Miley Cyrus Hosts the 2015 MTV VMAs: Grade Her Cameo-Filled Opener

Miley Cyrus VMAs

Two years after twerking with Robin Thicke (ugh, remember him?) at the MTV Video Music Awards, the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana returned Sunday to host the network’s annual tribute to music or whatever.

For weeks leading up to the main event, MTV viewers were bombarded with shocking-ish promos of Miley Cyrus floating through space, flashing her nips, sticking out her tongue, or any combination of the above. (“I’m just trying to watch Teen Wolf in peace,” I would say. “Can I live?!”)

So when Sunday’s ceremony finally arrived, the heir to the Billy Ray Cyrus dynasty had already set the bar pretty high — mostly for the censors, but also for herself. The question is: Did she deliver?

Following a 10-minute opening medley from Nicki Minaj — decked out in a sexy outfit from the Dr. Seuss collection — Taylor Swift and Macklemore (featuring literally everyone), Miz Cyrus finally took the stage.

“I have literally done everything on the VMA stage and none of it showed that I was qualified to host,” she began, after zipping down a giant rainbow slide. “But here we are!”

This segued into a behind-the-scenes look at Cyrus’ Instagram process, which apparently involves a lot of Andy Samberg and Ike Barinholtz telling her to do weird stuff with corn and eye-patches.

We’ll keeping our eye on the hostess as the night progresses, but for now, what’d you think of her big introduction? Grade it below, then drop a comment with more of your thoughts.

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