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Arrow Season 4 Diggle

Arrow First Look: Diggle Suits Up!

What’s the word we’re looking for? Oh, yeah — finally.

Arrow‘s righthand man, John Diggle (played by David Ramsey), at long last has some cool costuming of his own, to debut in the CW hit’s Season 4 premiere (airing Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 8/7c).

In explaining the helmet’s origin, showrunner Marc Guggenheim said at Comic-Con this summer, “One of the things that we started to feel last year… is Diggle’s got a wife [and] daughter. So if he’s going out there surrounded by people in masks and he’s John Diggle, that’s not the greatest idea on his part.”

Take a look at his get-up above, and share your knee-jerk reactions below!

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  1. Quinn says:

    Um you can still see his face. Isn’t that the point?

  2. Too similar to Magneto’s helmet.

  3. Wordsmith says:

    Definitely approve with the principle of giving Diggle a uniform. Not sure how I feel about the actual look, though. I think I’ll have to see it in action before I can pass judgment.

  4. Lysh says:

    Oh god…I don’t know if I like it. Maybe if I saw him in action…like some sort of trailer. It reminds me of like a biker Magneto. Or someone. His peripheral vision in that probably sucks. The jacket’s cool though.

    • Ann Marie says:

      I’m not crazy about the helmet either, but his peripheral vision might not be much worse than Oliver’s in his hood. The hood on my winter jacket comes forward about as much as Oliver’s hood does and it seriously reduces my peripheral vision. That’s fine for me walking home, but not for an action hero in a fight.

  5. Lizzie says:

    I don’t care what it looks like (it does look like magneto) but he’s still a badass who & well he really needed something for protection .

  6. Brad says:

    The helmet looks silly

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is everyone notice today that EW.com
    no longer free website after I read an articles at EW and then says “Join EW.com You have reached your limit of FREE articles this month”.WTF!?

    • Dysturbed says:

      I got that message awhile back, but then the problem went away. Regardless, as unnecessary as it should be, clearing cookies or viewing that site using private browsing is a likely was around any limit.

    • Tv Fanatic 9109 says:

      That happens to me every time I try to access EW on my phone or tablet. Use Incognito tab (Chrome) or Private tab (Firefox) to get around this problem.

  8. star says:

    No it looks terrible

  9. @tvneuroepi says:

    This looks like bad photoshop

    • cg313 says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I was thinking that helmet looks like it was photoshopped on. It doesn’t look like it sits right at all.

  10. Dave says:

    um i dont like it. sorry. looks like the new costume magneto has :)

  11. Azerty says:

    All the costumes in Flash and Arrow are pretty badass so I am waiting to see this one in the field before any judgment. But I am glad Dig finally got his own suit.

  12. JC1 says:

    ……….Oh dear. That’s…..not good.
    I wasn’t thrilled with the Robocop look they showed at Comic-Con, but I think this is worse. What were they thinking?

  13. Two words: peripheral vision.

  14. Drew says:

    Yeah, that is pretty lame. Not quite as lame as the ATOM suit (at least this is cool aside from the helmet) but still lame. Oliver never wanted a mask because it would mess with his vision. Now Diggle is strapped I to a helmet that is big and clunky, which makes Ollie’s mask look sensible now.
    And the opening looks strangely like a T… Which should be more of a Mr. Terrific thing. Right?

  15. m3rcnate says:

    Looks awful and way too much like Magnetos helmet. It also doesn’t serve its purpose…to conceal someones identity. In the world of Arrow where there was a time that Oliver was on the news as the Arrow (until Roy said he was) who would everyone be aware of? His big black security guard. Well who does that dude in the helmet look like?
    Also in a world of facial recognition and all that tech, showing that much of your face is pointless.

    • Brigid says:

      I agree 100%! I never though he needed a costume, he’s way too cool for that. If they want to hide his face because of his family then he can wear a ski mask. The helmet looks silly.

  16. Eve says:

    He looks “hot” and “sweaty” and Yes, it does look as if he’s wearing Magneto’s helmet. Maybe they should have gave a helmet with a tinted visor. His helmet looks more creeper then a mass. I love John Diggle, I like his new threads but that helmet you’re wearing gives a creepy Magneto’s head. I hope works out.

  17. Arrowette says:

    That helmet/mask is awful and ridiculuous

  18. Joey Padron says:

    Diggle’s helmet looks pretty good. hope he can fight with it well in new season.

  19. Jon says:

    Good lord is that stupid looking or what? A suit for Diggle? Yeah, but this one?

  20. Lois says:

    Love Diggle, but that just looks lame. There has to be something better than that for him!

  21. Sil says:

    I don’t care what it looks like. Dig can be disguised now. To me that’s all that matters.

  22. Gern Blanston says:

    This looks absolutely terrible. They just should have given him a mask like Spider Man. A regular stocking mask that would from fit to his face. Something simple that doesn’t look ridiculous.

  23. Jared says:

    I love the idea of having Diggle finally getting a costume of his own, but not sure how I feel about the execution. It looks pretty blah to me.

  24. Liz1 says:

    OMG. My poor Diggle. That’s what they gave him as a kickass much deserved costume? That is just plain bad. The helmet looks crazy and you can still see that it’s Diggle. It’s supposed to conceal his identity. What were they thinking? John Diggle deserves better.

  25. datdudemurphy says:

    Diggle had been the Launchpad to Oliver’s Darkwing…

    Now he stole Magneto’s helmet…so he’s cool.

  26. lame says:

    Looks like the helmet of the elves of Ithilien, from The Lord Of The Rings.

  27. Is it just me, or does the helmet remind anyone else of Magneto?

  28. shutuprob says:

    I prefer John’s turtleneck-and-leather-blazer look from last season. You just *know* that they were saying that John’s codename would have been Shaft if they could’ve gotten away with it.
    But this season, they give us Dig-neto, which is *far* from neato. (rolls eyes)
    Time to fire the costume designer. Between this and the Atom’s Ant-Man armor last season, it’s clear they need someone else in the role.

  29. Streethawk had a better helmet than this.

  30. MJ says:

    I think it looks like that indie graphic novel Legend of the Mantamaji. That hero were an almost identical helmet and is also a black male. LegendoftheMantamaji.com They have a live action short too and the only difference is the color of the helmet.

  31. Roberto says:

    I hope this is a joke. If not so, the writers have just lost their head. They said that Arrow would be more fun, but this is too much.

  32. Kat says:

    what happened to the helmet they showed at comic con?

  33. Addee says:

    ……I mean…..who rreeaallllyyyy NEEDS peripheral vision when engaged in hand to hand combat?!?!

  34. Seems like Magneto with a little Night Thrasher thrown in to the mix.

  35. Richard says:

    He looks stupid. They should have just gave him a ski mask and called it even.