point out that South Park does use straw a lot. I think PC Principal is actually one their more balanced antagonists. Some of his points are acknowledged in the beginning which is more than could be said for most of the show’s villains. I’m not saying strawmen are good commentary by any means but they have to be expected when watching South Park.

  11. Shi says:

    This was one of the worst episodes ever. Not the typical politically not correct humor that is a custom with south park. expecially the way Cartman stopped being a bigget and is now on the straight and narrow. Him being a bigget has been a corner stone of the show for many years.

    • Squanchy says:

      You didn’t get the episode. At all.
      The PCs intimidated and bullied everyone who didn’t agree with them while forcing their opinion down their throat. Take an educated guess as to why Cartman wants to go down that same road.

  12. It would have been funny if Kyle hadn’t conformed at the end. Unfortunately, it left me feeling like we all needed to. I say this episode stunk.

    • mike says:

      You missed the point of this one. We’re meant to feel bad about them conforming. They were bullied into it. Some will go along with that kind of pressure because they don’t want to stick out, and some, like Kartman, go along because they like to be at the top of the heap.

      This episode is showing the PC crowd to be more interested in power they have to control others than in really making positive changes for the people they claim to be fighting for.

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