Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Promo Features Pirates, Prisoners... and a Proposal?

Hawaii Five-0‘s Season 6 premiere is one to… treasure, based on this exclusive look at the first promo.

The CBS drama’s Friday, Sept. 25 opener — titled ”Mai ho`oni i ka wai lana mâlie” (“Do Not Disturb the Water That Is Tranquil”) — is “loosely based on a legend that pirates attacked the island in the 1880s,” showrunner Peter M. Lenkov told TVLine as part of our Fall Preview Q&A, “so we actually open up the season seeing that pirate attack in a flashback. It’s our version of Pirates of the Caribbean, where pirates are attacking the palace and the streets of Waikiki. And that sort of launches us into a modern-day treasure hunt for what they had stolen.”

Also glimpsed in the promo are newlyweds Kono and Adam, whose honeymoon period appears short-lived, while romance is obviously also in the air for a recently reunited couple, Steve and Catherine. But might the idea McGarrett floats by Danny go awry? As Lenkov told me, “There’s a big change that’s going to happen in their relationship.”

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  1. Grace says:

    Uh oh! If Steve is going to propose to Catherine and then a few episodes later he’s on a date with someone else, I guess something isn’t going to go well there. :o Also, Danny’s laugh? Pure sarcasm, haha. I guess Danny doesn’t approve?

    And I’m assuming Catherine doesn’t say yes and then die in the next episode. Because Steve wouldn’t be on a date a few episodes later if that was the case! So maybe there’s still hope for them down the line even if she says no.

  2. Honestly—Steve and Catherine have kinda jerked one another around for 7 season; mostly Steve doing the jerking.

  3. Elle says:

    McGarrett proproses to Catherine (so it more or less means he’s in love with her) and I assume she says no, but then he’s okay with that to start dating someone else right after that?

    • H50fanie says:

      I think also that I guess if there is another chick on the way is because Catherine says no and the reason why episode 6.03 is a huge turn in their relationship as the EP says. Good because I dotn like catherine

  4. H50fanie says:

    So I guess something goes wrong when Steve ask Catherine to marry her cause it doe snot make sense if he then later starts dating another chick.

  5. Joey Padron says:

    promo for new season looks good. excited to watch new season later this month!

  6. Stacy says:

    Well since McGarrett is getting a new love interest I am assuming that he either ends up not asking her or she says no. I’ve never been a fan of that relationship so her leaving for good will not bother me. I just have never seen her as a good fit for the show….the year that she was a member of 5-0 I just felt as if the whole balance of the show was off. I know that many people don’t agree and everyone is entitled to their opinion!

  7. KatieKatt says:

    Marriage ain’t gonna happen and not just because of new girlfriend spoiler reported yesterday. Borth burned her bridges at CBS and won’t be invited back full time because she confused her character with herself and trolled/bullied H-50 fans that didn’t like Catherine. I’m surprised they let her come back at all but maybe it’s to kill her off once and for all which I would be fine with. Never minded the character much but the actress attacking fans who did nothing to her made me hate Catherine. Goodbye and good riddance Borth/Catherine. May your future career be determined by your karma.

  8. Lucy says:

    Well i see all the Catherine haters are here so i won’t say what i think about it all.Peace Out.

  9. Mr. Tran K says:

    The promo is really awesome and that whole Pirates Of The Caribbean thing looks cool to me. Steve proposing to Catherine and Kono and Adam getting married then get kidnapped and torture by Chin Ho’s evil brother is a great setup for the Season 6 premiere and I really hope they get rid of Christopher Sean’s character for good.

  10. The promo and spoilers are meant to rattle the pot and to get the H50 fans talking and guess what, it worked, brilliantly. I get many of us dont like Michelle/Catherine, but to continue this tirade against her is both old and an embarrassment to everyone involved, cant we just enjoy the show (even if they are holes and OOC moments)

  11. gracenotpark says:

    Still hoping Cath and McG work it out. Love their chemistry, love that they have back-history and she’s known him awhile, and she’s as gorgeous as he is. Plus he loves her! <3

  12. piebokou says:

    No way they are splitting Cat and Steve !!! That is just vicious. I really like Steve as a one gal type of man so it would be nice if they actually let Cat and him get hitch.

  13. mskrislarsen says:

    Personally, I’d be happy if the show would feature Kono & Adam as the one fully functioning relationship and let the rest of the team focus on being cops.

    More Ian Anthony Dale, please!

  14. maybe this story is just a hoax he would ask her to marry him and then date someone else but we dont know long michelle borth is staying i think maybe she said no then comes back and says yes to him anyway the whole story is confusing perhapa that another woman is not going to be on the show after all catherine is the only one for steve i think they will be together some time in the show perhaps he realises that the other woman is not for him after catherine came back anyway if viewers will remember steve told danny he wasnt ready for another relationship so it could be just a friendship thing that he has with her

    • Alexie says:

      You are right in one thing. ALl this Steve/Catherine/other woman story is really confusing and misleading. Noone knows for certainty the status of the actress Michelle Borth on the show after episode 6.03, which it is said there will be a huge turn in their relationship, so after ep 6.03 fans will know whether Michell Borth stays or goes.

      If anotehr lady had been cast to be Steve date, probably Steve proposes and Catherine says NO, otherwise we wouldn’t have a new gf on the horizon or something will happen so that steve doesn’t eventually propose, it might happen like that, wel in the promo it only says Steve will propose so lets see what happens the problem is that they end up having sex I heard, so the story is really confusing, as to whether Catherine will stay or not stay.

      I hope she does not stay at all. I like Steve to find another love interest. I do not like her, She was much better when he was not regular or part of the team., she joined the team and ruined all, but I dont like an actress who starts hating fans on social media just because some do not like her character on a ficitous show and that is what Michelle did and that is common knowledge, she started to say bad things to those fans who did not enjoy her character on the show and take it out on the fans. That is not good she should have kept herself neutral and let it go.

      • Dmac says:

        I’m not a big fan of her character, but you should check out her twitter pages; so called fans of the show were brutal to her not just to her character. It was childish, offensive and damn rude, I am surprised she didn’t do it sooner. NO ONE has a right to call someone offensive names because they don’t like her character.

  15. i think that this is going to go be the last series of hawaii five o i read that alex oloughin wanted to finish after season 6 so maybe the producers decided to get steve and catherine together in the end so that the show can finish on a great storyline i also that read that season 5 dropped in the ratings if you look at series three which was the best one for them they were frally together as a couple in one episode catherine referred to him as her boyfriend

  16. mat carter hawaii five o wrote that there was going to be a ltwist in the steve and catherine storyline and that michelle borth would leave hawaii five o season 6 but then return so maybe that it what will happen when she comes back

    • Alexie says:

      If you read that she will leave the show for the upcoming Season 6 and then she will return, for your words it seems then there will be a season 7 in order for her to reutrn on Season 7 since she wont be in the new Season 6? So what about the new possible love interest for Steve where did you leave her?

  17. i think that danny will connvince steve not to marry catherine a bit of jealousy there i think so steve starts dating the other girl but realises that he only loves catherine and she rerurns later in season 6 and then they get married if you remember in the series 5 finale danny told steve that he liked catherine very much and danny also told her she looked fantastic perhaps he is jealous of steve and catherine because he told steve that he should move on with his life

  18. Stacy says:

    I’m curious if they’re going to decimate Steve & Catherine, or whether there’s a twist with Sarah Carter’s character – like a staged relationship, or staged breakup, for some reason. Hmm… guess we’ll see.

  19. May be Steve finds out that Catherine had another man when she was overseas and that is why they don’t get married

  20. Maybe Steve decides to have a couple of dates with the other woman before he decides if he does want to be with Catherine for good

  21. I think maybe Steve asks Catherine to marry him but then he meets the other woman and he can’t decide which one he wants so Catherine leaves and comes back later in season6 I think that the other woman is not in the show full time has recurring episodes where. She is I the show now and then

  22. I was reading about what Peter Lenkov said something that the idea of Steve. And Catherine getting married
    Might go
    Awry so I guess he his telling us it is not going to happen stop we canhope

  23. if sarah carter has only a recurring role in the show they will probaly bring her back full time in a future episode so she will be with steve permantely

  24. I no it is only a TV show but I wont be watching Hawaii five o season 6 after episode 3 Steve and Catherine go back a long way I don’t think it will be the. Same

  25. They should not have shown that video of Steve telling Danny that he was going to ask Catherine to marry him it spoilt the plot especially now we no it is not going to happen she is only in the show for three episodes wonder what her exit will be I think that Steve meets that other woman while Catherine is still in the show

  26. If Sarah Carter only has a recurring part in the show it can’t be a proper relationship I no that Michelle borth was not in it much untill season 3 but if this is the last series it doesn’t. Give them much time to be together if you remember. Michelle borth was back and for all

  27. I was watching a episode of hawaii five o from series 1and even as early as that you can the the chemistry between. Steve and Catherine don’t think it will work with anyone else

  28. ElleW says:

    As with many female characters on the show, they were written poorly (Catherine, Lori), or written/acted well and bumped off (Malia, Jenna). The Steve/Catherine storyline has been pointless and lazy from the beginning. Let`s hope the new blood comes with new writing.

  29. Show goes no where. McGarret actor stinks. Show nothing like old one. needs to go

  30. i just read a coment by peter lenkov yhat something drastic is going to happen in steve and catherines relationship so i think she his going to die

  31. Peggy says:

    So, if they get rid of catherine’s character, either killing her off, or a job offer, steve is going to turn to someone else for romance when he didn’t all last season? It would’nt fit his character and frankly i would stop watching the show. I enjoy catherine and steve’s relationship and that they work together along with the romance. It was boring last year. Introducing a new love interest just wouldn’t work, not for me anyway.

  32. Peggy says:

    I’m done with this show if they take catherine out. The last two episodes indicate she wants to be with the character of steve so why would she say no. I’ll find something else to watch.