Last Ship Finale Rachel Shot

The Last Ship Season 2 Finale Recap: Arch of Triumph...?

Right down to the prominence of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, The Last Ship‘s season finale mirrored Defiance‘s recent season ender in that everything was feeling verrrrry series finale-like.

The difference, though, is that TNT’s The Last Ship has already been renewed, so you had to be wondering (as I was, on Twitter): What twist was on tap for the final seconds?

Already in the hour, the Nathan James had been handed a pair of curve balls as it labored to disseminate the cure to the masses. For one, Master Chief Jeter’s unexpected call with his in-laws, in which he warned them to steer clear of their first stop in Vicksburg, turned into rampant gossip on the mainland, resulting in a dismal turnout. Then in Memphis, McDowell and his men showed up dress in Navy “digi blues” — and escorting around weary infected — as another bid to disgrace the name and intentions of the Nathan James and its crew.

Luckily, Tex and Danny got a bead on McDowell’s masquerade and began taking the Immunes out, all whilst struggling to keep the gathered people from leaving the area. Just as the natives grew extremely restless, the cure arrived via helo, proving that the Navy was in fact still the good guys. What’s more, McDowell was taken into custody.

In St. Louis, with the Nathan James now in dry dock, everyone cleaned up and dressed up for President Michener’s inaugural ball (in a gathering reminiscent of Falling Skies‘ own coda last week). There, Michener invited Chandler to be his Chief of Naval Operations, while Slattery & Co. toasted those lost in battle and Green popped the question to Foster. Following the gala, Chandler bumped into Rachel, who was heading off to other cities to continue sharing the cure. Once her itinerary was cleared, he invited her to “Find me.” And you had a sense she would.

So, what would be the big twist to set up Season 3?

On her way back to her room, Rachel was confronted by one of the Immunes who slipped away during the Memphis skirmish — McDowell’s righthand man, Curtis. Once close enough, he whipped out a gun and shot the doc at close range (though in the torso), channeling John Wilkes Booth as he slithered away, shouting, “Sic semper tyrannis!”

Was that — coupled with the challenge of getting the cure to the unrest-filled rest of the world — enough to bring you back for Season 3?

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  1. I suspect Chandler will head to her room for a “Night To Remember” before they go their separate ways and find her in time.

  2. Shaun says:

    Terrible security at the building where they were staying at.

  3. Tinabug by says:

    I hope she makes it. I’m a hopeless romantic. Of course, TPTB may have other ideas.

  4. Mitch says:

    Great cliff hanger but, no Rhona next season ?? And the ship sinks IMO ..

    • lford says:

      Perhaps her salary demands got too high? Or, she needs to go off and make a movie, so to accommodate her shooting schedule, they’ll keep her in a coma all season with just brief scenes of Chandler pining away at her bedside! Lots of possibilities.

      My bigger concern is how do we have a “Last Ship” if the darned ship is in dry dock all season? No Dr. Scott and NO SHIP??!! Would hardly seem like the same series – what would they call it now? “Last Humvee?”

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Indeed; can’t have The Last Ship without a ship!

        • Kendall says:

          Or a Dr. Scott for that matter, Matt ;)

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            I’m not terribly worried about her. This show can’t sustain such a critical hit to its female ranks.

          • Fido says:

            If Matt Webb Mitovich says she lives then I can rest easy tonight. They didn’t need to shoot her to convince me to return, I was doing that already – I like the cast, like the boat and the weaponry, the gunghoe(?)ness, and the Doc and McBeardy need to smooch,

        • DanZee says:

          Mini-series typically restart their plotlines a few months after the previous installment, so I’m guessing the Nathan James will be pulling out of dry dock with a whole bunch of Presidential directives.

      • Evan says:

        But it is Dr. Scott and Tex who have something not Chandler

        • The Squatch says:

          I always felt that way too.

          I thought they were setting up Chandler to end up with that woman who lives next door to and is helping to take care of his kids.

        • TrishaH says:

          I’m in the Dr. Scott and Tex camp – especially after Chandler showed his true colors to her with the Neils thing. She needs someone to watch her back, and not someone who will turn on a dime (a mighty thin one too) and betray her. As Dr. Phil says “everyone needs a soft place to fall”.

          The thought of Chandler with Dr. Scott gives me the creeps!

          • scassen50 says:

            Tex all the way….hes laid back and doesnt have the pressure of having to choose country over love

          • How did Chandler betrayed her? Regardless of what one might think of Niels, she killed someone, and acknowledged that she didn’t have to do it. She did it out of vengeance. I admit that Chandler might be too much of a stuck-up, but that’s how he is. He is a military guy, straight arrow, trying to bring the country back to normalcy. You can’t just tolerate murder within your own people and then punish others for doing the same.

            As for Chandler and Scott, I agree that they’ve spent too much time setting her up with Tex, which would be my choice. But on the other hand, I really don’t like her character so I wouldn’t mind if she is really dead.

        • Wendy says:

          Tex has been hot for the doctor from the start, but she has not been signalling anything back to him romantically. They have shown a few times that she has few friends so I’m not trivializing how much she values Tex as her friend. Scott and Chandler have had prickly sparks of attraction since the pilot. But he lost his wife a few months ago, and she seemed to cared about that journalist boyfriend, so I hope they aren’t going to rush their romance, but I totally ‘ship them. The structure of this show is going to have both of them primarily acting in their jobs, so I doubt we’ll see much on screen romance between these two – but I would loves some occasional brief glimpses of the progress perhaps when they are on land.

          • TrishaH says:

            I find it totally fascinating that people can watch something and see such different things. The long forced (to me) glances between Dr Scott and Chandler seem to be on her side, more of a “see pal, I got this” look, and not ANYTHING that would show a romantic interest.

            And chemistry – not a bit. Nada. Zip.

            Mutual respect was there until he turned on her, and I think it will return. But trust – never. She is not a stupid woman, and now knows that she can respect, and admire his work abilities, but to never trust him again on a personal level.

        • ira says:

          No, they never had!! Tex pretty much admitted that in the 12th episode, when he was talking about goodbyes! So/ big NO 😊

        • Melinda says:

          Agreed…I think the lady next door is gonna end up with chandler or that’s the way it seems it to be written. Rachael with Tex

  5. Kendall says:

    Such an intense finale! Rachel has to be alive though, right? They wouldn’t kill off the female lead like that. Tom had to have heard that shot. What do you think, Matt?

  6. animegeek08 says:

    Matt are you going to do do post mordum post for TLS season finale like you do for other shows. I really want to hear the producers thoughts about what might happen next season. We need something to hold us over for 7 months. I hope she does not die! Rachels my favorite Character.

  7. Peter Allan Ker says:

    Dr. Rachel Scott cannot die.

  8. diane says:

    Looks like she was shot in the shoulder.

    • Paul says:

      Hollywood does not understand how much stuff is in “the shoulder”. You are actually more likely to completely recover from a gut shot than a shoulder shot, assuming prompt medical care.

      At that range he should have been able to hit her heart or head. So whether she comes back will depend on the contract negotiations, I guess. :)

  9. Wendy says:

    Rhonda Mitra’s Dr Scott is one of the main reasons I love the show. I really hope such a great character is not killed off – especially before the cure really takes hold.

  10. Willy says:

    Its way more than just the finale that will have me waiting to see what happens next season! Some minor qwerks aside, this has become a fantastic way to spend and hour on Sunday evening. Season 1 hooked me pretty fast and its now the most anticipated show I look forward to each week. No its not perfect but I think the Navy certainly can be proud about how this show has represented them in this post catastrophe tale. I think is a fresh twist for TV to be this smart, creative, and entertaining without resorting to all the usual crap most programs go to to achieve ratings these days. For the most part well acted, well written, and well directed. I hope this series stays strong and continues to build its fan base. If they don’t jack around with the main characters too much, or throw any way over the top curve balls in to the story line, we should have a great program to look forward to for many seasons to come. I for one am in for the long haul and hope it just keeps building into something so great that new words will have to be invented to tell about it. See ya next season! 👍😎

  11. Katalin says:

    a great show and cast all around, looking forward to next season…enjoyed the write up that they are trying to follow true naval protocols…most certainly does seem believable so far…thank you all…great entertainment and action.

  12. Mr. Tran K says:

    I give The Last Ship season finale an A. Kudos to Mark Moses for an amazing performance he had this season but I was shocked about that cliffhanger of an ending. If Dr. Scott won’t survive next season, the ship is about to…sink.

  13. Steven Sturm says:

    With greatest hopes that if ever this happens to our world that all of our first defenders preform with as much bravery and dignity as those who served on board the U.S.S Nathan James As to the series ending I am in great hopes that since it was inside a secured hotel that the doctor does not die on us just yet. She has so much more to complete.

  14. coco flowers says:

    Why do I have to wait until next summer ? I love this show!

  15. Brad says:

    Lol I also thought falling skies

  16. Uh, Hello. Your google headline has a major spoiler. On the night of the show. What incredibly bad form.

    • Rebecca Price says:

      I agree. I didn’t want to know how the season ended. I just wanted to know if episode 13 was out yet. Talk about a spoiler!

    • Mac says:

      Yes, thank you for revealing a major spoiler in your title. Although you seem to have changed the title now, it still shows up in a google search of “The Last Ship” as the first listing. Please consider this in future articles.

  17. David says:

    The brain trust in “The Last Ship” is pretty decimated, lets hope Dr. Scott is recovered and maybe spin some unknown side effect to the contagious cure that reacts to trauma rapidly and kicks her immune and repair systems in overdrive as a key to her survival. None the less, I also agree with the others that the shot is heard and a rapid response by her friends is also key.

  18. Malissa R. says:

    Tex always seems to be her guardian angel. He’ll some how come to her rescue. I love this show!!!!

  19. Brian says:

    I so love this show. I can’t wait 7 months for it to return. With every disease outbreak there are those with natural immunity, so the pretext is quiet believable. Air travel has insured any such outbreak is going to go global quickly. End of the world fanatics will think their time has come and will probably impede any cure. Thankyou the US Navy for lending a ship for the show. Thankyou writers for making it all seem so real, and sticking to proper navy protocols. Roll on season 3.

  20. Sayre says:

    Rachel better return.. she and Chandler are the two characters I can’t stand losing on this show.

  21. Derek M Lovell Sr says:

    I Love the show. I tell other people i meet to watch it. Please bring back the show with more twists and turns and have more than just season three. And give everybody a raise in pay they deserve it. Thank you for making this show.

  22. Art Carney says:

    really enjoy the show, only wish they made more than 13 a year.

  23. JALI says:

    Great comments. I was suspecting Green’s reply in penultimate episode: “that will not happen!” would be the placeholder for the finale. When he went down first during the firefight at the artillery site it appeared we would have our twist. Obviously the show has an attraction. Its hallmark may be the brilliantly crafted character development. Looking forward to another season. Semper Fi

  24. Dhdh says:

    She will not die because they shot her In the shoulder which is silly given how close and committed the shooter was. I think she should die to make the show really interesting next season.

    I’m curious to see where they go next year because I don’t think a continuation of this year would be that great… Them just going about spreading the cure? Maybe they will go international and face an international threat. Hopefully they go bigger.

    Slightly off topic but does any else think the head immune on the sub is still alive? He could have got out, right, since the sub was on the surface when it was torpedoed??

    • PDH says:

      It’s possible that Ramsey survived the attack on the sub since we didn’t see his body, but I doubt it. I think the Nathan James will be moving on to new international threats as you said. I did like the look on Ramsey’s face that basically said ” The sub is going down and all my plans for world domination are going down with it.” Rachel won’t die even though to me it looked like she was shot in the throat. The camera angle was deceiving. I’m glad to hear it won’t be a year before we get to see the Nathan James back in action, unlike Hell On Wheels!

  25. Dhdh says:

    I’m not buying chandler and the doc. She clearly has more of a spark with Tex.

    • Chaosrainz says:

      I started a thread on imdb about this. Being more of an underdog person, I was rooting for her and Tex myself but it looks like we’re in the minority! Oh well.

      • Evan says:

        But they spent the first two seasons building her connection with Tex, and now are just going to throw her with Chandler out of the blue???

        • Veronica says:

          I saw them building a connection between Rachel and Chandler for the two seasons. I agree that Tex took a liking to her but Rachel always seemed to ask after the Captain first whenever he was away on mission or out of communication. His was the opinion that seemed to matter the most to her. It’s lady’s choice. She seems to view Tex as just a good friend. And like a good friend he spotted where Rachel’s true feelings lie and he graciously accepted it, even offering her the comfort that she and Chandler would see each other again.

          • Veronica says:

            Plus, Rachel doesn’t seem the type to be into the Duck Dynasty look, lol. I love Tex but he looks like he never washes his hair.

          • ira says:

            No, they never had!! Tex pretty much admitted that in the 12th episode, when he was talking about goodbyes! So/ big NO 😊

            And i totally agree with Veronica, there was never Tex, always the captain

          • ira says:

            Absolutely agree, thanks for the great comment and observations!!

          • maxwell says:

            please anyone with an idea as to when the season three will start rolling?????

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            summer series.

          • Kendall says:

            Matt – with Bridget as a new series regular, any news on how that will affect season 3? Particularly Dr. Scott’s fate?

        • ira says:

          There was never a connection, they’re friends, and she made it quite clear where her personal interests lie. I like Tex though

          • TrishaH says:

            I see what you are all saying, but the thought of the Doc and Chandler getting romantic gives me the heeby jeeby’s. Major ick factor.

            Better that she be alone than with……him. Seriously!

  26. lokey says:

    This is why I still watch tv. The Last Ship. I love it.

  27. Lainey says:

    First off, was Eric Dane so hot in his Navy blues? OMG! Got to love a guy in uniform. Secondly, the finale was really good and tied up a lot of loose ends. Poor Doc. I think she’ll be saved since she is the only one that can “mix up” the cure. And, after all, we’re all waiting for the captain and the doc to finally become a couple already!

  28. James D says:

    glad it was renewed. you can sort of tell she will make it because he shot her in the chest not the head. isn’t that how it usually goes with these kind of things? second season was definitely stronger than the first IMO so I’m interested to see what they come up with for next season.

  29. TrudiV says:

    I was hoping that the cure would not work and everyone on the planet dies

  30. Vicki says:

    Really enjoyed the episode, but we all have to wonder if Rachel will be saved. No one heard that gun shot ????

    • Dazzle says:

      Tom (in room 33) should have heard that shot but not sure how far he was to Rachel since Rachel did not have the room# posted to door.

  31. they did have armed guards there
    when the prez & chandler walk in there’s two armed navy guys walking down the stairs behind them

    i don’t mind the last shot (literally) but would’ve it been so bad just to end it on a high note?

  32. Brilliant series and the finale just makes me want for more. Can hardly wait for the next series.

  33. Angilina says:

    Please DO NOT let Rachel be DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She and Chandler needs to be a couple.

    • TrishaH says:

      No…..he betrayed her in the most savage way that he could! She’d be a real sick lady to ever trust a person like that again

  34. Charles Rizzo says:

    I just checked the draft of an Arleigh Burke destroyer ( about 31 feet) and the depth of the Mississippi River at St. Louis. Is the river deep enough for a ship of that size to navigate?
    Hard to find the right chart for the depth of the river at that point.

    • John NYC says:

      Doubtful: while it’s 200 feet deep off New Orleans, and the Army Corps commits to a 45 foot deep ship channel to Baton Rouge, but anything I see for above there just says the Army Corps is congressionally committed to a 9 foot deep barge channel for the “Upper Mississippi”.

      Poetic license…

  35. Kat says:

    Seems to me the captain is lusting after the doc a bit to soon. Of course we don’t know how long it’s been since his wife died, but I really thought she and Tex Would end up together. He certainly seems smitten with her and I really like John Pyper-Ferguson.

  36. kirads09 says:

    One thing I never anticipated from this show is how emotionally it hits me.
    I hope it continues on. Would be interesting to see which way the story will go.
    Does the cure not take? Go to other parts of the world with the cure? Rebuilding the nation and government? Big unseen twist? I DO so want Rachel to live. I have always be a bit more of a Tex/Doc person myself.

    • Brian says:

      I was surprised at the emotional hooks as well.
      Who knows what’s in store with the ship in drydock?
      Also more of a Tex/Doc guy myself.
      He would help loosen her up.
      Although I love Chandler’s character, he is as rigid as Scott or even more so.
      Tex is what she needs, imo.
      Chandler and Quincy’s wife might work out, especially with the kid connection.

  37. LHLouisville says:

    I hate that the show is showing a possible relationship between Chandler and Rachel. It should be Rachel and Tex or not at all. Stop trying to ruin a great show.

    • ENB says:

      Me too… Rachel & Tex would be great, more now he introduced his daughter to her! Chandler wants all ladies for him!, I felt he had the same ¨kind of goodbye¨ with Kelly (Dr Quincy´s wife) when she and her daughter stayed with Chandler´s family… Hope to have next season soon!

    • Kat says:

      I said the same thing earlier in this discussion. It would be a nice change of pace if the leading man didn’t end up with the leading lady

    • someguyfromsomwhere says:

      That was the budding romance the show played up in season 1, and all of a sudden, it’s Rachael and the Captain. Doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever, especially since they haven’t really hinted at anything at all between them until the finale.

      • Brian says:

        what they should stick with is an admiration for each other based on mutual respect.
        chandler is a family guy and the doc is all about her work.

  38. Dazzle says:

    Tom and Rachel have strong chemistry and I would have loved to see Tom seize the moment between them. Rachel looked so gorgeous. Also Rachel’s room number was missing so don’t know how far she is from Toms room 33. He’s GOT to rescue her!

  39. m3rcnate says:

    It was a pretty good finale, i feel like if the show had been informed it was going to be cancelled they could have cut that final scene with the Doctor getting shot and it would have been a good series finale.

    So with the mention of “the ship will be in dry dock a few months” and Foster being pregnant I imagine the show will come back having time jumped, revealing the Doctor was saved, Foster gave birth, etc.

    I imagine America will be fairly stable in the season premier, the President will stay on American soil as the U.S.S. Nathan James leaves on a mission (South America? to help bring the cure to them and stabilize that continent? Or somewhere else?).

    My hope moving forward is they don’t do anything dumb with the engaged/married couple who have a kid, i know Hollywood writers are then tempted to kill one of the parents off for major dramatic effect, maybe even have the baby die in a season finale to have a huge impact….please don’t. How about you buck against the trend and instead make them an awesome, stable, happy, sexy couple with a fairly awesome kid. Have them be the “rock” of your cast of characters. I don’t need or want to see wondering eyes, or cheating, or them breaking up, or any of them dying.
    I’m not begging for plot armor per-se but when you marry a couple on your war show and they have a baby…you gotta be careful, I think a lot of fans really like both characters and are rooting for them, i’m not saying give them both titanium plot armor but know the impact messing around with them could have. Writing one of them to cheat or die really soon or something could turn me off to the show all together. Would be crappy writing and so typical of TV writing.

  40. danoregon says:

    I had to laugh when the job of Chief of Naval Operations was offered. You’ve got ONE ship!

  41. George says:

    Other than them getting the port in my hometown of Vicksburg wrong it was a good season finale. I was hoping this show would make it past a few episodes last year and now we are getting a third year. I don’t Rachel being killed off either, but it would be interesting who would take up her cause. I don’t see Chandler staying in his position long as he will be needed to fight another threat. Perhaps another American ship even. I also think there will be a twist with the President. Someone will be found alive that was higher than number twelve.

  42. Dazzle says:

    What I don’t understand is why Rachel was not protected by one of the soldiers given there was initial chaos and some immunes got away!

  43. brenna says:

    Season 2 has been awesome, especially the last two episodes. I think Chandler will hear the shot and get to Rachel in time. I love this cast. The show is written with a lot of heart and it makes you care about all the characters. Loved the last scene with Tom and Rachel and the crew singing the song. Loved other scenes too. Some great and fun and touching moments.

  44. Chrismary says:

    I love the show big time,kudos to all the wonderful cast&crew’ was put on the edge of the seat by the thorough bred naval protocol/military discipline&command’it has realy reinkindled my ambition to enrol my child to the Navy,the IDF inclution was the icing on the cake:orealy in awe of it all.thinks Doc scot is better of with tex,while Cpt chandler should makedue with the wife of late doc scot former colleague’ to avoid brawl, i envisage ego conflict b/w them in the coming season if not properly handled’&thats more reason they should forget the cliffhanger thing and keep Doc scot ALIVE!.can’t wait for the next SEASON!….

  45. coneyro says:

    The swearing in of the president would have made a great finale, ending on a positive note. I am happy that we are being treated to another season. Rachel’s fate is uncertain. She has been until now an integral element in finding the cure, but her primary goal has been accomplished. If she survives, the shooting was probably a plot device used to keep her from leaving. It will be interesting to see how the country is rebuilt. The show going forward is taking on the vibe of the show “Revolution”, especially since the actor, Mark Moses, who plays the president was also a government representative on “Revolution”. Chandler and Slattery are powerfully good characters, played by two fan favorites. In fact, I cannot find fault with any cast member. They are a talented bunch, on an absolutely A+ program. A one year wait is too long.

  46. Diana says:

    I love the show and all the actors are fantastic! I really enjoy Rachel Scott’s character! Please do not take her off the show! I am intrigued by her relationship with Tom and would like to see that progress!

  47. Veronica says:

    I absolutely loved the finale. I adore the crew of the Nathan James and the scene where Master Chief was reunited with his in – laws just about wrecked me. My other favorite scene was that last scene between Chandler and Rachel. My goodness, there has always been such tension underlying all their interactions going back to the pilot and it was bursting at the seems in that scene. It’s going to be a long ten month’s wait but at least we know we’re getting a third season.

  48. maxwell oduro says:

    the best tv series i have ever watched. i loved every bit, the suspense, the trill mennnnnnn. cant wait for season 3.

  49. Rick in NH says:

    I thought the finale was great, up to the last few seconds. They just couldn’t help themselves… they simply HAD to have yet another stupid, ridiculous “who shot JR” cliffhanger in an attempt to “hook” us into speculating breathlessly all fall/winter, as though the series itself wasn’t good enough on its own to get us to come back. Everybody’s doin’ it, so we gotta do it!… bunch of sheep. I really and truly thought they would finally do something original and NOT have a stupid cliffhanger this time… what was I thinking?

    • Brian says:


    • Jack says:

      Agreed as well. I did t know why she HAD to be shot. The scientist who invented the cure and saved lives of humanity as we know it is walking on a floor with a random guy with a gun where the president is yards away get shot. How? (Rhetorical)

  50. cej says:

    Just before that final scene, my husband asked, “Wouldn’t that important of a person have a security detail?”