Fall TV Preview

CSI Series Finale Trailer Touts Sidle and Grissom's Emotional Reunion

“Let’s give the world something to remember,” indeed!

The first teaser trailer for CSI‘s two-hour finale event (CBS, Sept. 27) promises to tie up any loose ends from the procedural’s 15-season run — including Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom’s uncertain romantic future.

“Do you love him?” Lady Heather (guest-star Melinda Clarke) asks Sidle, to which Sidle tearfully replies, “I do.” That exchange, coupled with a shot of Sidle approaching Grissom on a boat, should offer suffering fans quite a bit of hope.

Additionally, the new teaser gives us a glimpse of other CSI cast members — including Ted Danson as D.B. Russell and Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows — returning for duty.

Hit PLAY on the video above, then drop a comment below: How do you want it all to end?

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  1. Christy says:


  2. Deion says:

    George Eads must REAAAAALLLLYYY hate someone to actively not participate in this.

    • I was thinking the same thing.

    • Elf says:

      He got his sendoff in last season’s finale. No need to tarnish that.

    • Probably because he didn’t have a big part in it.

      Or because his story ended. He probably wouldn’t have gotten that in the finale since they have to make, the biggest mistake this show every made, GSR the focus.

      • Emerald says:

        In reply to Julia’s Sept 15 @8:56 comment:

        Not sure if we were even watching the same CSI; CSI has never lost its original direction: It’s always about solving crimes based on forensic evidences, and GSR has always been an integrated subplot of the show. It never took over or overran the show. The show producers should be congratulated for handling it with sensitivity and subtlety. If GSR has caught fans fancy and imagination, it’s not GSR or CSI’s fault. If GSR got fans talking, it’s not GSR or CIS’s fault.

        The show never tried to focus on GSR. Don’t tell me personal relationships has no place there. On the contrary, the human elements made CSI unique. Otherwise, why don’t we all tune in watching Discovery Channel instead? And don’t tell me it turned CSI into a soap opera, because it didn’t. You want soap opera? How about let’s sit down and talk about Catherine’s personal issues? Her biological dad? Her ex-show girl mom? Her problem with her daughter? Her picking up losers for lovers? But it didn’t make me dislike her. It made me admire her the more for knowing how hard she tried to hold down a demanding job in a male dominated profession and be a single mother.

        None of the CSI characters is perfect. They all have their personal baggage to deal with. Getting to know their backstories made me like them even more. They are not crime-fighting robots, they are as human as the next person.

        So, the mistake is not making GSR the focus of the show because it didn’t. The mistake came later when the new crop of writers had not idea about the characters they’re supposed to write about. The mistake came when they tried to make Laurence Fishburne the star of the show. Heaven knows LH is a great actor; but Langston is just not his gig. Surprisingly Ted Danson managed to breath new life into a dying show. Now the end is upon us. Let’s sit back and remind us how lucky we are that CSI has come along at all.

        Thank you, CSI, for the memories. You will be missed.

        • Phyllis M says:

          For many years this was my favorite show on TV and I am very sorry to see it leaving – for good. I really wish not, but all signs say it is gone I understand even the best writers run out of ideas and the best actors don’t want to be typecast.

  3. Lori says:

    Really glad Grissom is back for this series finale!

  4. Stacy says:

    It’s great that so many members of the cast were on board for this last reunion.

  5. Brandi says:

    I got some chills after watching that!

  6. darkangel200 says:

    I’m really excited to see Grissom back. What a nice gift to fans.

  7. Mr. Tran K says:

    Great to see the whole gang back together for one final case with the expectation of Elisabeth Shue and George Eads.

  8. Elf says:

    As long as it ends with Greg Saunders in charge, I’m fine. His character seemed to have the most growth from start to end, so let him be the boss when Russell leaves.

  9. M says:

    Yeah, the more I re-watch older CSI episodes, the more improbable Grissom/Sidle becomes. I wanted him to end up with Lady Heather.

    • Liz says:

      I’m with you, I was never really sold on that pairing. There was more chemistry with Willows than Sidle. Having him end up with Lady Heather would have made for a more interesting finale.

      • Emerald says:

        Grissom deserves to be with the one he loves. He shouldn’t be worrying about the series finale ending. Years ago William Petersen told the reporters that LH is the one nearest to Grissom’s heart; but Sara IS Grissom’s heart.

      • Absolutely agree. I never thought the Grissom/Sara pairing made any sense. I’m a huge fan of Lady Heather and her relationship with Grissom. Always thought they were both intellectual and emotional soulmates

        • Emerald says:

          This is to reply to Naazneen’s comment on LH/Grissom on 09-15 @8:56AM:

          So sorry to burst your bubble. You missed my point. Mr. William Petersen said LH is the one nearest to Grissom’s heart but Sara is Grissom’s heart. See the difference here?
          We all have our different/personal preferences. I think ultimately it’s Mr. Petersen’s call. If he believes Grissom can only be happy with Sara, then, that is what we will see on Sept. 27th.

    • mary says:

      Absolutely want Grisson and Sara to remain together – they are soulmates!

    • Emerald says:

      I am really sorry you won’t get what you wanted in the series finale; however, guess you’d agree that no one knows Grissom better than Mr. William Petersen. Mr. Petersen has always wanted Sara to be Grissom’s love interest. I am glad he has the good fortune to get the ending he has wanted all along.

      • Actually that isn’t true. He did not want Sara as a love interest in the beginning. He wasn’t happy with that.

        And that is the biggest mistake this show made. There is absolutely NO romantic chemistry between them. Grissom has more chemistry between Heather and Catherine. You could always feel it. With Sara? NADA!

        • Jenna says:

          Uhm…no. He said in many interviews that he wanted the relationship to continue, when tptb wanted to end it after season 3. Hence, we got Butterflied in season 4, which outed his true feelings. WP was always in charge of Grissom’s fate, including his exit arc in season 9, leaving CSI to be with Sara.

        • Emerald says:

          Maybe it’s nada in your eyes; but the fact remains that Petersen called Rambo to work on the script/storyline after he signed on the finale project when CBS gave the nod to the two-hour movie to wrap the series up.

          Petersen knows Grissom better than you and I. If he wants Sara, he will get Sara. If he’s happy with Sara, what you and I think won’t make any difference at all. As a long time CSI fan, I just want ALL the characters get what they are looking for.

          Oh, don’t you worry about Catherine. I am sure she will find someone if she’s done with Vartann. As for LH, bless her heart. She no doubt will find her match within her community.

        • GrissomFran says:

          Who had the last words? William Petersen. He asked David Rambo to come in and work on the storyline as soon as CSI finale was given the go-ahead approval by CBS. You can think all you want. The fact stays. Petersen, Rambo, Zuiker, among others, are the biggest GSR fans. Grissom had Sara by his side to end the series. There’s nothing you can do to diminish it. I am sure you will pick and choose the different scenes and come up with your dissing lines. I mean, really. IMDB is not enough for you?

    • Emerald says:

      Guess you mustn’t have the proper eyewear on. Go watch the CSI Farewell Salute At Paley Center event video and listen to what William Petersen has to say about Grissom/Sara relationship. If you don’t get these two characters — Grissom and Sara — you just won’t see it.

      You can go on wanting, that’s about the only thing left for you to do now.

    • GrissomFran says:

      Zuiker didn’t do justice to the CSI by giving us a weak storyline revolving Lady Heather in series finale. But he did one thing right, that was, he righted the wrong brought on by the idiotic writer of FMN in S13.

      Lady Heather’s storyline played out years ago. She’s back because Jerry Bruckheimer wanted Melinda Clarke back. She could come back, but she shouldn’t be made the center piece of the finale. By elevating her up there, it turned the CSI finale into a triangle relationship joke because she was never in the running for Grissom’s heart. But guess Zuiker had his way to turn the table on this character. By design or not, he made her sit through Grissom’s heartfelt confession about his feelings towards Sara. It was a miracle she didn’t try to claw Grissom’s eyes out!

  10. Karen Taylor says:

    Love Grissom!! I have not watched this show since he left I will watch the finale though to see how they end it

  11. bummed that george eads didn’t want to be apart of this, but im stoked for william petersen to be back. I used to be on board for sara/grissom in the beginning but looking back, there chemistry was awkward. And personally i think their personalities are to much alike to actually work. For grissom, based on chemistry i would have rather seen him end up with Lady Heather or even Catherine. For Sara, i always thought it would have been nice to see her end up with either Nick, Warrick, or Greg. Personally i think they needed to be with someone who would complement them. Kinda how in Episode 1 of Season 10 where sara tells catherine, “The only thing Grissom had that you don’t…is you”

    • I always thought Sara and Nick would have been cool together.

    • Emerald says:

      In reply to VW’s posting dated Sept 14:

      “……….The only thing Grissom had that you don’t …is you.’ I believe she meant Grissom had Catherine as his right-hand man, sorry, right-hand woman. That was why later Catherine had Nick appointed her assistant supervisor. It was too much a load put on one person to lead a CSI team doing the field works PLUS the paper works.

      As for the chemistry part, I believed we need to know both LH and Catherine were the showy type while Sara was pegged as a science nerd; however, Grissom was not your average men. He was able to see deeper than the heavy makeups and flashy outfits. I do think he saw a kindred spirit in Sara that he didn’t find in other women. No mistake about it that he was fascinated by LH, but he could tell the difference between a fantasy and a real deal. Sara was his real deal.

      Mr. Petersen said it the best at the CSI/Paley Center event that Grissom fell for Sara because, in his own words,’Sara got Grissom.’ No need to embellish, no need for flowery sentiment. Petersen hit the bulls eye in the true Grissom style: simple, precise and right to the point.

      After all who can say he or she knows Grissom better than Petersen?

  12. Imzadi says:

    I would like to see Hodges get a happy ending, either with Wendy returning or with Morgan.

  13. Nana says:

    Ohh I watched this promo and I started to cry. I cant believe the series will end. One of a kind. I still watch the old episodes.

  14. Mari says:

    Really not interested. I was upset with “no reason” they put CSI Cyber on instead of CSI. I can not stand CSI Cyber. I thought Ted Danson did in excellent job. So long to CSI Cyber I will not miss you. Anyway they have to do something to make money for CSI for return week. CBS really messed up again.

  15. Sandy says:

    I never wanted William Peterson to leave, the show was never the same after he left. Of course he and Sarah Sidle should get back together, that is what we have been waiting for.

  16. Sad to know for us George Eads fans that he is not in the movie. For me I think it would be nice for Sara just to leave Grissom and the whole lab in the dust.

    • Emerald says:

      I think Sara will be leaving LV and riding into the sunset with Grissom. Just check the dock scene out. Grissom and Sara do deserve a bit of happiness, don’t you think?

  17. Emerald says:

    Of course Grissom and Sara will be back together. They are so right for each other. I thought Catherine was in a relationship with Detective Vartann, was she not? Or she has since moved on? LH can and will find someone from the BDSM community, provided she’s only a suspect and not a killer. We don’t know the details; but from the promo clips we have seen so far, GSR is back. Kudos to Zuiker and Petersen. They have the good sense to undo the damage done by other writers in Season 13. GSR always.

    • Sheila says:

      Didn’t Catherine and Vartan break up over something fairly dumb? I seem to remember that it was kinda “whatever. later.”

  18. Ann Emery says:

    I miss Grissom so much. No one can take his place. Great program. Sorry to see it end.

  19. Jenna says:

    THIS is what I’ve been waiting 6 very long years for! Can’t wait to see Grissom and Sara together again! A happy ending for these two…together…is the only way it can be. Thanks Anthony Zuiker for listening to the fans and making it happen! (At least, it appears that way.) And thanks to Jorja and Billy for coming back to seal the deal. Now I’m truly excited about this finale!

  20. Sandra Clark says:

    I really hate to see it end…but it’s been off so long I wonder how many people remember what was going on. It was a great show, character changes happen..keeps it fresh. It was going down a very dark path towards the end that sort of told us..OVER. I was suprised to see G. Eads stay when Sara left. I was happy to see her return. I was not surprised to see him leave. I don’t see how Sarah and Grissom can get back together after all his time. Yes she Loves him..but what has taken him so long. I think the END will be bitter sweat for them all. And a loss for all the fans who faithfully watched all these years. Lady Heather was a fantasy..not a love interest. Good luck to the cast and crew…you will all be missed !

  21. Guest2U says:

    Ahhh–Sara and Grissom do end up together. Which as it should be! Jorja Fox was brought in to be Grissom’s love interest. The two have great chemistry–two geeks find each other and have a happy ever after–yes, I think I’ll watch!

  22. I don’t want it to end, I love this show, it is my favorite.

  23. prish says:

    The husband says, “I used to tune in just to see Nick.” Maybe, it’s still not too late to have a wave to his fans filmed.

  24. Billie says:

    I hate that this is the end. I have so missed Grissom. I am glad that they are doing a finale to end it. It is too bad that everyone is not back but I will be watching!

    • Mari says:

      Grissom wanted out of CSI and it took years to find Ted Dansen got the program going again. I guess CBS is really trying for ratings. I hope its not up against NCIS.

  25. MingTatong says:

    Grissom is back!!!! Happy ending for GSR pleaseeee

  26. Susan miller says:

    I always like a happy ending so for this show—I do not want any of the main actors to die.

  27. Can’t wait. I love Grissom and Sara together. I thought the show was still good with Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue and looked forward to it each week. I think the time slot did it in because CBS would pull it off if football went over or it would be running late.

  28. lorraine ramsey says:

    I reallyliked this show as there wasn’t a lot of mush umush in it. I like the characters and wish it could go on forever. I really hate it being on so late now. Please keepit going

  29. Holly says:

    Love the show, I’ve been watching since the 1st season, it will be sad to see it go, and just out of curiosity what is the song played at the end promo video

  30. MaryAnn says:

    I haven’t watched CSI since Grissom left, tonight I will. Can’t wait to see all the old cast together again. If the writers have any sense at all they’ll have Gil and Sara back together. I’ve just always had such a mushy feeling watching Gil and Sara and have rooted for them for so long I’ll be so disappointed if they don’t ride off into the sunset together. Lady Heather was an interesting character and an intellectual match for Grissom but Grissom just didn’t love her, his only love has always been Sara.

  31. The show was done very well.
    I just thought it was going to be for a whole season not just one episode.
    That was a little disappointing…. there was nothing you couldn’t come up with or do to make the show last make a season finale not just a season finale show? Just saying

  32. Rita Ann says:

    When Grissom and Sara sail off together. Wha song was playing? Beautiful!