Fall TV Preview

New Trailers: Arrow Preps a Proposal, While Flash Learns of Zoom Threat

Both The CW’s Arrow and The Flash, on the heels of releasing their first trailers for the fall, have let loose with new versions of each.

In the above promo for Arrow Season 4 (premiering Wednesday, Oct. 7), we get a better “taste” for just how close Oliver and Felicity became during their time away, as well as lay witness to some of Big Bad Damien Darhk’s mad skills.

The Flash‘s extended trailer for Season 2 (opening Tuesday, Oct. 6) meanwhile introduces the threat of Zoom, a new sinister speedster who apparently has put a bounty on Barry Allen’s head.

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  1. Guggenheim has been trolling people with the suggestion of a ring, inferring a connection to Hal Jordan. I had a feeling it would end up being an engagement ring and, look at that, I was right.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Good call. That ought to keep the ‘shippers happy, right?

    • kate says:

      And you should prepare yourself for the inevitable wait for him to ask but he gets doubts once home.

      • Wordsmith says:

        Yeah, I think a “near miss” will be the best we get for the foreseeable future. Maybe by the time May sweeps roll around next year…

      • BenM says:

        No doubt, but they should take a leaf out of Chuck’s book – the show can be enhanced without several more seasons of will they or won’t they, this is about the right time to forge ahead with it, go for a wedding at May Sweeps instead (yeah, I know that decision is long made, so I’ll have to live with it either way.)

      • Lilly77 says:

        If he does ask her, and she accepts – then she’ll be fridged within episodes. Always happens on superhero shows. So it will indeed be ‘near miss’ for quite some time.

        • Lilly77 says:

          I mean she will be killed for the emotional development of the character, not anything else – meant to put in quotation marks! Wish there was an edit button.

          • datdudemurphy says:

            we can only hope

          • pat says:

            I’m really not seeing how killing Felicity would promote Oliver’s emotional growth at all. It would seem just the opposite to me. The Green Arrow is supposed to be a lighter, happier guy. Oliver is the happiest he’s been in years — because of “her”, and he’s going to become the Green Arrow, because of encouragement from “her”. Taking away the one person who has given him true happiness would cause nothing but regression back to morose, dark Oliver—–erasing all the progress he’d already made. If the ultimate “Green Arrow” persona was supposed to be somewhat dark and angsty, I might be able to see him saving people because “she” wanted him to, but his persona would just be green arrow Arrow.

        • Liz1 says:

          I don’t see them killing Felicity. She’s a huge part of the show and Oliver’s journey to Green Arrow.

    • aunni says:

      wow…a comic fan when predicts…!!great call dude

  2. Wordsmith says:

    So the sparkly precious may be the biggest bombshell dropped in that Arrow promo, but I’m still stuck on that whole “Damien Darhk has telekinetic powers” thing. Did not see that one coming.

  3. Wordsmith says:

    As for the Flash storyline, I can clearly see how it will dovetail nicely into the launch of Legends of Tomorrow, with that elaborate multiverse concept.

  4. I don’t know what I’m saying that the censor won’t let my message post, but I’ve edited multiple times and I can’t figure it out. There are no offensive words in the post.

  5. Drew says:

    Diggle’s mask gets worse when you look at it from the side!!! NO!

  6. Dean says:

    I’m still not feeling Oliver’s new suit I dunno maybe if it were a short sleeved tunic instead of shoulder pads.

  7. Ashley says:

    I think a police officer not knowing the anarchy symbol might be the most ridiculous thing the show has done :p

  8. lame says:

    Felicity is now or will be shortly a CEO, a badass and return to team arrow. Sounds like the forty-two minute episodes that used to zoom by in past seasons are gonna pick up the pace, if that is at all possible.
    Looking forward to this season.

  9. Joey Padron says:

    both new trailers looks great. excited to see new seasons of both shows next month!

  10. Luis says:

    OK, I have been waiting with bated breath for “Flash” and “Arrow” to return, and now I find myself annoyed by the stupidest thing. Oliver running in a green hoodie? Honestly guys, you don’t need to beat us over the head with a hammer.

  11. cinthy says:

    Noooooo it would totally be like season 3, everything is great and then a bad guy blows them up and there is olicity angs for the rest of the season :( I hope they can stay together but i doubt it

  12. Hmm says:

    Severely uninterested in seeing Oliver and Felicity get anywhere close to marriage. Still not on board with their relationship and probably won’t ever be. Plus how could them getting married possibly push the plot of the show forward? Trying to figure that out.

    • datdudemurphy says:

      sadly, the only way out of this is to kill off Felicity….and she used to be an ok character

    • John NYC says:

      Perhaps it would move Oliver further from being an uncommunicative, dictatorial, jerk whenever situations get tight?

      Alongside when he tries that now with Thea she’ll put an arrow into him…. as a teaching moment no doubt.

    • Liz1 says:

      Getting married would be a huge emotional development for Oliver as a character. It’s called character growth. It should happen. Especially after 4 seasons.

  13. Brigid says:

    The Flash trailer was way more informative. The Arrow one just put a ring on it;)

  14. Klo says:

    I’m frankly disappointed, without having to turn into a romantic comedy, they skipped the fun awkwardness and often interesting transition period of a new relationship to jump straight to “let’s marry”. I don’t want to get ahead of the show but they seem to have fallen into every cliche too. “I need to be dark to do this hero thing”, yes well, being in a happy relationship doesn’t magically remove your darkness, pal, or turn you into a happy bumblebee… Plus, she fell for the whole guy, not just weird Stepford Oliver…

  15. mac says:

    so in short:

    The Flash has a pretty brilliant promo while Arrow devolves into 90210

  16. liame says:

    Felicity shooting that automatic weapon was hysterical.

  17. Ella says:

    Can’t stand this Olicity crap so basically watching for kickass Laurel.

    • Liz1 says:

      There are plenty of other characters besides Laurel you know. Wow.

      • Different people show up for different things. However, if that one thing is that important to her, she should talk that up and stop talking other things down. It obviously hasn’t gotten her anywhere (she’s been posting negative about Olicity for a while now).

        • Liz1 says:

          That’s what I don’t understand. I know not everyone likes Olicity. That’s fine. Each to their own. But to continue complaining about it makes no sense, especially since that relationship is going nowhere and complaining still gives them buzz. Plus there are many more things about the show to enjoy. Focusing on what you hate is just weird.

          • Some of them (probably no one here) seem to believe that if they continue to complain, the EPs might take notice and ‘turn the show around’ by going to comic book canon route. Behold their success?

  18. Liz1 says:

    Testing comments 123

    • Liz1 says:

      Hmm. This is interesting. 3 comments I’ve written about O/F together and they’ve not shown up. I do a test without mentioning them and that shows up. CONSPIRACY!