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Vampire Diaries Season 7: The Heretics Will Turn Mystic Falls Into a War Zone

The Vampire Diaries has delivered its share of epic Big Bads over the past six seasons — Klaus, Silas and Kai, just to name a few — but Season 7 is hoping to top itself with the introduction of the Heretics, a swam of vampire-witches with an unquenchable thirst for trouble.

“They’re pretty far from anything the show has seen so far, which is really exciting,” newcomer Elizabeth Blackmore, who plays Heretic Valerie, told TVLine during a recent set visit. “There’s some funny adjusting at first — they’re waking up 100 years in the future where there are iPhones, computers and all that — but there’s also some darkness going on.”

That “funny” adjustment period doesn’t last long, as Paul Wesley told us the Heretics “do something pretty horrible in the season premiere, and it’s like, ‘Really, guys?'”

Read on for more scoop about the Heretics, as well as their leader (who, might I add, looks oh-so regal in our exclusive first look at the Oct. 8 season premiere above).

PICKING SIDES | As we previously reported, Enzo will have to choose whether he wants to side with Lily or with his Mystic Falls frenemies, but it won’t be as black-and-white as all that. “Each ‘side’ is coercing him into making a choice,” Michael Malarkey explained. “He feels this connection with Lily and her family, a place to fit in, which is a huge deal for him. But he also has allegiances to Caroline and Damon. No one’s going to say, ‘Go hang out with the Heretics and we can still have a beer.’ It doesn’t work like that.”

FAMILY DYNAMICS | Things within the heretic community will also be pretty complicated. Even though Valerie is accepting of her fellow Heretics — specifically Nora and Mary-Louise, the show’s first same-sex couple — they’re not always so nice to her. “There’s a lot of bickering,” Blackmore explained. “Valerie is more of a loner because she’s quite often left out of things. She tends to be a little moodier than the others.”

Vampire Diaries Season 7SIBLING RIVALRY | And how will Lily’s real children feel about this new “family” of hers? Let’s just say they won’t be posing for a Christmas card anytime soon. “She’s not [Stefan’s] enemy, but she’s not totally his mom,” Wesley explained. “She’s definitely not on his side, and he doesn’t trust her, but he has more empathy for her than Damon has.”

Echoing that last sentiment, Ian Somerhalder added, “It’s not cool at all that she left us and had this entirely new family that we’re not even a part of. She treats us like we’re outcasts, like we’re the bastard children. There area lot of dynamics floating around, so I don’t know where Damon’s going to go from here.”

TVD fans, what are your thoughts on the Heretics? And how do you hope Season 7 plays out? Whatever you’re feeling, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    Are there any rumors about whether or not TVD will end after seven seasons now that Dobrev is exiting the series?

    • Andy Swift says:

      No rumors yet. I think they’re waiting to see how people respond to a post-Elena TVD before they make any decisions about the show’s future.

    • morgan says:

      Its time! I think a big part of the fanbase is 100% ready to let the show go and Julie really has to be careful because soon tvd will be in many peoples minds the show they came to hate rather than the show they used to love

      • Lana says:

        All of my group loves TVD! You probably think people hate it because of the small vocal negative people on Twitter.

        • Alyssia says:

          More people will tune in than anyone thinks, if nothing else just to see what it’s like with Nina gone. Even the haters will watch even if they don’t watch it live, they will be too curious I think. My concern is will the sl’s be enough to keep people around? I already have a problem with steroline and don’t want that forced in every scene.

      • lorna says:

        Agreed. I was obsessed the first 3 seasons. Bored by s5. I hated Kai. I hope it ends this season.

    • rarefied says:

      Julie Plec said in a recent interview that she still has a lot of stories to tell beyond S7, but I can’t remember where I read it (maybe here in the last week or two?).

    • Sarah says:

      – Boss of the CW @ the Upfronts in May said he wants VD to run as long as Supernatural

      – Plec’s been saying past few mths the CW have plans for VD thru S10 & beyond

      – Caroline Dries in an interview with TV Guide a coupla wks ago said they’re setting up S8’s plot already in S7

      Idk if that helps u or not…..but it’s all i’ve heard lol.

      • Kevin Pham says:

        I find that impossible because altogether kids who watch this show have grown up and a lot of them were disappointed by Nina leaving they said stuff like I just lost 6 years of my life.. they sound like die hard fans of TVD but the fans like us just want more action and more deaths i hope these hertics came to play and party..

        It’s sorta feels like the originals are back in town and walking dead mix in here during season 7
        but it’s really just Damons and Stefans mom who just open the door to brining about all her crazy friends to go dinner and dancing in the town of Mystic Falls

        i don’t really understand the need to place attention on the same sex vampires coming in.. if they are not in league of there own scheming against Lily.. or if they have no greater purpose on the show other than flaunting there relationship please kill them off as soon as possible so we can get down to business of how to bring back this show back from SEASON 6…

        I really wish TYLER was still here it’s messed up that he’s gone
        still feel they killed a lot of the wrong people last season but hopefully they get the right ones..this season

        maybe will get another elena by season 8 a chance to ressurect her into a new body who would be more suitable for Damon
        i mean the whole body switch thing has worked before or maybe Dobverb will come back to play that part

        but other than that let’s just hope for the best i liked this show based on the violence displayed from season 1

        it was the unexpected violence that drew me closer to this show… then when the ORIGINALS appeared it just went to higher heights..


        they need some type of fear in mystic falls to balance out the sanity they so despeartly try to hold on too… something like a Purge Anarchy scenario meets the Bourne ending in a Wanted situation and going on Limitless cycle of …

        like the idea that there heretics discover this person is the connection to giving them greater power and they must hide this person before it get’s real crazy

        i wonder how close the main cast will be in this series based on the time skips I hope it’s enough to make them make a united front against the hertics and Lily.. Like the scooby gang could be finding out a way into making ther hertics go back to there time period and forcing the brothers to make LIliy regain humanity back to forget the hertics and claim back her children.. that would be a good season 7 for the principal on family

        but i hope these hertics vampires witches have power and outclass BONNIE and force BONNIE to pick up the craft I want to see huge character development not just

        bonds or relationship formed.. that’s so high school

    • Tara says:

      Honestly only came here for the title, I wish the heretics would kill all the regulars now that would be explosive and exciting television!

    • Jules says:

      Not to mention Paul Wesley seems pretty much done with TVD. You can see it on & off screen that he just can’t be bothered anymore.
      If it’s to continue this show needs an overhaul…forget about the ships and make Stefan & Damon the new Sam & Dean who hunt down baddies. Stefan and Damon being front and center of the show again might be the thing to save TVD from sinking

      • PaulfanALWAYS says:

        He may be bored of the storylines but he still has bills to pay just like the rest of the cast and crew. I really wanted him to leave with Nina so I could stop watching but I understand why he stays….but when he goes I will finally be free of tvd! LOL

      • tvjunkie says:

        So you want to put an actor who you think is phoning it in even more front an center than he already is? How is that a good idea?

        • Ric says:

          It doesn’t matter who’s front and center, if you haven’t noticed most of them are phoning it in not just Paul. I’m sure they think the story lines suck just as much as some of the viewers but what are these actors going to do at this point? As someone mentioned they have bills to pay and I doubt someone else is knocking down their door to hire them for something else.

        • Jules says:

          I’m pretty sure he’s bored with the storylines as much as we are, also his character has been sidelined abit these past couple of seasons so that might also be another problem he has with the show…if he has better material to work with which do not involve forced chemistry and ‘ships’ he may come to love his job again. . And yeah what else is he going to do if he’s not on TVD…he hasn’t really had side projects since he’s been on TVD..I’m guessing that’s why he stays.

    • Sarah says:

      It will end. Sadly, the show really ended or the saying, “jumped the shark” when Damon and Elena got together. After they got together it just got really boring and gradually Stelena’s and fans of the other characters just stopped watching. The show became the “Dulena/Damon Diaries. Every scene had either had Elena screaming/crying she loved Damon, Damon and Elena in bed, anytime there was a scene that didn’t have Damon in it the rest of the characters were talking about Dullena. It just became way too much and people just stopped watching. Everyone knows by now whether reading recaps, other sites, whatever how it ended. Adding insult to Stelena’s by forcing another one of Damons sloppy seconds Caroline with Stefan will only force Stelena’s further away from the show. Stefan should have his own new love. That MIGHT bring Stelena’s like me back. As for Damon, please just don’t make the entire show revolve around him like it has been for the past 3 seasons. Dullena/Damon is/was not enough to carry/keep viewers for TVD’s.

  2. Maren says:

    Andy, do you think you could get JP to comment on how and if they will introduce Candice pregnancy on TVD?

    • lauren says:

      Didn’t he have a whole interview with CA the other day?

      • Maren says:

        Candice always keeps it under wraps, she acts like she doesn’t know when we all know that they already have scripts for 7×08-09. Julie is the only one along with Caroline Dries would can actually reveal the juicy spoilers. And I don’t know about you but I really wanna know if there will be a second twilight baby or not, lol.

        • Lynn says:

          I’m sure they are because they rip everything else off other shows. They can’t come up with their own original ideas. Plus with the interviews they’ve already done with Candice, Ian and Paul they didn’t say no and I think if they weren’t writing that into the show they would’ve said so.

  3. spindae2 says:

    Thx for all the teases Andy!
    This season really seems explosive and like they won’t let us mourne Elena. Which is good cause the show is at it’s prime when it is fast paced.
    I really hope CW remembers to release a promo soon.

  4. Tosin says:

    I just don’t see how the heretics are gonna top some of the best villains of the show (Klaus, Kai) because as much as you hated them, a tiny part of you still loved them, and I don’t see that happening with the heretics. Also there is no way they’re gonna be as badass as Klaus.

  5. Amanda says:

    Bring on the new season, yay! I’m looking forward to another year of my delightfully troll-some, crack-some show. :D Looking forward to everything from Steroline to Bamon to Lily driving her sons round the bend. :DDD

  6. LuLu says:

    I can’t wait for Season 7! There is a group of 10 of us that all love TVD and we were all so bored with the triangle. We are so excited for storylines not centered around Elena anymore. I hate for Kai to leave but am really intrigued by what the Heretics will bring to the show. From what I’ve seen so far they could be truly scary. Also, hoping for a non-mopey Damon who is more like season 1. He had me at Hello Brother!

  7. A says:

    I feel the show has ran its course a long time ago it is time for all of them to move on.

  8. Kevin Pham says:

    honestly I’m not ready to say GOOD BYE to this show just yet…
    I just want to see what season 7 looks like
    I hate that The Originals was moved on Thursday I already understand why this change was made and I will have to accept it it’s pretty…. yeahhh…. but yeahhhh anyways

    letting it go… I have no problem with the current cast I was always fond of all of them including NINA.. I hope she makes up her mind and comes back to wrap up the series so this show has a proper end. I just hated the last two episodes of season 6

    I wish Alaric could have had a real taste of happiness he was better off as an ORIGINAL VAMPIRE I hope he gains his vampirism BACK i can’t see him not taking out his anger on the HERITICS becaues of what Kai did.. so I hope he is like VAMPIRE MODE again that would keep me on board with the season direction..

    Other than like uncle John would say.. let the fun and games begin…

  9. Kalie sharp says:

    I don’t know why Elena had to go away her and damens love is what had me hook on the vampire diaries

  10. Mabel says:

    This show lost it course the moment they decided to put Damon and Elena together and by together I mean force them together because everything until then, made it impossible to put them together. Results was erasing past story lines and forcing us to see things in new ways although they never fitted. That was also the moment Elena became more than useless and she never recovered from it. Damon became a bore. Stefan Caroline Dries has said many times she can’t write for. Bonnie became something you can’t even remember and Care, I do not even remember her last story line that wasn’t about some dude.

    This show can work but not with Caroline Dries as an executive writer/producer and definitely not with this heretic story line. Stefan and Caroline is more boring than Bonnie and Jeremy together and that was a snooze-fest. Why are these heretics in Mystic Falls? They have everything and they choose to stay in Mystic Falls to torture kids. Bravo!! I am so interested in them. rme.

    Elena can be replaced by a cat and the outcome would never change, this show needs to go back to what it used to be by taking the growth of the characters and combining it with what worked but not erasing everything they have written and then rewriting it by coming up with more bullsh*t than not. If they wanted to make Elena the female heroine, they should never had made her nothing but that the Salvatore brothers ping pong ball and a way to further their man-pain.

    IF they had given Nina more to work with than her character sleeping with Damon, I’m sure she wouldn’t have mind a season more but alas that can’t be changed.

    They left Dries in charge of season 5 and the outcome, worst season to ever happen. Why is she a writer if she is incapable of writing mythology and writing for individual characters unless it’s some toxic mess of a ship? Why is she so unprofessional? With her lack of talent she should be shutting her mouth and learning how to construct characters instead of talking crap.

    Focus on the few characters you have and make them work and not bring in 100 more that you can’t even work on hard enough to make an impact. What was Enzo’s point last season? What is his point now?

    What is Caroline going to be besides being tortured by Rebekah’s wannabes and trying to avoid Stefan and eventually giving into Stefan? These heretics are literally The Originals 2.0 only with more bitching attached to it.

    What is going on with Bonnie, Damon etc. Give me something not these boring ass sl with heretics, Enzo (And do not mistake I love Michael Malarkey but Enzo is as pointless as Matt, Jeremy and Alaric are).

    They want the season to work and go out with a bang, then they better use the fact that Elena is out to great better, more interesting stories. I plan on watching the season but as of now, nothing really seems interesting enough for me to invest an entire season in. Stop being scared of little DE stans who definitely are the reason this show tanked more than anything. If there is any proof, it’s that DE ruined the show because they only worked when everything else was being neglected to cater to them and 2 season s4-s5 was more than enough to sink a show. Some better tell them to get a grip because Damon mopping because of Elena is not coming on my DVR much less me watching it live.

    • matt says:

      So, you wrote the longest post on the whole page, complained all the way thru it, there is nothing so far that will make you invest in a whole season but yet you will still watch…the first episode hasn’t even aired yet, why don’t you wait for a few episodes before you decide wether it could hold your attention for the entire season, all you did was contradict yourself thru the entire post..

  11. marina says:

    i think better Elena behind is Grace Phipps? i know Nina Dobrev was leave from show the vampire diaries but i want Nina dobrev stay the vampire diaries for one time of season 7? also suggest that who behind of Elena by Grace Phipps.

  12. matt says:

    I’m glad elena is gone…she was such a drama queen I hated her…I think the show will be fine…the originals is the better show, hopefully she will keep that going strong

  13. Maria says:

    Looking forward to Season 7 The Promo looks good and as long as Damon/Ian is on the Show I will watch it

  14. Joel says:

    All of the best shows today DO end. In a very important way, that’s what makes them better than shows of previous generations. The writers, producers, directors, all should have this in mind. I think the Wire proved this, and Game of Thrones is seconding it: TV as a medium has found itself in extended “mini-series”.