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Big Bang Theory Cliffhanger Mystery Solved: Leonard and Penny [Spoiler] in the Season 9 Premiere

Leonard and Penny Married

Will they or won’t they tie the knot — that was the nagging question The Big Bang Theory posed in last May’s finale as Leonard and Penny closed in on Las Vegas.

And now we have the definitive answer. (Spoilerphobes, that’s your cue to hit the nearest exit.)

Big Bang showrunner Steve Molaro confirms to TVLine that the longtime couple… will officially become husband and wife in the Season 9 premiere (airing Monday Sept. 21 at 8/7c). But, he cautions, “that’s really only the beginning of the story. As fun and as great as it is to see them get married, that’s only part of it.”

One issue likely delaying any potential honeymoon: The arrival of the woman Leonard kissed while on that North Sea expedition. 

The occasional speed bump notwithstanding, Molaro believes the time is right for the two to take the plunge. “We’re nine years in and we want to keep things moving forward, as well as exciting and scary and fun,” he says. “And I think this a great way to do it. Penny has had commitment issues for years and years now, especially when it comes to Leonard, and even she feels, ‘How much longer are we going to go back and forth on this? Let’s just jump in and hope for the best.'”

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