Fall TV Preview

The Middle Scares Up a Twilight Zone Homage, With Brick as Rod Serling

The Middle Twilight Zone

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man — and Brick Heck will take you there this fall.

Season 7 of ABC’s The Middle will serve up a three-part Halloween episode à la the classic anthology series The Twilight Zone, with the Hecks’ youngest child (played by Atticus Shaffer) channeling the iconic Rod Serling.

“The Halloween episode is going to be really fun because we’re doing a little Twilight Zone homage,” The Middle executive producer Eileen Heisler tells TVLine. “We’re playing with our storytelling a bit and telling three [stories] involving different people. We’re really excited about that.”

As for her pick to narrate the proceedings, “Who would be Rod Serling but of course Brick?!” Heisler remarks.

The special Halloween outing also marks the return of a recurring character who will have last been spied almost exactly a year prior. “Brooke Shields is returning as [Orson neighbor] Rita Glossner,” Heisler shares, “which is always fun.” (With reporting by Ryan Schwartz)

Do you look forward to The Middle exploring the fifth dimension, with Brick as your guide?