Impastor Season Finale Recap: Exodus Strategy

Impastor Finale

All I can say is: Thank God — or whoever’s looking out for Buddy — that Impastor is getting a second season, because I’m dying to see how Michael Rosenbaum’s con-man character recovers from Wednesday’s finale.

Buddy’s initial exit strategy was simple: Clean out Barlow’s bank accounts, pack up a few necessities and haul ass for the late pastor’s Mexican getaway. But because “simple” rarely succeeds on this show, a whole mess of obstacles was thrown in his path, including Alden’s insistence that the recent string of break-ins was actually part of a larger “hate crime” spree against Lutherans.

Heck, Buddy even failed at his side-plan to sleep with Alexa on his last night in town; when he discovered she was going on a date with someone else, he was forced to crash with Russell, leading to even more confusion between the will-they-no-they-won’t duo.

Thanks to a well-timed — if not extremely prolonged — musical interlude from Dora and Russell, Buddy was able to cut his final sermon short and escape before Damien cut him short. But just when he thought he was in the clear, he got a visit from a pair of familiar-looking detectives.

“Buddy Dobbs? You’re under the arrest for the murder of Jonathan Barlow.” Aaaaaand black out. (Sure, it’s how we all figured the season would end, but that didn’t make the final moment any less satisfying… or stressful.)

Any theories about how Buddy will weasel his way out of this one? Grade the first season of Impastor below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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