Fall TV Preview

Once Upon a Time Promo: Who Is Kickin' Hook's Arse? And More Twists

With three weeks left until Once Upon a Time returns, ABC on Sunday night released a new promo for Season 5.

In the brief teaser, you’ll get the surprising answer to the question in the headline above. (Though you may then ask: Why?)

You also may also be led to wonder: Why are Snow, Belle et al in their Storybrooke garb upon meeting King Arthur in Camelot? (Why not dress for the occasion?) Why is Merida training her bow on [Spoiler]? (And is she standing in the circle of stones from Brave?) Last but not least, what is shakin’ at Granny’s?!

Watch the promo above, courtesy of the ever-industrious folks at YouTube.com/tvpromosdb.

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