Fear the Walking Dead Recap: It's the End of the World as They Know It

Fear the Walking Dead Recap

Well, that didn’t take long.

This week was only the second episode of Fear the Walking Dead, and already, the City of Angels has gone to hell. Which was great news for those of you who were hoping that the series would be grosser and more action-packed. Not only did the hour deliver our first beaned walker, but things weren’t looking so hot for…

On second thought, keep reading. We’ll get to the soon-to-be-deceased-and-reanimated when we get to him. We’re gonna recap “So Close, Yet So Far” from beginning to the end of the world.

FAMILY MATTERS | Reeling from their run-in with Calvin, Travis and Maddie were anxious to locate Chris and Alicia, and get their blended family the hell outta Dodge. But of course, that was easier said than done. The former wouldn’t answer his dad’s calls, and the latter refused to leave her ailing boyfriend’s side. Luckily, even burning up with fever after being bitten, Matt had more sense than Alicia and insisted that she split with her mom. Once home, Travis took off again, this time to find Chris, and Maddie ran out to score some drugs to help wean Nick off of the hard stuff. And where was Chris? Downtown. He’d just happened to be in the right place at the right time to get swept up in a protest over a police shooting.

THE EX FACTOR | Since Liza had been too busy studying to have seen any of the news stories about dead people not staying dead, she at first assumed that Travis was just hassling her to change the weekend that Chris was to spend with him. Once Travis had used her phone to trick Chris into picking up and they realized where he was, she then joined her ex in retrieving the boy from the protest just as it turned into a riot. Before you could say uh-oh, the violence around them escalated to the point that they were forced to seek refuge in the barber shop/home of reluctant good Samaritan Daniel (Rubén Blades) and his family.

HIGH STAKES | Though Nick warned Alicia that if she went back to check on Matt, he’d hurt her or worse, she wouldn’t listen. In the end, only Nick’s collapse from a grand mal seizure kept his sister at home. Meanwhile, Tobias caught Maddie breaking into the police locker at school to look for drugs. Under the circumstances, she could hardly say no when he asked, “Can I get my knife back?” As it turned out, she returned the weapon just in time, because on their way out, they ran into a zombified Principal Costa. When he attacked Maddie, Tobias stabbed him. Then, Maddie bludgeoned the walker with a fire extinguisher to save Tobias.

SEPARATION ANXIETY | Once Maddie finally got home, Nick tattled on his sister but said that he’d kept her from leaving. (He cracks me up, that one!) Travis managed to reach Maddie by cell just long enough to tell her the last thing she wanted to hear — that she should take her kids and go to the desert without him, and he’d catch up with them later. As if Maddie’s day couldn’t get worse, Alicia heard screams coming from across the street — an infected neighbor was attacking an uninfected neighbor — and wanted to intervene. To make sure that that didn’t happen, Maddie shut the door and blocked it. And in that moment, it felt like she’d also shut the door on life as they knew it.

What did you think of the episode? Didn’t it seem much zippier than the premiere? The comments section is open for business — hit it!

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