Joe Biden Reflects on the Life and Loss of Son Beau in Late Show Interview

Joe Biden Late Show

Stephen Colbert has attempted a number feats in his first week as host of The Late Show, but it was his 20-minute interview with Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday that will likely prove his greatest accomplishment.

Less than three minutes into the discussion, Colbert offered his condolences on the recent loss of Biden’s son Beau to brain cancer, cuing up a refreshingly honest, open conversation about life and death you’d never expect to see on latenight TV.

“My dad had an expression,” Biden said with tears in his eyes. “You know you’re a success as a parent when you look at your child and realize they turned out better than you. I was a hell of a success, but my son was better than me … in almost every way.”

Colbert then steered the conversation towards Biden’s faith:

“My religion is just an enormous sense of solace,” he said. “Some of it relates to ritual, some of it relates to comfort in what you’ve done in your life. I go to Mass and I’m able to be alone, even in a crowd. … The faith doesn’t always stick with you. Sometimes it leaves me.”

To say any more would be to rob you of the chance to experience this incredible interview for yourself, so I’ll end it there. Check out both halves of the discussion below — bookmark this page and come back later if you don’t have time now — then drop a comment with your take on Biden and Colbert’s inspiring conversation.