Pretty Little Liars Season 6B to Feature New Intro — Find Out What's Changing

Pretty Little Liars New Intro

Just when you thought Pretty Little Liars couldn’t introduce any more changes into Season 6B — we’re still adjusting to Spencer’s bangs! — executive producer Marlene King announced that the ABC Family drama will also be giving a much-needed update to its intro.

As you probably know, the current PLL intro — introduced in 2010 during Season 1 — features the four main girls standing behind Alison’s casket as The Pierces’ “Secret” plays in the background. After a series of stolen glances between the girls, the camera zooms in on Aria, whose subsequent “sshh” face has become somewhat iconic in fans’ minds.

Thanks to King’s tweet, posted late Monday night, we know a little bit about what we can expect from the new intro, debuting in January during the Season 6B premiere:

The tweet doesn’t indicate any other changes, but given that Alison is now known to be alive and well, I have to assume Sasha Pieterse will join her fellow Liars in the new intro. Additionally, I can’t imagine the show would replace “Secret” as its theme song.

Still, it’s anyone’s guess what other new additions Season 6B holds — though these sneak peek photos are loaded with clues — so go ahead and drop a comment with your hope for the show’s future below.

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