The View's New Panel, Day 3: Trump Dials In, Raven-Symoné Gets Ignored

There’s been a whole lot of ink — probably too much ink — spilled about behind-the-scenes personnel drama at The View. But much like your daily lunch order, doesn’t it matter less who made it than how it actually tastes?

In other words, whatever your feelings about Nicole Wallace, Rosie Perez and Rosie O’Donnell exiting the kitchen, it nevertheless seemed that three days in to Season 19, it was high time to sample the fare being whipped up by Whoopi Goldberg, Raven-Symoné, Paula Faris, Michelle Collins and the returning Joy Behar. (There was no mention of Candace Cameron-Bure, who’s apparently off filming the Netflix continuation of Full House.)

First up on the menu — a top-of-the-hour chat with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. And let’s just say if you’re not a fan of the The View‘s standard-operating cross-talk and interruptions, the problem only gets exacerbated when the interview subject is on the phone, and no one can rely on visual cues to figure out when it’s time to toss out another question.

Whoopi and Joy were fairly tough pushing Trump for specifics on how he’d differ from Obama’s Iran deal and why he’s attacked rival Carly Fiorina’s looks, rather than her record (though Behar mispronouncing her name as “Carla” didn’t exactly boost her credibility).

Interjections by Collins (asking Trump if he’d consider Kanye West as a running mate) and Symoné (referring to Trump’s growing support with female Republicans as having “so many women on your jock”), however, were about as welcome as toddlers spitting chewed-up peas onto their plates in the middle of dinner. Look, I know this isn’t Nightline, but if The View wants to play any role in serious political discourse, then its youngest panelists either need to do more prep work on their questions or follow a “children should be seen, not heard” edict when talk gets more serious than the latest Kardashian ridiculata. (The good news is, I suppose, that Trump and Raven’s fellow panelists seemed to pay no mind whatsoever to anything that came out of the former child star’s mouth.)

The conversation eventually disintegrated when Trump disagreed with Goldberg and Behar about funding for Planned Parenthood — and the statistics they quoted about abortions making up only a small percentage of its work. “I swear to you, Donald, you are misinformed here,” Whoopi insisted, before telling the Republican front-runner he needed to return to the show later in the year for more chit-chat, plus “some snacks and stuff.”

Still, Goldberg’s post-interview assessment of the Presidential race sounded like utter gibberish, leaving me to wonder why GMA vet Faris — someone with some actual news experience — didn’t get to wrap up the segment. Shall we review Whoopi’s wisdom? “This ride is gonna go on, OK? This presidency, it’s gonna change every day. It’ll be the white people, then it’ll be the black people, then it’ll be the Spanish people. And at one point, we’ll figure out who those nominees are gonna be. And then we can actually have the conversations we need to have.”

Umm, what?

Whoopi made the transition to discussing actress Alyssa Milano’s stance on breast feeding all the more awkward by misidentifying her as “Melissa” — though she did appear to have food in her mouth at the time, which may not have helped her enunciation. Raven once again brought the conversation down a few pegs by shouting, “I don’t even have a baby, but I wanna breast feed until my stomach is flat! Because I heard sometimes when you breast feed…” then making gestures signifying “toned abs” and “milking an udder.”

The drawn-out nonsense meant that subsequent interviews with Muslim flight attendant Charee Stanley — placed on unpaid leave for refusing to serve alcohol on flights — and The Perfect Guy stars Michael Ealy and Sanaa Lathan seemed rushed to the point of “Why bother?” (Symoné seemed to irk Whoopi when she declared Lathan’s bangin’ body made her a “Woman-Crush Wednesday” candidate. “I have no idea what you said,” Goldberg grumbled, “But OK. OK.”)

I don’t have all the answers for how to make The View a more enjoyable, less cacophonous experience, but one thing the show’s incoming EP Candi Carter might want to nix? The appearance of a “Hot Topics” logo — accompanied by an explosive “crackling” noise — in the middle of conversations. Goldberg’s perturbed facial expression at the unwelcome audio proved the comic highlight of the hour — but as with all jokes, you always want your audience laughing with you, not at you?

Have you caught any episodes from The View‘s Season 19 kickoff week? How are you finding the chemistry and conversations? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    I’m OK on the new co-hosts of The View especially Candace Cameron Bure who will be back after she’s done filming Fuller House. The only new co-host I like the most is Paula Faris who also co-anchor the weekend edition of GMA but Michelle Collins and Raven-Symone aren’t and I’m fine with Candace but doesn’t matter what the people say.

  2. smartysenior says:

    I heard they had hired a couple of normal people with intelligence, education, wit and sophistication. I was going to give it a try but now that I’ve read this I think I’ll pass so thanks for your good review.

  3. Babs says:

    This show is a hot mess and needs to be put out of it’s misery.

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      The loss of Nicolle Wallace really hurts and Rosie Perez didn’t live up to the hype she was last season. What also hurts the most or the least: Rosie O’Donnell. The execs at ABC Daytime is continuing to have second thoughts about ending The View and still don’t have the guts to do so and that makes people more outraged than ever.

    • aja says:

      I agree the show needs to come to an end. I love Joy and was delighted she came back but I don’t think she can overcome the disaster that Whoopie, Michele and Raven-Symone have created. Things have gone from bad to worse with Michele and Raven-Symone being added as hosts.

  4. Ella Wade says:

    They need to ditch Whoopie, Michelle and Raven. Bring this show back to it’s glory days. Still trying to figure out why they canned Nicolle with election year coming up.

    • Kim R says:

      I agree with your comment. Michelle brings every topic down to a base level with a one-liner she feels the need to respond with. I find it so irritating. She doesn’t seem to contribute anything valid to the conversation. I also don’t quite understand letting Nicolle go during an election process but I am glad they have brought Paula on. Smart girl. And Joy’s presence will at least (I hope) lessen Whoopi’s tendency to bully everyone at the table.

      • Don’t get either why they fired Nicole. And so far, this season is reminding of me the one with Sheri and Jenny. Tryng not to be offensive here but I like semi-intelligent conversations and the combination of Raven and Michelle dumbs down the show.

        • Pazzie says:

          You hit the nail in the head. The Raven and Michelle doesn’t make no sense to me I really don’t know what’s the appeal from those two it certainly not their brain. And Raven tackiness and rude attitude just irritate the heck out me. C’mon Barbara Walters you can do better.

      • Lisa says:

        Amen to all you said, Kim!

      • Patricia says:

        Joy has intelligence , education and wit, that’s what I like about her. I also feel the same about Rosie Perez. O’Donnell was too disruptive and has too many emotional problems.

    • Lisa says:

      Though Nicolle was nice and politically adept, she appeared to be more dingy and star-struck than the former.

  5. c-mo says:

    Michael, I know you probably want to maim yourself just after today, but would you, pretty please with sugar on top, do a recap of this train wreck of a show at least once a week? I’m at work while this show is on and my DVR has such small capacity that I can’t waste any space for this show…and besides, you have such a fantastic way of winnowing down to the good parts that I don’t feel like I really need to if you’d provide that service for us. I’ll be your best friend?! Pretty please???

  6. There are too many co-hosts. Bring it back to a respectable four. All this talking over each other is giving me a headache. I don’t mind if a conservative is represented, but please give me a middle of a road conservative. Get rid of Raven and Candace. Bring back Nicolle.

    • Debbie Musiol says:

      I think 5 is fine, 6 too many! Why is it necessary to have Candace? I do not want religion attacking me on my entertainment. It’s bad enough I have to deal with it in my government! Paula is supposed to be a journalist and she asked trump the dumbest question from ANYONE on The View today. She was telling him that he moved up in the polls with women – asking him why that was? REALLY Paula – with all the REAL political questions I would like to hear trump answer, you ask a narcissist male chauvinist pig why he is polling up with woman? Yesterday she starts talking about the Kentucky clerk not being a hypocrite because of all her divorces, marriages and out of wedlock pregnancies because all that was “before she was saved”. There comes that religion again. I don’t want to be in Sunday school every day. I love Joy and I miss Nicole.

      • Shelley W says:

        I agree with you Debbie why Candace miss goody goody who puts too much religion in everything. And just because this Kentucky clerk is a born again Christian does not change the fact of duties of her sworn job. Who is she to put HER religious belief on other people. She should not be in office if she cannot do her job.

        • Lisa says:

          Religion – IF based upon a REAL relationship with God – is DAILY. It is not confined to one or certain segments of life. It is a lifestyle. Religion doesn’t – shouldn’t – attack; it should reveal truth AND show love to ALL. Mind you, that does not mean “tolerate the sin.” We ALL sin, so none of us can sit in the seat of judgment. However, sin should be called out or we will wind up being a country with the same fate as Sodom and Gomorah.

      • scorpion says:

        It sounds like you want a panel that ranges from liberal to extremely liberal. There are still a significant percentage of Americans that are religious and have the same views as Bure, that’s why she’s there. And the Faris question was not stupid. There were a lot of political commentators who were surprised that Trump is still polling so high with Republican women. It was a valid question.

      • Lanna Lane says:

        Debbie,you are over reacting to the religion words. Paula thinks like a lawyer. She was setting Trump up to be able to trip him up when he gave a lame, chauvanistic reply about why women like him. In the case of the clerk the time she was saved would matter in a court of law because people are using her bad behavior of numerous marriages, etc, as a reason that she is a hypocrite. One could argue that her bad mistakes didn’t count after she converted to Christianity. Paula was just showing one way an arguement could go.
        I agree with you, we don’t need Candace AT ALL. If you chill out and look at Paula in a different light, she IS the new Nicole, she’s the smartest one there, the only one who knows real politics and Washington. If they had kept Nicole and Paula and gotten rid of Raven or (?the tall commedian) or Whooopie for all I care, that show could have been for intelligent people again. Candace isn’t going to raise the IQ any, that’s for sure.

      • Patricia says:

        I absolutely agree with you.

  7. Clandestine Green says:

    Whoopi is either high or experiencing dementia, Simone isn’t smart enough or eloquent enough for this type of forum, Collins is a bull in a china shop, and Bure has a terribly grating voice. Behar and Faris haven’t been given much to do but the exec who signed off on this cast should be fired. The show seems more like a bad SNL parody than a real show.

    • Marie says:

      I don’t watch ‘The View’ but Raven-Symone has always struck me as very stuck on herself. Is that how she carries herself in your opinion? Thank you!

    • Lisa says:

      That is a great a analogy of Collins!

      • Lanna Lane says:

        I disagree, because it’s an anology playing on her physical size, The real problem is her mouth and her need to interject something cute inappropriately and too frequently. I think it’s worse since Joy is back.

    • Alvies Carter says:

      The diversity the show had rendering intelligent, clear commentary on “hot topics” has been corrupted by the “new” ladies on The View. I always liked Joy -who is mature yet still can present a comical-perspective. I think Whoopi is no longer at the top of her game.
      The View needs to be rescued -please-!

  8. Drew says:

    How can anyone support Planned Parenthood at this point? It is beyond disgusting to support such an evil organization and people no longer have the option of playing dumb about the motives of that organization.

    • justsaying says:

      Sigh. It depresses me so when misinformed people accuse others of being misinformed. Critical thinking skills, America! There’s a difference between provable facts and manipulative propaganda. And so many fail to see our understand the difference- either willfully off ignorantly. Sigh.

      • Babs says:

        Those videos were not edited or doctored like bias “fact checking” sites have said. They feature actual employees of the organization. The one believing propaganda is you.

    • Jonathan says:

      They do have terrible motives. They don’t want people that aren’t emotionally ready or responsible enough to have children they can’t take care of and have to put into the foster care system.

  9. dj says:

    Put everyone out of their misery and just end this show. It should have ended years ago.

  10. Karen says:

    I am really glad that Joy has returned. However, there may be one too many cohost to give each person a chance to respond to the topics. Each person (except Whoopi) seemed very rushed with their response before they get cut off. It would help if Raven wouldn’t act like the little child who wants to be heard with every conversation. Otherwise, I’m enjoying the format

  11. Brandon says:

    Haters gon’ hate, but I’m really enjoying the new season.

    I do wish Raven could be replaced with Nicole, especially with all the political talk this week, but oh well. Paula, Michelle, and Joy are doing a fine job. Whoops is fine, but I wish she didn’t have to have the first and final say on each topic. Paula should moderate.

  12. Pamela Powers says:

    I try so hard to hang on to this show…..but with the new season, I really miss Nicolle Wallace. She was an island of civility and grace and seemed to hold the group up to her level of intelligence and rationale. I turned it off today with all the yelling and talking over; they can’t keep doing that. Love Whoopi and love that Joy Behar is back, but there isn’t the chemistry there that’s needed to keep people tuning in.

  13. Abe Froman says:

    Ha, “woman crush Wednesday.” Except it’s Thursday :(

  14. Debra Dutton says:

    I had given up on this show last season because it was a train wreck. Decided to give it a chance again this season. I have decided that the show needs to be buried. Yesterday Joy was trying to explain to Whoopi the email controversy about Hillary Clinton. She never did get it across to her what the problem was. The screaming and hollering over each other is no longer charming. Their polar opposite beliefs have taken the show to a place that it needs to go.

  15. I am so disappointed the view needs to get rid of Raven what’s her name. She is so childish she just doesn’t belong. I’ll be watching something else as long as she stays. She makes the whole show look bad.

    • Lisa says:

      I have written in to ABC to say that same thing in so many words. I told them I can’t watch with her on there. It is torture.

  16. Let it go says:

    Tuned in for five minutes today and was really put off. They are begging for social media and there was NOTHING! That is because no one is watching. Huge loss in an election year was Nichole being let go. Paula is the most objective. Simone(?) doesn’t know swat. Please Barbara, do not come back. It was good when you were but time marches on.

  17. I’m still reeling from the loss of Nicole Wallace. Didnt think I’d like any political person sitting in a chair but, she was the fresh breathe of air I loved and the show needed. Raven is just hilarious. She is also another bright spot. I at bring back Nicole, leave Raven alone and Whoopi, keep being Whoopi! Joy, retire again.

    • misery chick says:

      I can barely stand to watch Whoopi anymore, unfortunately. She is just so angry, bitter,cynical, disgusted and SO OVER IT that she can barely be civil to the others, let alone let ANYONE else on the panel express their opinion(s). And heaven help if someone dares to disagree with Whoopi, even in the slightest.

      Raven is too immature and insecure to be on the show while Candace is too smug and narrow-minded. I love Michelle Collins, but she’s not a good fit.

      FINAL VERDICT: Buy WG out of her contract NO MATTER THE $$$$$; have Joy be the moderator; get rid of Raven & Candace YESTERDAY; get Nicolle back full time; keep Paula around to see how she fits in with NW and the others; have MC be an alternate co-host.

    • Shelley W says:

      Yes bring back Nicole and get rid of Candace

  18. Katie says:

    Losing Nicole Wallace is such a loss. This show is spiralling downwards.

  19. Bonnie says:

    I miss the mature hosts, like Nicole Wallace and Rosie Perez..You had great shows and good views. Now it is ridicules..There is no order. The hosts have no respect for the guests or each other. I cannot understand anything.. Everybody talks at the same time. You know how times I scream at the TV.. Shut up!!!!!! Not enjoying the new season at all. Won’t be long you will lose your viewers.

    • vivian says:


  20. Susan Wallin says:

    Whoppi is a bully. Raven is a idiot. And joy is an old bitch. The other two are ok

  21. claude lamadeleine says:

    raven and especially michele need to prep more, especially when dealing with politics, or just be silent. disappointed with faris in trump interview – needs to be more active esp with her credentials. very fortunate for show to have joy back but what will happen when candice joins in and discussions need intelligent comments.

  22. GraceM says:

    The only daytime talk shows I watch are Live with Kelly and Michael or Ellen. Even then It’s a rare occasion.
    I don’t bother with the View. Too many cohosts and most of them I don’t know who they are.
    If I see it on my TV, I change channel.

  23. Vicky k hood says:

    I realy want to love your show more but my God people you talk over each other so much I cant even understand what ANYBODY says. This is absolutely ridiculous. One person at a time please. Come on! Really?

  24. Lisa Lancaster says:

    Raven needs to go to college or some sort of educational program to grow up. Michelle Collins is not funny but overbearing. She has no manners what so ever. Your best bet is Whoopi (without snacks) Joy and Sheri Shepard. Losing Wallace was a blow as well as Rosie Perez

    • Shelley W says:

      Turned on The View this morning as I always do but when I saw Sherrie S as one of the co host this morning I had to turn it off before I threw up. ENOUGH SAID!

  25. Vicky k hood says:

    Oh, i forgot to say little ramone needs to go .! She belongs with Bill Cosby and Disney she is not adult and educated Enough to say anything of value . Whoopi needs to whip ass around there.

  26. abonham3 says:

    I can’t stand this show anymore. Collins is ridiculously annoying which I was hoping to get rid of with Wallace. Not so much I guess. I was also glad to see Perez go. I’m interested to see Bure’s input but 6 co-hosts is crazy. There’s so much interrupting and talking over one another viewers can’t even follow the conversations… Making the show pointless.

  27. Mickie Hulscher says:

    It must be difficult to have someone new every day. I’m a lib. Democrat, but i miss Nicole Wallace. Big mistake. She has class and moderate views – renegotiate?! Candace is no Nicole.

  28. buttercupnan says:

    Paula Faris is fantastic ! Raven needs to GO ! Whoopee needs to retire ! Bring Nicole or Jenny or the model !!! They need to take turns talking like on “The Talk” OR Bury this show. When they’re all talking at the same time you don’t understand them so the show is pointless anyway.

  29. Young grandma says:

    Not only is The View worse, they released the only intelligent republican, Michelle Wallace, why? Because she’s not controversial enough? She was intelligently controversial!! They chose NOT to replace Rosie Perez with another Latina, after so long in having one to begin with, that The View is now off my viewing list, no matter how much I like Whoope and Joy!!!

  30. Freddy says:

    Have to agree about Raven and Michelle …… If they can’t make intelligent comments on political issues. …. Please don’t say anything at all. Everything that comes out of their mouths comes across as stupid and uniformed. They are so completely out of their comfort zone. They should stick to what they know … Whatever that is. It seems they think they are super intelligent. It’s embarrasing to “The View”. Keep them out of important discussions.

  31. I feel we are bringing back the same old, same old. I sorely miss Nicole Wallaces’ innocent humor. Her insight into politics and the fact that although she was the Republican in the pool of Democrats she held her own. I find Raven almost ridiculous in her ability to act as if she was 16. Most young people her age are quite aware of the the goings on in the world so don’t use age as your go to for not knowing whats happening in the world. Bring back Rosie Perez and Nicole and a show that was worth watching.

  32. Jeannie says:

    Best View show in a long time was today Friday’s . Joy was the moderator no mention of Whoopi and it was great – no tension – I hate to say it but it really was better without Whoopi. It was great having Sherri back-perfect panel-Joy,Ravan,Paula,Sherry, and Michelle!!!

  33. Justin Connor says:

    Ok first of all Ravyn and especially Michelle are horrific and Michelle cannot seem to even make a complete thought. they need to go.
    Paula is growing on me and love Joy. glad to see Sherri return.
    But the real problem with this panel is Whoopi or dominates, and intrusive.

    Suggestion – dump Michelle, Raven and Cameron because you got one evangelical with Paula. Keep Sherri and bring Rosie back and let Whoopi go

  34. Dixie Voss says:

    Why so many hosts??? Four is bad enough talking over each other!!! I used to really like this show, but had to quit watching it several years ago because of Elisabeth Hasselbeck . I wrote letters till my fingers bled!!! This years annoyance is Raven Simmone. Good lord, she’s got to go. She never shut her mouth and she thinks she is a gift to the world. Sure she was adorable on Cosby at three years of age, but it went to he head!!!! I’ll give it to the end of 2015 on a recorded basis, so I can choose when to fast forward!! Really enjoy Joy being back and Sheri today was refreshing. Whoopie, Joy, Sheri and Faris would be a good table for me to continue watching.

  35. Deborah Al-Khatib says:

    Michelle and Symone are so bad that I’d be amazed if whoever hired them is still employed. Symone has never been introduced to critical thinking, awareness of anything beyond her nose or how to sit still at a table and not draw attention away from everyone else with outlandish and rude antics. Michelle talks over everyone always to make irrelevant points, she never listens long enough to know what is going on. Joy will loose her mind. Whoopi must have some form of dementia, she truly hasn’t had many coherent comments for several seasons. The saddest part is when someone is about to say something of import, the blabber mouths take that as their cue to interrupt and talk over so no one hears it. Please please remove those two.

  36. Deanna Urand says:

    The “original” show used to be a must see show for me. It has become a must avoid show for me now.

  37. carole tewell says:

    I have watched for 4 days now and hoping each day would get better ,it has not will try another show for awhile, this one just doesnt have it anymore

  38. Toice Woods says:

    They need to get rid of Raven-Symone. She does not add much to the conversation. Ther each need to stop yelling their points and give each other a chance to speak. I am not anti-lgbt, every group deserves to be heard. Do not think Michelle is funny. Hope Candace has tough skin.

  39. Gigi Wagner says:

    I enjoyed the old co-host SO MUCH better than the new panel. I am done watching “The View’ after many years. I think if Joy would smile, it would crack everyone’s television sets. I really enjoy Paula, Michelle, and of course, Whoopi. Sometimes Raven-Symone rolls her eyes so much, you can almost HEAR them. She is a bit better now than she was when she finished the last season. It looks like she has grown up a little bit, but it is early in the season. Candace seems to be a good fit to the panel. She plays the devil’s advocate, which adds spice to the show. I think when she returns full time, there may be a chance of me tuning in again. I ‘ll have to try to mute the TV when Joy has something to add.
    I think CBS has made a terrible move by the choice they have made in the choice of hosts they picked, as so MANY of the people I have talked to since the opening show. Even though, many others and I have given up watching the show, I do wish them success as the season progresses, if only for Whoopi’s sake!!

  40. Bring back Nicolle, Get rid of Raven. who is just taking a seat that could be used for an intelligent person. Welcome back Joy, missed you.

  41. Absolutely LOVE that Joy is BACK!!! Will start watching it again !!!

  42. Yvette Dowdy says:


  43. Julia says:

    Why does ABC allow so much talking over each other?! That is so annoying that sometimes I actually turn it off. The combination of Raven & Michelle definitely dumbs down the show, but of the two – Michelle, at the very least, acts like an adult. I still love Whoopi.

  44. NPG says:

    that’s what you get when you put a room full of women together.

  45. NPG says:

    Isn’t is amazing how people “feed” on drama!!!

  46. Sandy Lindeman says:

    This is the worst group, especially Joy and the girl with the funny hair. They are really uninformed about all subjects. Joy should stick to comedy and not be on the view because she is usually wrong about everything that she says. The girl with the funny hair is stupid as well. I will not watch the view until those two are gone. What is wrong with you Barbara Walters. Paula Feris and Candace are two interesting and intelligent people that my friends are happy to see added to the panel. Whoopi thinks that she knows it all but she is wrong the majority of the time.

  47. Whoopi has been living off her Academy Award for way too long. She is not popular; her opinions are not valued and in general, she doesn’t have anything of substance to say. And Bill Cosby is innocent. Whoopi is a cushion filled with hot air that makes a lot of noise and offers nothing.

  48. Xanna Don't says:

    As long as millions of All My Children and One Life To Live fans boycott ABC for their unjust cancellations (OLTL was ABC’s highest rated daytime show when it got the ax and the exec who killed these iconic soaps, Brian Frons, is no longer with the network), The View will flounder. “Love In The Afternoon” anchored ABC Daytime. Not Oprah. Not The View. The fans are waiting. Settle the lawsuit with Prospect Park and restore what wasn’t broken.

  49. Joan says:

    I can’t believe that they gave up Nicolle W for most of these people!! Joy is OK but the rest are not as good as last year by far. I was principal of schools and never had a staff at such a low level..So sorry this happened to my favorite show.