The Last Ship Season 2 Finale Recap: Arch of Triumph...?

Last Ship Finale Rachel Shot

Right down to the prominence of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, The Last Ship‘s season finale mirrored Defiance‘s recent season ender in that everything was feeling verrrrry series finale-like.

The difference, though, is that TNT’s The Last Ship has already been renewed, so you had to be wondering (as I was, on Twitter): What twist was on tap for the final seconds?

Already in the hour, the Nathan James had been handed a pair of curve balls as it labored to disseminate the cure to the masses. For one, Master Chief Jeter’s unexpected call with his in-laws, in which he warned them to steer clear of their first stop in Vicksburg, turned into rampant gossip on the mainland, resulting in a dismal turnout. Then in Memphis, McDowell and his men showed up dress in Navy “digi blues” — and escorting around weary infected — as another bid to disgrace the name and intentions of the Nathan James and its crew.

Luckily, Tex and Danny got a bead on McDowell’s masquerade and began taking the Immunes out, all whilst struggling to keep the gathered people from leaving the area. Just as the natives grew extremely restless, the cure arrived via helo, proving that the Navy was in fact still the good guys. What’s more, McDowell was taken into custody.

In St. Louis, with the Nathan James now in dry dock, everyone cleaned up and dressed up for President Michener’s inaugural ball (in a gathering reminiscent of Falling Skies‘ own coda last week). There, Michener invited Chandler to be his Chief of Naval Operations, while Slattery & Co. toasted those lost in battle and Green popped the question to Foster. Following the gala, Chandler bumped into Rachel, who was heading off to other cities to continue sharing the cure. Once her itinerary was cleared, he invited her to “Find me.” And you had a sense she would.

So, what would be the big twist to set up Season 3?

On her way back to her room, Rachel was confronted by one of the Immunes who slipped away during the Memphis skirmish — McDowell’s righthand man, Curtis. Once close enough, he whipped out a gun and shot the doc at close range (though in the torso), channeling John Wilkes Booth as he slithered away, shouting, “Sic semper tyrannis!”

Was that — coupled with the challenge of getting the cure to the unrest-filled rest of the world — enough to bring you back for Season 3?

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