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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Spoilers

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Photos: New Docs, Shocks Hit Grey Sloan Memorial

Grey’s Anatomy is tackling a different kind of epidemic when it returns for Season 12.

When two young girls are admitted to Grey Sloan Memorial in the ABC drama’s season premiere (Sept. 24, 8/7c), their “powerful” story will force several staffers to reflect on how bullying has shaped them into the people they are today.

New photos from the episode give us a peek of that drama unfolding, as well as a look at what’s in store for the new docs scrubbing in at Grey-Sloan Memorial, including the heavily-featured Giacomo Gianniotti (Reign, Selfie), whose casting TVLine broke earlier this year.

Also on tap for the show’s first post-McDreamy premiere: Meredith attempting to settle in with her new roommates, Bailey battling against guest-star Joey Lauren Adams (Switched at Birth) for the Chief of Surgery position and Jackson preparing to welcome April home from her trip to Seattle.

Browse the new photos below, then drop a comment: What do you hope to see in Grey’s Anatomy Season 12?

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  1. SA says:

    Can’t wait! Have been looking forward to this season.

  2. cosmogeorge says:

    Wasn’t Giacomo Gianniotti on last seasons finale?

  3. Is that Joey Lauren Adams as the mystery candidate for chief?

  4. Azerty says:

    Is it just me or that doc talking to Arizona really really look like Mark?

  5. T.W.123 says:

    I have such good feelings about this season.

  6. Deb says:

    Jackson welcomes April home from her trip to Seattle? I think not!

    • bluefairy says:

      That’s what I was thinking! They already live in Seattle. Must be a slip. I thought April was going on another tour in Iraq. Is she back already? It all depends on how much time has passed since the events in the finale.

  7. PL says:

    Where is the promo??

  8. Val says:

    Giacomo Gianniotti – Andrew DeLuca is HOT, I like him.

  9. abz says:

    If this were the Bailey from the first 6 maybe 7 seasons we were talking about, I would say without a doubt, make that woman chief. However, the Bailey we’ve currently had for the past few seasons is a shell of the character she once was. She doesn’t give off that authoritative, “I should be respected” vibe. I don’t know the best way to describe it, but while I still like the character as a whole and the actress’s work on the show over the years, the character has been a huge disappointment for me for a while now.

    • shutuprob says:

      Don’t forget, those first 6-7 seasons, Meredith, Yang, Alex, Izzie and George, (and later, Lexi, Jackson and Kepner) were all interns/residents who were subordinate to Bailey. The survivors of the merged SGH & Mercy West residency class are now well into their careers as full-blown surgeons at Grey Sloane, with, really, only Meredith taking a long time to both choose her specialty (general sugery) and accept that she chose it. Bailey and her former students are now peers — and moreover, Bailey, Meredith and Jackson (and hopefully soon, Alex) are all co-directors of the hospital. In al lot of aways, I like Bailey’s relationship with her former students because she’s no longer defined as a character within the larger structure of the show as a parent to them. Also, since the show is largely told from Meredith’s point of view, I think that one could argue that the show reflects Meredith’s change in regards for Bailey, from parental figure to Big Sister, which, in some ways, she needs, given that she’s the Big Sister to to the other doctors in her class (Alex being sort of a twin brother, too.)
      I will say that I sometimes find Bailey’s struggles with OCD hard to take given that her talent for being especially particular and detail-oriented in a career that demands a superior talent for attention to detail and specificity is where her skill as a teacher and her OCD both come from (ironically, her blessing is also her curse), but the way I see it, better that her ongoing struggle be with OCD, which could be construed as something of a mental addiction to detail-oriented rituals, than drug addiction, which, thanks to House and Nurse Jackie, is now a pretty much cliched type of storyline for medical shows.

  10. Alia says:

    I really LOVED this tv show but no Derek no Grey’s :-( Thank you Shonda.

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      See you on September 24th for premiere of Grey’s Anatomy

    • Allison says:

      I think you mean thank you Patrick, he’s the one who asked to leave a matter of months after signing a new 2 year contract extension. Shonda had no intentions of writing Derek out/killing him off until Patrick said he wanted out. Even if she hadn’t killed him off, which I actually agree with her was the only way to go since Patrick didn’t want to do the show anymore, he wouldn’t have been on more than a handful of times a season at best going forward. Did you really want to “see” more of Derek living in DC, being an absentee father and husband like we had much of last season? I’d much rather have them go out very much in love than see them grow apart and eventually separate which is probably where they would have headed.

  11. Busta950 says:

    Thought the main feature was going to be about Meredith but as usual she is only in 1 photo. Well will have to see what this season brings. The UK is not showing till Jan 2016 but will see online and twitter

  12. Tony says:

    I’m always excited for a new season of Grey’s. I do however wish they brought in someone a little older. Specifically in the Derek/Burke/Addison age or stature of doctor.

  13. That the show will be lighter in lighting, no hospital is that dark and the show will be lighter in it’s story lines. we need a little levity this year.

  14. Joan says:


    God, HTGAWM and Scandal’s trailers? Check. Where the heck is Grey’s?! I really do need this show back :'(

  15. Amy says:

    Mer is a teacher, bailey is out as chief is what I think might happen. They are not saying much so we turn in

  16. Jesse says:

    That’s a really great photo of… Meredith turning on (off?) a light switch.

  17. Amy says:

    Looking forward to GA’s return. Surprised they haven’t tackled bullying before.

  18. Don’t care. Don’t watch it anymore. Jumped the shark a long while ago.

  19. cindy says:

    i think it should of been a dream its sad that patrick left when it was getting to the stuff we have been waiting for after all they been through together but i’m thrilled its back on can’t wait til this season starts

  20. CAW says:

    First episode was unbelievably slanted and preachy – over the top trying to promote a message not all are comfortable with and slamming those who are not in agreement – when will Hollywood realize that it is not the moral compass of the world. May tune out of Grey’s if this continues to be a platform for someone else’s moral opinions. What happened to episodes about the characters? There is enough in the characters to pull from without trying to push your messages. Tolerance and compassion goes both ways Shondra!

  21. cindy tudyman says:

    I want Shondra to bring back Izzie, and get back some of the normal Joe’s place, fun, and drama as well. Can’t she forget all the BS that Patrick and Katherine have caused and figure out a way they can come back. Like its tv, maybe Derick didnt really die, he’s a surgeon who planned this for White House hush up stuff. I don’t know, sounds crazy but we are her fans so bring back our people we love, especially Sandra Oh. We deserve it. Forgive and forget the show and rating should go on. We want Greys to be the longest running show in history. I watch Greys and keep starting over to season one when I’m done with season 11, I will watch again. I know all songs, lines before they are evern spoken. I am truly number one Greys fan. My kids ask me to watch something else but nothing is as entertaining and wonderful as this show. Think Shondra about us your fans bring back Derek, Christina and Izzie. Hell even Gerorge.

  22. Mrs.R. Harris says: