Doctor Who's Jenna Coleman Is (Again) Rumored to Be Leaving; BBC Mum

Doctor Who Coleman Leaving

The “Jenna Coleman is leaving Doctor Who!” rumor has regenerated, though this time it maaaaaay have some teeth to it.

Last winter, you will recall, Coleman’s future as Twelve’s companion Clara was called into question, up until at the close of the annual Christmas special she announced that she would be sticking around for “a whole other series of stories with the Doctor.”

Chief writer Steven Moffat revealed this past March that Coleman had asked to be written out in the Christmas special, only to have change of heart.

Now, the UK’s Daily Mirror is reporting that Coleman has (ahem) “quit” Doctor Who after landing the lead role in an ITV miniseries about Queen Victoria.

A spokesperson for BBC America, which airs Doctor Who Stateside, had “no comment” for TVLine on the Mirror‘s reporting/Coleman’s status.

Doctor Who Season 9 premieres this Saturday on BBC America, at 8/7c.

Do you reckon Clara’s days are in fact numbered? Are you ready for a new companion?

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