Fear the Walking Dead Recap: There Goes the Neighborhood

Fear The Walking Dead Recap

In this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, the old saying “Good fences make good neighbors” took on a whole new meaning for Maddie. But it turned out there was something scarier than even the walker next door that could drop by. What was it? Read on and find out!

A CLOSE SHAVE | As “The Dog” began, Travis was reassuring Ofelia that the looters wouldn’t bother breaking into her father’s barber shop. “What are they gonna steal?” he scoffed. “Combs?” Still, the group was forced to make a run for it when a fire next door began to spread. Once outside, Daniel intended for the families to run “in different directions.” (The dads’ hate/hate relationship is clearly a harbinger of a beautiful friendship down the line, right?) However, it was a good thing that Travis wasn’t too far away when a scaffolding fell on Griselda, crushing her ankle. He carried her to his truck, and the lot of them sped off (down a suddenly miraculously clear street) to the hospital. Unfortunately, the scene there made the riot look like a bachelorette party by comparison. So Daniel, assuming that every medical facility had also descended into bedlam, told Travis to take them to his house. “Then,” he said, “we will be even.”

DEADER HOMES AND GARDENS | Meanwhile, at Maddie’s, Nick was playing not only Monopoly with his mother but also mind games, suggesting that, since Travis had rushed off to be with his family, he wouldn’t be returning to theirs. So, in a twisted way, she had to be sorta relieved when distractions arrived, first in the form of a German shepherd that invited itself in, then in the form of pesky Mr. Dawson lurking outside. Sensing that the need for protection was now acute, Maddie, Nick and Alicia snuck into the home of their MIA neighbors, Patrick and Susan, to borrow a rifle that the junkie had once tried to steal. Their stealth mission was going swimmingly, too… until they were about to head home and saw that Mr. Dawson was now IN their house AND attacking the poor dog! No sooner had Maddie decided on a new course of action — stay put at Patrick and Susan’s — than, damn the timing, Travis pulled up. While Maddie and Nick raced through Susan’s garden maze to get to Travis before Mr. Dawson did, Alicia doubled back for rifle shells — and wound up being attacked by a zombified Susan!

HEAD CASE | In the end, Daniel shot Mr. Dawson in the head — twice, rather spectacularly — thus saving Travis, and Alicia nearly broke Chris’ nose when he rode to her rescue. (Cue the “unlikely” romance in 3, 2… ) Alicia also got her first good look at one of the infected — Susan. Sorry, what was that, Nick? “She’s not sick,” he clarified, “she’s dead.” Okay, then. After Travis announced that his and Maddie’s blended family wouldn’t be hitting the highway until daybreak, Ofelia made a strong case to Daniel for going with them. Yet, in spite of his wife’s injury, he wouldn’t budge. “This is the wrong time to be in someone else’s debt,” he insisted. Nearby, Liza asked Maddie if, as mothers, they could support one another during this trying time. Rather than just reply, “Yup, you bet!” Maddie took it a step further by saying that, if she wound up like Susan, she wanted Travis’ ex to do away with her so that he wouldn’t have to.

BLOCK(ED) PARTY | The next morning, Travis inadvertently solidified Daniel’s impression of him as weak, first by getting angry that the barber had showed Chris how a rifle works, then by stopping Maddie from putting Susan out of her misery. So, of course, when Ofelia again pleaded with her father to leave with Travis and Co., he wasn’t the least bit interested. Sure, they’re good people. But, he noted, “good people are the first ones to die.” Travis and Maddie didn’t get far, anyway. They’d just pulled out of the driveway when she spotted Patrick returning home from a business trip. Since she couldn’t let him walk in and find his wife a dead-eyed flesh-eater, she turned right around to save him. By the time she got to him, though, it was too late — Susan was about to take a bite when… BAM! She was gunned down by soldiers! When the dust had cleared and a blood-spattered Patrick had been spirited away by the army, Maddie — worried that her family would be quarantined, too — fibbed to the authorities that none of them had been exposed. Travis assured her that she could exhale. “The cavalry’s arrived,” he said. “It’s gonna get better now.” Only it wasn’t gonna get better. As Daniel ominously — and correctly — deduced, “It’s already too late.”

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