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Devious Maids EP Talks Possible Finale Deaths, [Spoiler]'s Big Return & More

Devious Maids Season 4

Devious Maids‘ third season reached its fiery conclusion Monday, wrapping up the year’s biggest mysteries and leaving several fan-favorite characters’ lives hanging in the balance.

Before we reveal what executive producer Sabrina Wind told TVLine about the game-changing hour, here’s a quick recap: Sebastian, who was revealed to be Blanca and Louie’s killer, was caught in an explosion at Powell Manor, one which might have cost Adrian his life; Zoila experienced complications during labor, prompting the doctor to ask Genevieve to prioritize her or the baby; Rosie visited a memory-challenged Spence in the hospital, only to find that Peri had returned (!!!) to nurse him back to health; and Taylor and Katy used fake names — plus a bottle of hair dye — to find safety far away from Beverly Hills.

Now that we’ve established where everyone ended the season, it’s answer time:

TVLINE | Let’s start with the explosion: I’m assuming Sebastian is dead, and I won’t be shedding any tears over him, but could Adrian really be gone, too?
[Laughs] Let’s just say we have a really great story to tell with that.

TVLINE | Adrian dying would potentially solve all of Evelyn’s problems, but she still seemed distraught at the idea of him being in the house. What’s going on in her mind at the moment?
Minutes before this happened, she realized she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life with him, yet the moment she discovers he’s missing is devastating to her. She’s come to the realization that she very much cares whether or not he lives or dies. And how that affects her informs where her story goes.

TVLINE | Have you even considered what Evelyn might be like without her other half?
My thought of what Evelyn would be like post-Adrian is … the things she thinks she wants might not be as interesting to her if she got them.

TVLINE | While we’re talking about lives in the balance, what went into the decision to put Zoila on Death’s door?
The easy story would have been happy-happy, joy-joy, but that’s not our Devious Maids style. We found this situation to be incredibly compelling, not just Zoila being at this critical moment, but the doctor looking at Genevieve — who so rarely has to make any important decisions — and asking who they should prioritize, Zoila or the baby.

Devious Maids Season 4TVLINE | I have to imagine that, regardless of who she chooses, there will be a certain amount of guilt.
I think that’s safe to assume.

TVLINE | I was thrilled to see Peri return, but is she really still in love with Spence?
When she left, she was mad because she felt cuckolded; nobody leaves a star for a maid! I don’t know exactly what Peri is thinking, but for me, this is her chance to get back at both of them.

TVLINE | So she’ll try to destroy their happiness purely to heal her own bruised ago?
[Laughs] We are talking about Peri here! Honestly, though, Mariana Klaveno is one of the greatest actresses as far as being able to deliver those kinds of lines. We couldn’t give up the opportunity to put her back into our story.

TVLINE | What about Jesse? Any chance he’ll be back if you get a fourth season?
Although we said he went back to Seattle because he needed some calm and peace in his life, we’re under the impression that people don’t stay away for long. Nathan Owens is so fun and charming and fabulous, so if we get the great honor of doing more episodes of Devious Maids, we’d also like the great honor of more of Jesse.

TVLINE | And Ernesto?
[Laughs] Honestly, it’s the same line. We haven’t heard whether or not we’re doing a fourth season, but if we get one, I don’t see him completely disappearing.

TVLINE | We learned this season that Carmen had a child she gave up for adoption. Might that story have legs?
Yes, absolutely. That was the intention to introduce that for Season 4.

TVLINE | Can you say when she had that baby? How old would her child be today?
I can’t say exactly, but it didn’t happen yesterday. It was a while ago.

Devious Maids Season 4TVLINE | Lastly, Taylor and Katy — or should I say Abby and Rosie — appear to have left for good. Should we expect to see them in our hypothetical Season 4?
We should not expect to see them, which is not to say that we’ll never see Taylor again, but we really thought of that as a beautiful way to end their story; they’re happy and safe from the cartel. And here’s a bit of trivia: Taylor’s fake name, Abby, is what the character in that storyline was originally named before one of the writers came up with the idea to bring Taylor back.

Devious fans, do you think Adrian is really dead? Will Genevieve choose Zoila or the baby? And what’s Peri got up her sleeve this time? Grade the finale below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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