Gary Busey Joins Dancing With the Stars — See His Over-the-Top Announcement

Gary Busey DWTS

Show of hands: Who had “sexy cowboy” in the What Costume Will Gary Busey Wear to Announce He’s Joining Dancing With the Stars office pool?

If it’s you, congratulations. Busey did, in fact, wear the aforementioned costume while announcing his participation Tuesday during a surprise — but not entirely surprising — appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Did I forget to mention Busey came in on a white horse? That part is crucial.

In case you’re not up on your Busey history, this is hardly the Bikini Model Academy star’s first time at the reality rodeo. Here are just a few of the shows Busey has blessed with his subdued, not-at-all-crazy presence over the years: Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Paranormal Project and, of course, the tragically short-lived I’m With Busey.

(Side note: If you’ve actually seen all of those shows, I hereby recommend you for Celebrity DVR Rehab. Busey is probably going to be on that, too.)

As for Busey’s partner, we’ll have to wait until the rest of the cast is revealed Wednesday during Good Morning America to find out which poor soul will be teaching him the Viennese waltz. But whoever it is, I’m already praying for her.

Your thoughts on Busey’s participation in the next DWTS season? Drop ’em in a comment below.