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The Originals Season 3 Spoilers

The Originals Season 3: Klayley's 'Furious' Confrontation, Klamille's New 'Boundaries' and More 'Ship Scoop

In addition to new threats arriving in New Orleans, The Originals‘ third season (Oct. 8, 9/8c) will also force Klaus Mikaelson to confront his internal conflicts — particularly those involving his relationships with Cami and Hayley.

TVLine recently caught up with stars Leah Pipes and Phoebe Tonkin on the CW drama’s set for the scoop on their characters’ storylines with Klaus moving forward — and it all sounds as disastrous as you probably expect.

KLAUS & CAMI | “It was kind of embarrassing,” Pipes says of Klaus and Cami’s almost-kiss in the Season 2 finale. “I think she was really ready for them to have their first kiss, but then he totally ditched. I mean, bailed. Just walked right out of the room.” In response to that, Pipes says Cami is “making some great decisions” for herself in Season 3 by “setting up boundaries” with Klaus, who also happens to be her first psychology patient. Despite their complicated relationship, though, Pipes doesn’t believe Cami is pining for Klaus. (“Cami would rather not think about him as much as she does,” Pipes admits.)

KLAUS & HAYLEY | If you’re expecting a reconciliation between Hope’s parents in the first half of Season 3, you might want to curb your enthusiasm just a bit. Simply put, Tonkin says that Hayley is still “furious” with Klaus for “this awful thing he’s done to the mother of his child. … She’s missing all these huge milestones in her daughter’s life, and she’s not going to be able to forgive him for that.” The show’s six-month time jump will “show the seriousness of the curse and what Klaus did to her.” Tonkin says it’s “important” for people to understand just how messed up that decision really was, which will greatly inform their first Season 3 confrontation.

HAYLEY & CAMI | Though Tonkin says she loves Hayley and Cami’s scenes together, acknowledging that “the human connection between all of the characters is what makes this supernatural show so relatable,” you probably shouldn’t expect to see too many of them while the curse remains active. As for helping that process to move along more quickly, Pipes admits there’s “not much Cami can do except to shake her finger angrily at Klaus, which has not been so successful in seasons past.”

We’ll have more scoop from the cast as The Originals‘ season premiere date approaches, but for now, drop a comment with your hopes for Klaus’ relationships with Cami and Hayley below.

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  1. Plode says:

    Oh my god, ENOUGH with the mashup names already!

  2. tina says:

    thrilling stuff and lmao sure leah cami is not pining for klaus okey then! So explain the overly angsty teary eyed scenes we been subjected to for the past 2 seasons

  3. LiLy M. says:

    Info about Hayley and Cami, just the incentive that people need to watch the show again, right? -_-

  4. Rachel says:

    Yeah cause Hayley trying to run away with the baby wasn’t horrible either…..#worstparentsever

    • nina says:

      Hayley isn’t a bad parent for trying to protect her child

      • Rachel Scott says:

        Then can’t you say the same about Klaus. He was just trying to protect Hope in the way that he knows how and Hayley decided to take Hope and leave with Jackson. Yes, Klaus is wrong for putting the curse on Hayley, but what did she expect when she decided that Hope didn’t need her dad anymore.

      • Dmac says:

        No, but she is a bad parent for thinking it is okay to take the child away from her father and decide that she and her husband would make better parents. It was dumb, naive and dangerous to think that Jackson and his wolves could protect Hope against a witch as strong as Dahlia. It was also stupid of to ignore that Hope IS a Mikaelson and removing her from her fathers protection will not be a safe thing for their daughter. Hope is going to be a very strong hybrid that she nor that love sick puppy she married will be able to manage her abilities or the others that will want to try and harm or capture her.

        • nina says:

          Hayley’s not a bad patent for removing hope from constant threats to her life. You could say Klaus is a bad parent for keeping Hayley from hope for months simply for revenge and not putting hope first. Removing hope from Klaus is the safest thing for hope. Klaus is a psycho. All Hayley had to do was evade dahlia for 1 year and hope would’ve been fine.

          • pebbles51 says:

            Freya found Hope in a few minutes. There is no way Hayley was going to evade Dahlia for a year. She left Elijah and Revekah to deal wuth Dahlia while Hayley went for her happy ever after with Jackson

  5. ccajera says:

    I want klayley i hate klamille.

  6. Belle says:

    So excited for the originals!!!! Looking forward to Klaus and Cami interactions, love them!!
    I hope Hayley and Klaus can come to a compromise for Hope, they were both in the wrong.
    I would really love a Cami and Hayley friendship, we need more girl bonding!!

    • Jill says:

      I agree entirely. I’m happy to see the show get back to its vampire ‘roots’ and the detective’s storyline looks interesting. So excited to see where Klaus and Cami’s relationship heads this season too. I’d love to see more female friendships on the show, but I think the characters are going to be pretty busy with everything that’s going on. I really hope that the custody battle doesn’t drag on for too long because I would find that boring and repetitive. All in all, it looks promising.

  7. Olivia says:

    I think Cami is the one who needs therapy and a ticket out of NOLA. It’s pretty telling when Klaus is more comfortable biting Cami and leaving her for someone else to heal to further his plan than kiss her. He bit her and left her and she wants to kiss him in their next scene. What a pathetic female character.

    • K says:

      What are you talking about? Cami is a strong character. Second of all, Klaus was not comfortable biting her. Look at his face right after he did it, and look at how upset he was when she arrived. Also, are we going to ignore the fact that he apologized and could put into words how much he hated biting her? The only reason he bit her was because the only other option was to kill her, he had to make it seem like he was on Dahlia’s side so yes he left her. How do you skip over the fact that he apologized and said he’d make it up to her? Klaus was pressed over a cut to Cami’s forehead in season 1 and said he would kill Mikael if he hurt her. There are other canon incidents that say he hates seeing her hurt. Do you honestly think after saying those things and being protective over her that he’s “comfortable” in the least at biting her?

      • Olivia says:

        He could have just as easily bitten Gia and passed along the message to Elijah – it would have made more sense. Plus, he left Cami bleeding not knowing if someone was going to find her. He lucked out that she lived to tell the plan.

        I get that they are trying to make this some kind of epic romance by all but writing those words into the dialogue but it isn’t coming across as anything other than weepy teen angst.

        If Cami was strong or independent, she wouldn’t constantly put herself at risk as a human in supernatural drama. And she definitely wouldn’t be a professional therapist treating someone she wants to sleep with. She’s willing to give everything up for someone she calls a monster and who, wether he likes it or not, is 100% wiling to put her human life in danger if it helps him.

        • K says:

          But that clearly wasn’t Klaus’ plan? Gia was already dead when Cami arrived. Klaus wanted Gia dead as revenge against Elijah. He didn’t leave her without a plan. Undagger Elijah and he would feed her his blood. You act like he had no after thought about her after he bit her. Also, and this is just my thinking, Klaus knows how deep to bite someone to hurt them, etc. I think he bit her enough to make it convincing, obviously it wasn’t bad enough where she’d bleed out since she came to a little while later. For Klamille as a pairing, that’s your opinion. Cami is strong and independent. She isn’t just waiting around for Klaus. He calls her, his siblings call her, she sticks around because these are people she cares about and she’s empathetic. Also, Klaus and Cami’s relationship has never been professional lol. Her getting her license doesn’t change that, she’s always been his friend first. And are we really going to critique her morals on having feelings for him on a show where people are okay with sacrificing a baby? I gave examples before on how Klaus is not 100% willing to put her life at risk. It was either bite Cami and make it look like she died or have Dahlia kill her. We can argue back and forth but your opinion won’t change and neither will mine.

      • nina says:

        Cami is not a strong female character. She cries incessantly and is entirely centered around Klaus still.she’s willing to stay and pine away in a dangerous city just for a man who she thinks is a monster in some ridiculous attempt to save him. Not only that but Klaus routinely uses her and puts her life in danger and she’s more than willing to drop everything and come running. Its pathetic how she yes pines away for him as she admitted she’s staying in Nola because of her feelings for him. This entire relationship is sad and forced and shame on the writers for writing such a ridiculous pairing

        • K says:

          Yes, she is. She doesn’t cry incessantly and if she did, crying doesn’t equal weakness. How is Cami centered around Klaus? Her family has a history in New Orleans, she has a legacy. She came to NO to solve the death of her brother. She has friends in New Orleans, a job, oh and she was going to college there as well. She is not willing to stay just for Klaus. Like I said before, she has a family legacy just like Hayley. Why should she leave when she’s the last O’Connell> Why should she leave when she’s built a life there? The writers will probably have her lead the human faction. Yes New Orleans is dangerous but other big cities probably have supernatural communities too which are also dangerous. Why leave and uproot herself when her friends and her life are in New Orleans? Klaus does not routinely use her, they are friends. He doesn’t willingly put her life in danger at all. She came to the compound and it surprised him. He had to keep up the ruse with Dahlia so he bit her. The relationship isn’t sad and forced, that’s your opinion. In the finale Cami admitted her feelings for Klaus but that’s not the only reason she has for staying, obviously. I don’t know why there’s an outrage over it like it wasn’t obvious before then that Cami had romantic feelings for Klaus. She also has a life outside of him. You can disagree, I love Cami and you hate her, that prob won’t change in this conversation.

          • Cami is centered around Klaus. Anyone can see she has no purpose on the show without him. We never see her with her family legacy doing anything useful. Cami has barely any friends. The only person she ever talks to is Marcel and occasionally Davina. Yes her life is centered Klaus even now. Her O’ Connell legacy, what does Cami do with these artifacts besides give them away to the supernaturals that’s she supposed to use against and defend the humans! She’s not even leading the human faction because lets face it she’d be a horrible leader and I doubt they would want her because she’s siding with the supernaturals instead of the humans their meant to protect. Klaus routinely puts Cami life in danger and he routinely uses her. He only calls her when he needs to talk about his woes or someone to coddle his man pain or when he needs something from her. He will also put her life in danger just like he was willing to do so when he sent Cami to go baby sit and give fake therapy to a homicidal Elijah who had just murdered a bar full of innocent for no reason. Something even Klaus said was a huge risk, but since klaus is klaus he was YES willing to put Cami’s life in danger for his own wants and needs. Klami fans can stay in denial all you want about the flaws in your ship but everyone else see’s it as clear as day as well as the fact that Cami’s nothing other than a prop for Klaus and badly used exposition

          • Belle says:

            I agree with you K, but most people will hate on her because of a ship. I’m looking forward to her upcoming storyline. Leah said at Comic Con that she did latch on to the Mikaelson’s as she was in mourning all of last season due to her twin and uncle K’s death and she wanted to help keep them together because of it but this season she is gonna pull away from all that, put boundaries between herself and all the Mikaelson’s and stand on her own two feet. I for one as are others really looking forward to that!!!!

          • Maren says:

            lol she even said she is only still in nola bc of her feelings for klaus. And yes she has a legacy but what happened to that? nothing but her objects being used as plit devices. where was the human fraction last season? Cami is a prision groupie. nothing more

          • Regina says:

            Calling Cami a prison groupie is just rude, unnecessary and untrue and honestly sorry but it sounds like something a cut shipper would say.
            Yes she has complicated feelings for Klaus but so what she isn’t just sitting in her apartment waiting for him to call, she’s living her life.
            She understands Klaus mind through logic but she doesn’t condone it and gloss over things he does and call him prince charming.
            Cami is the most well balanced and put together character of the bunch, she has her own apartment, a job and she finished her degree in the last 6 months. Can you say the same for the other characters?
            Cami said that was a reason for her to stay in NOLA, it isn’t the only one. She has Marcel, Josh, Davina, Vincent, she cares for the entire Mikaelson family. She will take over the Human Faction eventually. Yes it didn’t show it in season 2 but it rarely showed the Vampire faction like in season one only at the beginning of the season and the Witch faction was only showed at the end of the season.
            The writers of the show said this season they are going to pick back up the French Quarter politics, Marcel and Davina were also background characters and prop devices last season because it was all about the Mikaelson family but this season hopefully will be better for them.
            Cami will have her own storyline outside the Mikaelson’s this season with her teaming up with Vincent and Will and putting boundaries between her and the Mikaelsons and yes from time to time her storyline will revolve around Klaus but so does every other single character’s due to him being the central character on this show.

    • Sharon says:

      I totally agree with you Olivia!

    • Jenn says:

      I completely agree! There’s no chemistry between them either. It’s uncomfortable to watch. All she does is cry too.

  8. T says:

    Why would Klaus or Elijah want anything to do with a woman who has proven she is willing to betray anyone (12 hybrids, Elijah with Celete’s bones) to get what she wants? Hayley ran away with Hope WITH THE PACK THAT KILLED HER PARENTS! Every time they try to pretend Hayley is independent or strong, they make her look like a selfish idiot.She kidnapped Hope with the intention of never letting her be a Mikaelson because her newest love interest told her to.

    • nina says:

      Betray anyone and risk all to protect her family? You mean like Klaus and Elijah routinely do? Sick and tired of Hayley haters crapping on her for doing the same thing Elijah and Klaus do if not worse

    • Dmac says:

      Exactly, she caused several deaths on TVD because of her betrayal, decided that Hope would be better off with her husband and her without telling her father and ran away. She isn’t innocent in all of this. Alas, we have a writer Carina Mackenzie would tweets on and on about her love for the character Hayley and how she tries to interject her in most scenes. So let the Hayley worship begin.

    • haylijah says:

      it wasn’t just for that. She wanted to protect her child and even if I don’t aprove of what she did I understand her motivation

  9. Jay says:

    Can’t wait for more klamille!

  10. nina says:

    All I want is klayley enough of klami nonsense and for those putting down Hayley for doing what was best for her daughter please shut up. Anyone with 2 Brain cells would try to make a run from the mikaelson craziness and protect their child. Hayley’s not wrong for trying to protect her child from years of people trying to kill her

    • Dmac says:

      But she can’t and she knew that before she ran. She was hesitant about taking Hope away but Jackson talked her into it. Hope is a Mickaelson and she will always be in harms way and taking her away from the family that can protect her was just stupid.

  11. stace says:

    more Cami and Klaus…thanks

  12. Tanya says:

    Hayley and Cami are both worthless bores … Cami adds absolutely nothing to the show and Hayley is completely full of herself … I hope they both die so I can stop fast forwarding through parts of the show…

    • Veronica says:

      Agree and disagree with you. Agree with the cami part and disagree with Hayley part, i think hayley is one of the best character in the show and I doubt she will died since she is the female lead in the show.

    • Lauren says:

      Cami’s going to head the human faction. She’s Klaus’ friend, Davina and her have a sister/like role, and Marcel considers her a friend. She’s gotten close to Elijah too. If we think about it Cami has some important ties. She needs more SL in season 3. Not to mention Leah is the best actress on the show, something it needs

      • Lily M. says:

        You named all the attempts to make her relevant and they have failed.

      • Lana says:

        Agree with you Lauren, Cami is important to the show and I’m looking forward to her storyline with Vincent and Will.
        People have their own opinion so it’s better to just ignore them and enjoy your show!!!

      • W says:

        If she is such a great friend to Davina and Elijah and Hayley, then why is she spending all of her time chasing after Klaus instead of supporting Davina who lost Kol as well as her 1st BF who Klaus murdered? Or Elijah after Klaus murdered Gia? What about Josh after Aiden’s involvement with Mikaelson drama got him killed? Or what about telling Klaus that he doesn’t get any cookies or Kleenexes until he helps break Hayley’s curse.

        Klaus bit Cami to further his own purpose – whether he enjoyed it or not, those are the facts. Cami has supposedly bonded with Elijah – a man who just watched his lover burn because of his brother’s compulasion. She knows that Klaus aided Dahlia in cursing Hayleywhich will cause her pain and separate her from her child. All this and one “Sorry bout that” later from Klaus and she’s all “LOL, you’re forgiven and innocent and so good deep down inside” and goes in for a kiss.

        It’s pretty pathetic and illustrates that she has set no boundaries with Klaus, is wiliing to accept his behavior and that all of her relationships are either completely superficial or a means of her being closer to Klaus. She’s all lip servce and no action.

        • W sad but true. Cami’s always been a prop. She’s not a real character and that’s why most people can’t take her seriously. Cami’s at her worst around Klaus. She becomes so pathetic and so does he. I started hating Klaus when he was around Cami and listening to her crap.

        • Izzie says:

          Cami isn’t the one who is chasing after Klaus, his the one always confronting her or Elijah, Rebekah call her because they want her to help them with Klaus.
          If anyone is pathetic it’s Klaus in that regard. What makes you think she wasn’t there for Davina, just because you didn’t see it, this season has been bad for Davina, Marcel and Cami. There was a small time gap after Kol’s death and Davina was mad at Marcel for not being there for her not Cami, when Aiden died who do you think told her Davina or Josh would of and that’s why she confronted Klaus and was so upset about Aiden’s death. When Rebekah called her, Cami knew instantly that Klaus would do horrible things and she expected the worst when she went to the compound and she was right. Yes she bonded with Elijah and she said she was sorry for what he had done but a baby’s life was at stake and that was unfortunately more important. What would her getting angry at Klaus solve, she’s not naïve she knows exactly what Klaus is capable of.

        • Ivy Walowe says:

          W what cookie u talking about? There Friends the’ve never even kissed.and she does tell him off. Like im team hailey all the way butim sure all the writers of the originals were not foolishto add a character just so.like they always have a story in their heads.so just wait n see and do try uunderstand the show

    • Terri says:

      Agree 1000% Tanya!

  13. Jason says:

    I just want more Josh and Davina. Even though they’re not a romantic couple, I love their chemistry. Plus, I want Jish to come back better and stronger than ever and kick some major a** this season.

  14. Veronica says:

    I think that Klaus and Hayley really need to talk. I also want Klayley to happened even though I know right know is not going to happen but I can wait. Also this is for the writers they need to listen of what the fans want.

    • Dmac says:

      Michael Narducci has said repeatedly that Klaus/Hayley is never going to happen, they are at the most friends who have a baby and that is it.

      MN is nothing like Caroline Dries who bows to shippers and gives them what they beg for on twitter. He doesn’t care for shipping period and to him the story matter, period.

      Not all fans of the show want the same thing and to think that is silly.

      • Michael Narducci never said that. He said that about Klaroline though

      • Ivy Walowe says:

        Hey…nothing is silly if you go through the ahow u will see clearly that the relationship between Klaus and hailey keeps growing.when papa tunde attacked and hailey was hurt Klaus was the first to search for her and wanted to go to her but she called for elijah.And in season 3 even Freiya said that she knows he was worried for her. I doubt all this was brought for nothing

  15. Michelle says:

    We all know those boundaries aren’t going to last since she has feelings for him and he clearly has something going on for Cami. Either way I’m excited to see where Klaus and Cami’s story goes this season. Quite honestly they’re the only two characters I’m really invested in. I love their scenes and they have an interesting connection/bond.

  16. Cristina L says:

    Yay!!! I can’t wait to see Klaus and Cami back on my TV screen.
    “If it wasn’t that night, this bar, that hundred dollar bill it would have been Jackson Square staring at a painting or Frenchman Street listening to Jazz…..I would have found you.”

    I LOVED their ending scene in the finale, swoon worthy moment when he corrected her and pretty much told her them meeting was destined.

  17. The only thing I want to see is Klaus and Hayley talking and working out their issues.Stop with this Klami nonsense. Barely anyone likes it and its such a rip off Klaroline that its pathetic to watch how they shove it down everyone’s throat. Everything else sounds boring

  18. Mare says:

    No Elijah?? Boo :-(

    Hope he moves on from Hayley and finds his own storyline!

    • Cynthia says:

      I don’t know why Elijah isn’t being mentioned, Hayley is in a love triangle with Jackson and Elijah not Klaus
      I just want poor Elijah to smile again, his being pushed around enough in season 2.

  19. registeringsucks says:

    Thanks for the article. Can’t wait for Klamille and would really like to see more girl bonding.

  20. All this Klami stuff is only making viewers not want to watch season 3 from what i reading online. Some people like it, but most don’t so its seems counterproductive to me that the writers would push it so hard. Anyways, regardless I’m Team klayley as hell. Sorry not sorry, the only pairing that’s the least bit interesting or makes any sense on this show.

    • Danielle says:

      I don’t think a ship is making people stop watching a show, TO isn’t based on ships, it’s not VD. Ships are side stories in TO not the main plot. If the entire reason you watch it is based on a ship that doesn’t seem to be happening then you are in a roller coaster of pain.

      • TO is nothing but ships because the plotline isn’t interesting.

        • Rachel says:

          That’s not true at all, I admit I preferred season 1 overall but Ships are just an extra bonus on TO not the main plot line, if your just watching for a ship then maybe you should consider stop watching TO and just watch clips of your ship on YouTube

      • RUCookie says:

        completely agree – this “ship” stuff seems too HS gossipy to me… destroys the whole point of comment sections to talk about the shows. I don’t really care how many people want Klaus and Cami vs Hayley vs Elijah vs whoever… this is silly. I am happy to let the writers write the show about the three-way supernatural power struggle in NOLA, and I will enjoy it. Hope others that left HS in the dust join me.

    • Heather says:

      That’s true Klayley is the only pairing that makes sense

  21. ugh says:

    Does anyone actually like Hayley?

  22. ThisIsStupid says:

    Oh God! Regardless of anything else, would you just PLEASE stop with all the assumptions that “nobody” likes a certain pairing or character or storyline?! I mean, who are you to say who likes what? Seriously! That’s highly pretencious and quite fallacious. You have no idea what other viewers think. The little part of social media fans you associate with CAN PROVE NOTHING! Nobody can say or dictate what the viewers think or like about the show. Just because you and some other people dislike it, does NOT mean it’s a huge fail. You may think this character is boring, this couple are a ripoff, this storyline is badly-written all day long. But guess what? This is only YOUR opinion. There is always another group of people who have OTHER opinions. And no way in hell, can you be sure of the exact extent of like or dislike about a certain topic! So please just stop!

    • Becca says:

      Fallacious? Slow down there Webster before you hurt youself.

      Some fans like Cami. Some fans like Hayley. Frankly, the show’s ratings are hurting too bad for it to matter which one of them is more unpopular at the moment. The bottom line here is that for 2 years, the TO writers have been beating the same dead horse over and over and over again. Same plot lines, same romances, same character dynamics. It’s a bad holding pattern. If they want to breathe new life into the show, something has got to change.

    • Izzie says:

      Totally agree, there are so many people who aren’t heavily obsessed with shows they go crazy on social media. Most people I know talk about ships or tv shows occasionally but they don’t get involved in social media or let it rule their life.
      For all we know the biggest fandom could be the smallest and smallest the biggest but unless we send a poll to everyone’s house in the world who watches it we’ll never know. Making assumptions about the majority of fans is small minded and it shouldn’t matter, we should all just enjoy the show even through it flaws.

      I think it’s not the ships that have anything to do with the ratings, it’s the fact that there are few people who care about the werewolves in the bayou and too much time was spent there last season. I don’t think they even have personalities, the best developed werewolf was Aiden including Jackson but he died. Another thing is they kill off all the interesting characters way to quickly, a show doesn’t have to murder everyone to be interesting. Kol, Aiden, Gia, Ansel, Mikael, Dahlia all died to quickly and maybe they should of considered developing them more albeit in smaller roles.

    • Lily M. says:

      Maybe you’re right ThisIsStupid, social media, forums, the comments section of the media, are not an indicator of anything … that’s why the media didn’t do anything to generate clicks, right?
      No one knows what the majority thinks, only we know for ratings (does that work for you?), wait and see if the promotion that the writers are giving to Camille and Klamille the rantings are maintained or continue to fall.
      The ratings are a good indicator of what people want, at the end of last season fell further.

      • Daniella says:

        Well good thing CW doesn’t just base ratings on who watched it on the CW because you can’t base it on that. Many people around the world watch these shows but they don’t show them on their TV so they stream them on websites, some people wait until their on DVD and some people tape shows and watch them another time. I know my country only shows Supernatural from the CW on free TV. So it is impossible to judge but overall TO gets a lot of media attention and hype for the show and what everyone seems to be most excited about is not any of the ships but Jason Dohring so they would be smart to keep him as long as possible.

  23. H says:

    I am absolutely in love with Klaus and Cami’s relationship. I think it’s by far the most well-written story in this show, and I quite enjoy their scenes. The writers really managed to build them slowly and beautifully. Joseph and Leah have the best chemistry IMO. I can’t wait to see their journey continue in Season 3.

    • Sam says:

      It is, it’s so well written yet painful and heartwarming. It reminds me of beauty and the beast so much. Jomo and Leah are so amazing together, I remember Jomo has said that working with Leah in those highly emotional scenes makes him push to be better and it’s some of the best work his done.

  24. Leila says:

    SO ready for klamille! Klaus stop running away from Cami!

  25. christina says:

    I love klaus & hayley. I’m very interested to see whether hayley gets back at Klaus or not? If Klaus & hayley will reconcile? If they will forgive one another? I’m also interested to see how their relationship will progress. Waiting for a romance between the two. Also can’t wait to see the new villains, Hayley major story this season, Freya and Davina.

  26. Sean says:

    This article, right here, the way they choose to promote their show with ‘Hami’ bs is the best way to explain how they ended up getting barely above one million viewers.

  27. Only interested in Klaus and Hayley’s relationship. Not at all interested in seeing more Klami. Hands down the most boring pairing on the show besides Jayley.

  28. Jordan says:

    Looking forward to seeing what happens with klamille. I loved their last scene in the finale. Klaus and Cami are the only pairing I care about on the originals. I’ve been waiting since season 1 for them to officially get together. I hope season 3 is the season it finally happens

  29. I love klamille so much, they are so epic. I have a good feeling about this season for klamille and haylijah. Hopefully friendships with all the girls and a compromise with Klaus and Hayley.

  30. Rebecca says:

    Loving the klamille media attention, hoping for some more slow dances, almost kisses and soulmate declarations.

  31. Blair says:

    Love klamille. Boundaries huh? wink wink I’m sure that will last for a long time, NOT!!!

  32. M says:

    Every Klamille moment is golden, boundaries or no boundaries either way I look forward to seeing every minute of it.

  33. Stella says:

    I’m really hoping for Klamille but I think I wanna see Cami have some fun first before she takes on Klaus as a lover, it’s gonna be full on.
    Hopefully Klaus gets his act together and reconciles with Elijah and Hayley first otherwise Hope will grow up in a toxic environment.
    I really really want some female friendships this season so ‘m hoping for Haymille, it’s the one thing VD strives on that TO doesn’t.

  34. Ally says:

    Klayley or Klamille, I feel like Klaus DOES NOT deserve either one of these beautiful, intelligent, independent women. Both women know their own minds. Klaus’s is too screwed up. I’d like to see Hayley and Cami team-up to undo, unravel and redo (fix) Klaus so he’d sit up, straighten out, smarten up and respect the two, especially the mother of his child. In other words, KICK – HIS – A_S !!

    On another note, I think Elijah is the beat thing that’s ever happened to Hayley (besides Hope) and she’s the one who could challenge and inspire him to be so much more than just his brother’s keeper. I love their chemistry and their awesomeness. Long Live Haylijah !!

    Cami and Det. Will (Jason Dohring) (in a recently released photo) are so intriguing together and promises so much potential. Cami and Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood, what a good actor) has such great rapport, I really enjoy watching their scenes. Cheers to Team Humans.

    • Chantelle says:

      I so agree with you particularly the first paragraph, I’ve had enough of these pathetic love triangles. Put two people together and that’s the end of it. Yes I ship Klamille but honestly right now Klaus doesn’t deserve to breathe the air around her. So right now I have no problem with Cami hooking up with other men and having fun.
      Honestly we do not need a love square with Hayley, Jackson, Elijah and Klaus this isn’t “There’s Something About Mary” it’s meant to be a dark vampire drama. If Hayley and Jackson break up she’s gonna jump into Elijah’s arms not the man who cursed her.
      Love team Humans I’m rooting the hell out if Cami, Vincent and Will to be awesome together.
      Yusuf is amazing!!!!

      • haylijah says:

        Hopefuly Hayley and Elijah will take their time when she breaks up with Jackson. But if not I prefer her with Jackson than Klaus

  35. Jess says:

    I want to go to the same Camille’s university, double degree in less than two years and skipping school most of the time….talking about of Mary Sue

    • Kamzira says:

      Klaus has probably compelled the Dean of cami’s university to get her licence. LOL

    • David says:

      I’m sorry I don’t ship either couple as I just enjoy the show like a normal person but I have to speak up as honestly this is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
      Do you seriously think that Camille was a 18yr Bartender who just started her degree in S1 even though you have to be at least 21 to drink in America. Her character is obviously mid 20s maybe 24 or 25 so that’s six to seven years doing a degree and I assure you that’s enough time, she would of simply changed College’s when her brother died which wouldn’t have effected her degree in the slightest, it was pretty obvious when she talked about her thesis in S2 that she was getting to the end of her degree.
      It’s the reason why she couldn’t understand her brother’s murder spree because she had years of psychology under her belt.
      Common sense is all it is.
      All you shippers seriously need to get over your hate and think with your brain before you write things.

      • We already knew Cami was in grad school However to become a licensed therapast it takes at least 8-10 years post grad. The only one lacking common sense is you

        • David says:

          Really then why say earn a DOUBLE degree in 2 years.

          It only takes that long if you add extra selectives. A masters degree takes 4 – 5 years and a post grad degree takes 2 – 3 years so at minimum that’s 6 to maximum 8 years so you learn your common sense and also for all we know Cami is older than 25 and we don’t know if she just became a grad student or was one for a year before we met her.

          • Pretty sure Cami is said to be 23-24. A masters degree takes 4-5 and Cami was working on her masters during season 1. She hadn’t graduated yet. We know that you also need a PhD to be a licensed therapist, something Cami doesn’t have

  36. Jess says:

    can we stop for a moment to talk about couples, especially Klamille -_-
    and start talking about how absurd it’s Klaus take therapies? Where is our favorite character? and don’t say it’s “character development” this is totally OOC

  37. sprizzle2182 says:

    its so f-ing annoying how they are trying to make hayley the victim, like she has so much room to be mad at klaus for doing to her EXACTLY what she was planning on doing to him…she was going to take hope and never see klaus again, but he’s older, smarter, and more powerful than her and flipped the script…if this whole season is full of her acting like he’s wrong i dont know how long ill be able to watch….what she SHOULD have done, was put up the united front with hopes FAMILY instead of trying to be the “queen” of the dogs…she got caught up in her own hype and thought somehow jackson was going to protect her from an original whos been doing this for centuries…i dont feel bad for her at all and honestly prefer her as a wolf….

  38. Maryann says:

    For me the most devastating moment of last season was when Klaus killed Gia. She was an interesting character I was beginning to get attached to, and she was someone Elijah really cared about. And this is not to mention that this was one more totally unforgivable act from Klaus in a long line of totally unforgivable acts that make it impossible for me to see him as other than a monster, or to ship him with anyone. He is just toxic to anyone he gets involved with, and the danger to any woman involved with him is the same as the danger to any woman who gets involved with a psychopathic serial killer. Some of the others have turned their humanity off from time to time, or caused devastation when their PTSD-style demons got the best of them, but Klaus is the only one of the main charcters for whom this i just a basic part of their personality.

  39. Roshnee says:

    I still don’t get what Cami is doing in the show. Is there any need for her character at all?

  40. Lola says:

    I’m only interested in Klayley. If I have to sit through more Klami I’m gonna blow my brains out. How the hell did Cami even become a licensed therapist in 2 years. The writers aren’t even trying to make sense of Klami or Cami anymore. They’re just writing anything at this point. You would think the show would look to gain viewers with season 3 promotion but they’e giving out things most don’t want to see or care.

    • David says:

      I’m sorry I don’t ship either couple as I just enjoy the show like a normal person but I have to speak up as honestly this is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
      Do you seriously think that Camille was a 18yr Bartender who just started her degree in S1 even though you have to be at least 21 to drink in America. Her character is obviously mid 20s maybe 24 or 25 so that’s six to seven years doing a degree and I assure you that’s enough time, she would of simply changed College’s when her brother died which wouldn’t have effected her degree in the slightest, it was pretty obvious when she talked about her thesis in S2 that she was getting to the end of her degree.
      It’s the reason why she couldn’t understand her brother’s murder spree because she had years of psychology under her belt.
      Common sense is all it is.
      All you shippers seriously need to get over your hate and think with your brain before you write things.

  41. Jessie says:

    Klamille makes no sense. All they do is cry and angst and then have random forced romantic scenes that makes no sense and the writers expect us to swoon? How basic do they think we are. Its a rip off Klaroline and basically everyone can tell.

    Klayley has potential; but enough with the fighting. Get over it and admit you were both in the wrong. Better yet just have hate sex and be done with it. Also someone please kill Jackson.

  42. Only came for Klayley, and nothing new. Oh these ratings for season 3 will be tragic with this plotline and these boring ships their pushing. Expect way under 1 million viewers by midseason

  43. Karen says:

    How about Haley and her HUSBAND?

    • Sharon says:

      I know exactly what you mean Hayley is married and Jackson may not be exciting but he is a good guy and she loves him, the last person in the world she would cheat with or leave him for is the man who abuses, manipulates, curses her and her pack and takes her child away. People are in denial if they ever think that ship will sail, that ship is in the bottom of the ocean in pieces!!!

  44. Niora says:

    I don’t care about Klami/Cami and never will. Waste of screen time imo. When is Klayley?

  45. Mary says:

    I can’t stand Cami and her non-existent romance with Klaus is snooze worthy. As for Haley I tend to only like her when she’s sharing the screen with Elijah. If Klaus needs to have a love interest give him a strong female, which Cami is not. Klaus was so bad ass on TVD then he got his own show and became less bad ass. When he was pining over Caroline you still knew he was a force to be reckoned with. On TO you put him in a scene with Cami or Haley and you wonder what they did with the real Klaus.

  46. TVJunkie says:

    LMAO at people trying to tear down Klamille like it’s their mission in life. Could you be any more salty that it’s happening lol? I could easily list thousands of reasons why your other ships suck so bad, but I won’t do that, because I’m not that pressed. I could also dive in and write a longass essay on why every single one of your arguments is invalid, but I also won’t do that, because it’s pointless. At the end of the day, you have your opinion, I have mine.

    I just came here to say two things. First, If you honestly cannot admit or see that Cami is probably the ONLY person who has the healthiest dynamic with Klaus, at least as of right now, then I literally don’t know what to tell you.

    Secondly, if you think that a woman who cries, or admits romantic feelings for someone, or wants to help that someone, is in any possible way a weak or pathetic woman, then you need to take a seat over there, and reevaluate your life choices. You done messed up!! Camille is an example of strong, kind, independent female characters.
    And her kindness and humanity only makes her stronger. She’s brave, sassy, and just beautiful inside out. She diesn’t need to be evil or literally kick ass all the time to be a lovable character smh *silently judging all of you*!! She does kick ass with her brains and loyalty and empathy. Don’t try to reduce her character to justify your clear biased opinion about Klamille.

    Klamille is the only romantic ship that interests me in this show. It’s very appealing to me, and I like ther story they are trying to tell. The beauty and the beast. I like other familial relationships, too. But as a romance, Klamille takes the cake. No other ship even comes close.

    I hope the awesome writing of them continues. Can’t wait for s3.

    • Niora says:

      The entire problem with your post is the Klami dyyanmic isn’t healthy certainly not for Cami. Klaus uses her and abuses her constantly and the sad part is she doesn’t even realize it. This woman centers her entire life around a man who she’s not even with for the past 2 years now. That’s pathetic. Nothing wrong for Cami saying she has feelings for someone but then to turn around and call him a monster, then say she feels bad boys are what she deserves, its shows her relationship with Klaus is clearly detrimental to her character growth. Not only that but her stupid mission to save him and fix him is so idiotic I can’t even take it seriously. Does she really think her very limited knowledge of psychology is going to “save” a 1000 year old psychotic hybrid? Its laughable. Everything they do with this character is laughable and everything they do with this pairing is laughable and downright ridiculous. Cami doesn’t have any brains because its clear she lacks basic common sense. Not only that but her “feelings” for Klaus are based off of what? All they do is cry incessantly about his man pain. She developed feelings for Klaus based off of what exactly? Because she see’s a dark wounded cry baby soul she needs to coddle and save? Cami’s obsession with saving Klaus is turning her into Elijah 2.0 and its annoying. Klamille is the main romantic ship that disinterests me and makes many people want to stop watching this show. They”re unoriginals concept and dynamic, and their blatant stealing of Klaroline lines and their dynamic turned people off from the get go, the horrible writing that came afterwards was the icing on the cake. Their first scene was even ridiculous. Klaus crying in front a human, who all of a sudden could read his soul? LOL!

      The writers try so hard to make this pairing deep and epic and it only comes off as forced and desperate

      • It is truly sad to see that the show insist on losing more viewers. Klami very much bores me.I am not interested in Klaroline 2.0 Klayley fighting and still not talking and not working together? I have had enough Klaus and Hayley both were at fault both need to be slapped and both need to say they were sorry then shut up and have sex. Also more Klayley babies. Ok bye :)

      • Sharon says:

        Oh and it’s healthy for Hayley you must really hate your own half of a ship.

        If you think Klamille is bad then you must love what a Jayley and Haylijah season this will be. The two men she does actually love not the one she hates.

        It’s time to face reality Hayley hates Klaus for cursing her and her pack and for taking her daughter away. A simple conversation isn’t going to fix it, their not even gonna be friends never mind lovers, they’ll be having fights, arguing, Yes they’ll come to a decision with Hope but apparently it won’t end there. Phoebe Tonkin said Hayley won’t kill Klaus but after she spends some time with her daughter then she’ll seek revenge on Klaus perhaps with witches or the new vamps and he’ll fight back.

        So I wouldn’t worry about other Klaus and Hayley ships if I were you I’d prepare to be utterly heartbroken.

    • Sharon says:

      Agree with you TVJunkie, just ignore them their just pressed because their non canon ship hates each other and they have no hope for them so their taking it out on people who ship Klaus and Hayley with other people.

      I’m a multi-shipper and I’ve noticed all the Klamille fans just talk about how excited they are for season 3 and hoping for their ship and all Klayley fans bash Camille and talk about how the show sucks, low ratings, how their non existent ship is superior.

      Honestly if a show is causing you that much grief DON’T WATCH IT!!!!

  47. O'Connell says:

    it baffles my mind how anyone would find Klamille’s beautiful story boring! Oh well, opinions, I guess.

  48. Nicole says:

    I’m really only interested in the Klayley reckoning to come, but overall season 3 sounds so boring from all these new spoilers. Not interested in more boring Klami or Haylijah or these new vampires. I think I’ll skip this season and watch the Klayley scenes on Youtube

  49. fabulousa says:

    I love klamille, klayley sucks. But also hope that Caroline shows up in some episodes inseason 3 and we get to see some klaroline and klamille scenes. And please bring back claire holt as Rebekah.

  50. Brigid says:

    I love how people make excuses for ever horrible thing Klaus does. He’s a terrible character that should have died on TVD. Hittin you all with some truth bombs here!!!