Did Mr. Robot Need More Tyrell? Where Is Ray Donovan's Son? Arrow Misfire? Weak Whispers UFOs? And More TV Qs

Mr. Robot Season 1 Finale

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Hannibal, Falling Skies, Mr. Robot and Rookie Blue!20Qs-DefianceBaby

1 | Defiance fan Pandora must wonder about the finale’s flash-forward: “What has Nolan been eating for the past six weeks up there in space?” We mean- while ask: How did it go from night to day to night as Yewll was launching the pods to the Omec ship? Lastly, is Lucas among TV’s Top 10 Cutest Baby Actors?

2 | Shohreh Aghdashloo and John Noble in the same Elementary episode? Anyone else inclined to watch with the picture off, just listening to those wonderfully distinct voices?

3 | In the midst of Hannibal‘s otherwise terrific series finale, did the “Dolarhyde overtakes an entire FBI escort team” scene feel a bit too clichéd? And did you stick around past the credits for Bedelia’s last supper? (If not, go back and rewatch!)

Ray Donovan4 | Is Ray Donovan going to address the worrisome disappearance of Conor?

5 | Rob Benedict’s stealth guest stint on Masters of Sex got us thinking: How does the insanely talented and charming Felicity vet not have his own show yet? And speaking of Sex, is it controversial that we’re kinda more #TeamDan than #TeamBill?

6 | Did you think/fear that Falling Skies’ Maggie would die either before or right after answering Hal’s marriage proposal? Also, why is it that all alien eggs on TV and film “glow”? Are there E.T.-like heart lights pulsing inside?

7 | Has VH1’s cancellation of Hindsight — despite its previous Season 2 renewal — make you wary of other recent pick-ups like Impastor and The Jim Gaffigan Show? (And did NBC just find itself an “out” with Aquarius?)

8 | Switched at Birth‘s Mingo: Daphne’s best love interest yet? (Yes, the competition isn’t strong, but still.) And were you surprised by how much money the Kennishes used to have?Chasing Life

9 | Who do you think Chasing Life‘s April will kiss first: Dominic, or her hot new doctor (played by Colin Egglesfield)?

10 | Do you suspect that SYTYCD judge Jason Derulo is giving extra-harsh criticism (even to great routines!) so viewers will take him more seriously? And is it working? Also, we love seeing more of Travis and Twitch, but does it matter one stinkin’ bit whether Team Stage or Team Street got more votes in a particular week — especially since, in the end, it’s going to come down to one individual dancer?

11 | This Week in Bad CGI: So, how about those Whispers UFOs that instantly accelerated from 0 to light-speed? It was akin to the 8mm home movie one makes as a grade schooler. In the ‘80s.

12 | Has it dawned on anyone else that Hawaii Five-0 now has cast two blonde (and badass) alien-invasion cable drama actresses as Season 6 love interests?

13 | Really, Tyrant? We “get” that it’s problematic to have Abbudinian characters speak in their native language, but couldn’t at least 50 percent (versus a handful) of the signs at the rally for Bassam have been in Arabic?

14 | Was the lack of Tyrell in Mr. Robot‘s finale disappointing? (What do you think happened to him?) How unnerved were you by the Joanna/Elliot scene? And were you relieved that there was a post-credits sequence, if only because it meant the overused “Who’s at the door?” mystery wasn’t the cliffhanger?

Arrow Diggle Costume15 | To echo many an Arrow-loving TVLine commenter, as well as common sense: How’s that peripheral vision working for you, Diggle?

16 | As satisfying as Thursday’s Rookie Blue was as a potential series finale, is there anything else you would have loved to have seen before the end? Maybe an appearance by Luke, or Frank’s return?

17 | Even though we Mistresses viewers pretty much knew that Calista’s assistant Wilson was going to turn out to be the killer, did you still gasp when he emerged from the shadows in that busted wig and one of his boss’s caftans? And given finale’s cliffhanger nature, what should we send ABC execs — Maison Sur Mer scented candles, perhaps? — in the name of a renewal campaign?

18 | Graceland’s Charlie probably shouldn’t have blown Jakes’ cover when taunting Germaine, right? Wanna bet that comes back to bite them in the ass? (Dale’s crush Courtney probably works for Germaine, eh?)

19 | Was Big Brother‘s double eviction the most anticlimactic in series history?

20 | Do Sofia Vergara’s shampoo commercials axe-spray-adremind you of the Modern Family Halloween episode where Gloria dropped her accent?

21 | This antiperspirant commercial guy needs a sandwich (or two), right?

22 | On a scale of 1 to 10, how disturbing do you find that M&M commercial where a suburban couple seems to be… sleeping with the candy?!

Hit the comments with your answers and any other questions you care to share!