Zoo Finale Recap

Zoo Finale Recap: Race for the Cure — Should CBS Renew the 'Wild' Series?

In the wake of Zoo‘s plane crash, two team members found distinct ways to cope with the “death” of a third, while the others were still very much invested in the fight against the animals. By the time the season finale came to a close, who had reunited for the cause — and what significant obstacle literally stood in their way?

The good news in the above is that Jamie is not actually dead, but only presumed so, having been found and nursed back to health by Anik, a strange man holed up in a remote, secure cabin. First chance she was able, Jamie made a run from her “captor,” only to realize he was protecting her, from scores of infected animals beyond the yard’s fence.

Back in the States, we realize that several months have passed since the crash, during which Mitch has drowned his sorrow (often) in booze, while Abraham has joined up with a band of armed “escorts” who transport well-paying clients from Point A to Point B, while fending off any rampant beasts.

Jackson is teetering on the edge of sanity, it would seem, recording journal after journal about the problem in distributing the cure, if it were to be recreated. (Using an aerosol a la The Last Ship won’t fly in this reality, since the cure would decompose in the atmosphere.)

Though a happenstance run-in at a convenience store gives Jackson the idea to disperse the cure using mosquitoes, the issue may be moot, seeing as the last, uninfected leopard in Zambia, once finally tracked and captured, is discovered to have migrated onto Reiden-owned, tainted land, and thus is a help no more. In lieu of the cure, Reiden has sold the government on a plan to kill every animal on Earth, and then “regenerate” the population within 10 years.

Gradually in the final hour, the team reassembles — starting when Abraham’s job escorting a man who takes them to a speakeasy for meat-lovers sheds light on what truly matters in this crazy thing they now call life. “These are not the days to retreat from those you care about” as the big guy has done since the crash, he tells Jackson. Rather, people should do the “opposite.”

As for the cure conundrum before them, Abraham posits, “We find whatever is the next leopard, the next solution.”

And, it turns out, Jamie still has that next leopard, wherever she is. “Posivak,” as her leopard cub has been dubbed by Anik, is a wee critter no more, and is living peacefully in a pen on the premises. When Anik finds Jamie a phone, she calls Mitch, who at first disbelieves it’s truly her. But soon enough, Zoo_Finale_Scenerelief washes over his face, reconnecting with the woman he’d grown so close to just before the crash.

Mitch then reunites with Jackson and Chloe, and they hop into an SUV with Abraham — only to discover en route to their 18-hour boat trip that seemingly every animal of every stripe (and spot) has congregated in the street before them. And as the team mulls their next move, the hairy mob begins charging at them, as Season 1 cuts to black….

What did you think of CBS’ Zoo? Does it deserve a Season 2?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. gloria says:

    I read the book but hate the ending of the TV show hope to see more

    • Ellinas1978 says:

      Will you let us know how it ends? (You can do a big spoiler buffer if you find necessary). Just interested how much more material (if any) is there.

      • joe says:

        In the book it’s nothing like the tv show, ik poetic license. But in the book the reason the animals are attracting people is there enlarged medulla gland in there brain which controls there flight or fight thoughts, this was caused by radiation caused by electronic transmitors threw cell phones. And the radiation caused the animals to attract humans due to there pheromones. (Which the tv show kinda hinted at when Jackson and Chloe kissed in the back of the van the animals went crazy) also in the book Jackson had a pet monkey named atilla and the reporter Jamie was his cheating girlfriend who was supposed to take care of still a while he was in Africa. She went thereto feed him he killed her. End of the book the monkey is leading a group of animals to attack his apartment and the monkey remembers his master even though it was 10 years after he left and killed Jamie. And still a was able to have the animals leave him alone. They ended the book kinda weird they were trying to find away to get the cure to the animals, then it says 10 years later and talks about how life was after the attacks

    • Jennifer Zukerkorn says:

      My comment wasn’t posted….I’m going to post it AGAIN! I don’t want the show to stop.
      I said that I didn’t believe the show should stop because there is a lot of material that could morph from Season 1 into Season 2. There are love interests beginning, and of course, that in itself interests followers. They haven’t even gotten to Jaime and the leopard cub that has now grown a few months. Come on people, let your writers begin!

  2. Lauren says:

    I understand the reasoning for a cliffhanger, but I wish I could’ve had 5 more minutes where they reached Jamie, saw the leopard, and said “okay, let’s do this!” And then the end. Is there any idea of what kind of shot it has at renewal? I’m bad about paying attention to ratings, etc. I just watch what I like and hope for the best…

  3. Sarah says:

    Kind of annoyed. I really wish it was just one season and that we had gotten a real ending. Honestly how many seasons can this story play out before it gets really tiresome? Oh well, I still enjoyed the show. What a great cast!

  4. Patricia says:

    Very good series. James Patterson’s book makes for great television. The series sticks very close to book. Great suspense with the animals. Gives you something to think about. Man always feels superior to animals, but are we? We need to know what happens next. Very different from other programs on TV

  5. dan says:

    The season finale (series finale?) was an interesting episode as compared to the others. Low key, dark, and very introspective. I was waiting for Jamie to figure out that the man rescued the leopard when he rescued her (we saw him put a box in his boat and I knew it was the leopard). Whatever happened with Mitch’s daughter and her dog? They kind of dropped that storyline unless they’re saving it for season two (if there is one). I assumed the ending would have them reunite with Jamie and then have the leopard turn on them with the runny, mutated eye. I wasn’t expecting the congregation of animals attacking in the street. I hope it gets renewed, but I’m not holding my breath (although CBS renewed Extant last year and this was a much better season one show).

    • Maryann says:

      I certainly hope it doesn’t go that way. That is just silly, defeatist and cliche. I don’t want to see another good series ruined the way Wayward Pines was ruined.

  6. opus says:

    Yes, Zoo needs to be renewed. It was an enjoyable summer romp and I love the cast.

  7. brittany says:

    I started watching this show because I thought it would be about the world in disarray if the animals took over. I am very upset that they waited to even show that until the last episode. I am so sick of shows that are all about big corporations being the bad guys but only the main characters know and try to take them down, which was exactly what this whole show was about! If they make a second season I dont know yet if I would even watch it.

    • Talking Bubba says:

      The whole show was really about finding out what was causing the behavior changes in the animals while being in imminent danger, and trying to find a way to fix it. The animals did eventually cause complete world disarray, but they started the process of taking over from the very first episode. The whole world disarray couldn’t happen overnight. The animals were all mutating at their own rates based on exposure, and people have not inhabited the earth overnight either. It is a process :) And only 1 of the main characters thought it was Reiden Global at the start, but without that element, where would the plot line really be as to finding a cause? I also thought that the dirty agents aspect thickened the plot considerably. It makes me think about how much I take for granted, and how many of us really pay attention to the products we use.

  8. Joyce Knicely says:

    One of my our top shows to watch , casting &writing. Please come back.

  9. LaTeasha says:

    When does it come back on

  10. Barbara says:

    Of course it needs to be renewed! Great actors, cool concept and you can’t just leave us like this! We at least need to have the reunion & closure!

  11. Jay says:

    Definitely makes you think twice about getting a dog or cat. It would be a welcomed series fill in next Summer.

  12. I had hoped they would end the season with the team reunited at the very least. I hope we get a renewal. I enjoyed the first season.

  13. Barbara Leonard says:

    I would have been fine with just one season of “Zoo,” if they had wrapped it up. With the horrible ending it had though, there had better be another season! I read that Wolk said they have five years planned. I have a feeling they are going to drag it along until only devoted fans are watching, then dump it because of low ratings. This was the perfect vehicle for a short one season show, developed over several weeks, and wrapped up in the last episode.

    • Robyn says:

      Yes, I agree with that. The show is excellent but could have been wrapped up in one season. I hope they make a second season and as good as the first. People must see the first episode to truly appreciate the whole premise though. Great casting as well!

  14. marujajjja says:

    They are doing this similar to Stalker. It had a cliffhanger tht last episode but it did not get renewed

  15. gregk says:

    My wife and I do not look forward to a new season and in fact think this season went off a cliff halfway through. The dialogue and most of the storylines are laughable at times, worthy of an episode on the old Mystery Science Theatre series where terrible old sci-fi movies are ragged on. Why was obviously fake snow falling on the greenery in the Lost-like surroundings of Anik? Speaking of Lost, some of the action theme music sounds like it was ripped off from this show. Michael Giacchino, who brilliantly produced the Lost soundtrack, should sue.

  16. gregk says:

    I can now answer my own question above: The music on Zoo is done by Chris Tilton who was an assistant to Michael Giacchino on the Lost soundtrack (courtesy of Google)

  17. Wayne melbo says:

    What they couldn’t see the animals sooner. I mean what else would you be looking for. Messed up there. No way to get out that close. Loved the show but that ending was weak and left no real hope for the crew. Let me know if you need consultation if the show gets picked up because that ending, not good. Good luck. Hope the show gets picked up.

    • SC571 says:

      Wouldn’t it be something if Mitch suddenly was able to communicate with them due to that “dog bite” and the animals just went around them? That could totally open up a second season. Then that season could be about all the people who were bitten towards the end of this season.

  18. christopher robin says:

    nothing like the book and very repetitive and boring plot line. A complete waste of time. Thought we would at least see an ending or at least some indication that this was the ending. No such luck. I feel completely ripped off and hours I’ll never get back stolen from me with no satisfying ending and not even an indication that this was the ending. Stupid show. Never come back. Please. James Patterson should ask to have his name removed. I feel like boycotting all future Patterson books and cbs as well! –Christopher robin

    • Jenks says:

      Hours “stolen” from you? What, did somebody come into your living room and force you to watch? If you hated it that much, why did you keep watching? Honestly, this kind of comment drives me nuts. Watch or don’t watch. It’s your choice.

    • Ally P. says:

      Seriously? No one forced you to watch it so if you hated it that much then why would you keep watching?
      Only positive feedback should be allowed because it won’t hurt the ratings and at least that way the people who did enjoy it can still watch it. AND people like you don’t have to if you don’t want to…everyones happy.
      I think it has to be at least 60%to 80% approval ratings for CBS to renew. So Do not screw this up for us.

    • michael wilson says:

      For me, quite honestly the series lost me as soon as I realized that the whole basis for an animal uprising in the novel (worlwide over use of fossil fuels combined with proliferation of cellphone band radiation) had been hijacked and replaced with some lame-ass cliched poke at “corporate recklessness” and greed. More importantly that the incredible and quite frankly integral storyline with Atilla the chimp had been axed.

      If you are trying to find a visual interpretation of Zoo that is more true to Patterson’s vision: pick up a copy of the graphic novel. It is much less a time commitment than that required for the mish mash that CBS is trying to pass off as Pattersons work. As well, the artwork is amazing and it follows the story.

  19. Carolyn Philbrick says:

    Zoo is the most exciting show i’ve seen in a while!!! It keeps me on the edge of my seat!!!! Please say it’s coming back for next season!!!!

  20. Sheryl says:

    Boooooring. To much dialogue, not enough action . Terrible first season ending. No cliff hanger, just more of the same. Growling and snarling.

  21. Lois Wollenman says:

    sometimes this show was great, but it ended stupidly. We love TV and liked this show; we could get the group trying everything to save the world, but to end with all those animals growling at them just stunk!! BTW– great cast; they were all good. Ending ruined the series!!!!!!

  22. Lisa says:

    I missed the French dialogue when the banner ad ran across the bottom of the screen.

  23. Gerri says:

    I have really enjoyed the show “Zoo”! I understand the concerns for the animals in the show. I am an animal lover. I do believe that CBS would follow all the laws / rules & properly care for the animals while filming…
    I get disappointed when a series is dropped & given no proper ending! I think that every series that is started should be given an ending. I do not think it is right to start something that thousands of people are watching & then decide to take it off the air. I have been frustrated by that many times. Because of that sometimes I have a hard time deciding to watch a new show. I always think “why should I commit to watching a new show, I could be wasting my time.” The network (s) should commit to the viewers – that they will finish what they start. Just because they don’t always get as many people watching something as they want, does not mean that there aren’t thousands of people you have left in limbo. If your not getting as many people to watch a show as you had hoped & you need to drop the show, at least give it a good proper ending. If you market that – I’m sure you would get more viewers to watch new shows, not to mention you would make your viewers happy. In turn you will have an even better reputation as a network than you already do!!!

  24. Lisa says:

    I like this show, it’s a fun summer diversion. Several plot lines were sad to watch. They put no effort into putting together more than drivel. My husband is a doctor of optometry. An optometrist, not a surgeon, that’s a ophthalmologist. I was stunned at the whole office plot from start to finish. The writers would fail the smarter than a fifth grader test. Please the show has such beautiful scenery, animals, actors and a really great fun concept. One season would have been best but you can’t leave us hanging here.

  25. roxanne says:

    OK love series getting food read the book was OK but like we’re this is going better but like good shows that start off slow then get interesting get canceled point in case Constantine slow start season finale suddenly gets interesting no renewed leaves on a cliffhanger and I don’t want zoo to do the same figured last ship would be like this but there second season was actually pretty good so no zoo cliffhanger give second season and don’t cliffhanger it if it’s not getting renewedr

  26. It would be a shame if this show was canceled. I’m hooked and so are many of my friends.
    Here’s to more seasons!!!

  27. Michele Merrigan says:

    The only problem I had with the series is, that was not a leopard cub. That mistake stuck out like a sore thumb.

  28. KEW says:

    would love to see an other season of this show….

  29. GARY GIBSON says:


  30. Gigi says:

    OMG, Why a cliffhanger like this, love the cast and the show. One more season wrapping everything up will be great don’t drag it out for years. It does get you thinking about what we are doing to our planet and each other. One more please and wrap it up.

  31. Jenifer arrington says:

    pleas bring zoo back I ;love this show it keep me on the end of my seat constant.

  32. kirads09 says:

    I enjoy the show. Great cast and interesting premise! I especially enjoy Billy Burke and his snark. I have to say I was quite disappointed by the “cliffhanger” ending. You get the feeling they’ll survive it somehow. Someone else mentioned – we never saw any real resolution re Mitch’s daughter after he got her the meds. I haven’t read the book btw so don’t know how closely this follows. I am hoping for another season. There’s a lot of directions they can go with this if it continues.

  33. Karen MT says:

    Wait, that was the season finale? I thought that was the penultimate episode. That stinks!

  34. Mr. Smith says:

    Looking forward to a 2nd season. Hopefully, the writers won’t lose their brains like they did on Under the Dome.

  35. Juanita says:

    Zoo is Great! This type of show has really been needed. Enough of the Fake, So Called ” Reality Shows”
    I truly hope to see more of Zoo in a second season.

  36. Joey Padron says:

    Good season finale. Hope the show gets renewed for season 2!

  37. Alisa G says:

    I enjoyed this show very much this summer. It was a refreshing change from all the cop/medical/reality shows that are taking over TV. I love the characters, and really hope to see more!

  38. Cathy says:

    Loved the show, hope it renews. Also loved the book.

  39. Tanya says:

    I didn’t read the book, but will now. Love the show. Great actors! Bring on season 2. Love the cliff hanger ending. Gope to see more.,.

  40. Ellinas1978 says:

    Will someone let us know how the book ends please? (Do big spoiler alert if you find it necessary).

  41. Carol Scully says:

    loved the series and hope it continues to Season 2. I read the book before watching and this was the first James Patterson BOOK I have been disappointed in. I am so glad that the series did not follow the book and had more of a story line not only for the main topic but the characters involved. This is definitely one that I waited to watch each week!

  42. douglas folkers says:

    the show zoo is great I love it can we please have a season 2 thank you

  43. Anne says:

    PLEASE have a Season 2 of ZOO! I HATED the ending! Love the characters on the show and hope to see it continue!

  44. Maria says:

    Husband and I really enjoyed this show. Billy Burke was wonderful and the whole cast was starting to gel as the weeks went on. I hope they do a second season, but am grateful for the one we got to see.

  45. Lynnie says:

    Enjoyed the cast very much! Their characters were well crafted & the writing was quite good, although Season 1 ending was very predictable. I hope this show returns & the story-line is exciting. So many shows are cancelled the first season. The networks need to give them a real chance. Bring this show back!

  46. Alphonzo Byrd says:

    Best program suspense outside of law enforcement and comedy. Only program that I stop for or record except sports. Only sci-fi that wife looks forward too. Keep it coming. There is a lot more to this story!

  47. Sally Ball says:

    Finale left me wanting more. I want to see what happens next. What is the next ‘road block?’

  48. Billy avery says:

    I hope and pray it gets a season 2. You can’t leave us hanging like that!!!

  49. cant-believe-i-watch-this says:

    So far, no rabid sea life I guess (survived plane crash in the middle of the Atlantic). Sharks uninterested in blood/carnage? Forgot – Abe and Jackson’s second plane-crash-in-the-ocean survival. If they’re going to bother having a second season, beginning with an 18-hour boat ride (avoiding bird attacks via plane), I “assume” angry whales, dolphins, never mind sharks will be introduced. Show was different enough to enslave interest – but really, unprecedented Houdini-esque escape skills by all 5 characters (i’ll tolerate that maybe a bit more). We’ll see how they escape the imminent stampede closing season 1 – “justifying” a second season.
    A sucker for any animal/beast narrative – sequences/story could stand to be a bit deeper.

  50. Audrey says:

    Enjoyed the series, but, the ending is depressing. It is almost as if we need for them to give us another season to find the cure. (Man’s intelligence is superior etc). I do not feel that they should continue the plot indefinitely, but , I do feel it would be better if they live and find the cure.