Rookie Blue Recap: McNally On the Run

Rookie Blue Season 6 Recap

And baby makes… an awkward foursome?

On Thursday’s Rookie Blue, Andy finds herself having a difficult time fitting into fiancé Sam’s life now that he has a child with his ex. She arrives at his place for a date night only to find Marlo sleeping in his bed. Nothing happened — she just showed up looking for some help with the baby so she could catch some shuteye — but Andy is still confused and frustrated by the situation.

“How am I supposed to marry him in the middle of all of this?” she wonders. “I wish I could fastforward through all this.” Enter Juliet, who offers Andy an undercover gig in Vancouver for five months, until the dust settles.

“Last night I came over, and I interrupted a family – one that I have no part of,” Andy confesses to Sam. “The life that I wanted with you, you’re having with somebody else.”

“You and I are going to have the life that we want together,” he replies. “But we have to stick together and figure it out.”

Unfortunately, Andy can’t see how they can do that, so she tells him about the job offer. Sam is not pleased, to put it mildly. “You promised you weren’t going to do that anymore,” he exclaims. “This is Andy McNally running away one more time.”

My, we’ve come a long way when Sam is the one talking relationship sense and trying to make things work. Then he delivers this swoonworthy speech: “The only reason I ever thought I could be a dad in the first place is because of you. Being with you has changed me. I’m a better man. … Please don’t go away again, not for five months or five minutes. … Andy McNally, you are my family. Yes, I love that baby. I love that baby so much that I want more babies. I want our babies. We’ve both tried running away. We’ve both tried being with other people. But we keep finding our way back to each other. So let’s please, Andy, try the one thing we haven’t: let’s stay together.”

“I’m, obviously, going to stay,” Andy replies like it’s the most obvious thing in the world (and to TV watchers, it is). “I love you.”

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Gail has to testify at Steve’s hearing, which turns into quite a moral conundrum when her father asks her to lie so Steve will have a better alibi for the bombing. “Your bother was a guns and gangs detective. How long do you think he’d last in prison?” he says. As Gail waivers on the stand, Steve asks to speak to the judge privately so he can confess and take a plea deal. In the midst of all this, Gail remembers that she had a meeting with her case worker, who reveals that another family is interested in adopting Sophie.

* Andy may not have chosen to go to Vancouver, but someone else did. Nick’s not sure if he can trust Juliet again, but as Oliver points out, “if [she] leaves, you’re never going to know.” So Nick tracks down her airport limo and announces that he wants to come with her.

* Due to the corruption scandal, every division is restructuring, which means most of 15’s people will be shuffled, transferred or promoted to different platoons. Ruh roh!

Rookie Blue fans, what did you think of the penultimate episode? Are you relieved Andy and Sam worked things out? And how sad is that Gail may not get Sophie?

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