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Chicago Fire Boss: Baby Reveal Leads to a 'Galvanized' Dawson/Casey

Chicago Fire Season 4 Spoilers

Dawson’s unexpected pregnancy on Chicago Fire might just be the silver lining Casey needs after his harrowing kidnapping.

Needless to say, the firefighter will make it out of that situation alive when the NBC drama returns for Season 4 on Oct. 13. But there won’t be much rejoicing as he tries to cope with the aftermath.

Casey has to deal with “what he had to do to survive that ordeal, which would haunt a lot of people,” executive producer Matt Olmstead tells TVLine. “He had to punch his way out.”

To add to the traumatized lieutenant’s plate, P.D.‘s Antonio will have to deliver the news that “the case isn’t going to go forward because the feds are involved [and] there’s complications, which sends Casey through the roof,” Olmstead previews. Now the firefighter is thinking, “‘Not only did I see a girl get shot in front of me — she was trying to do the right thing like I was to bring these guys down — now you’re telling me that she, basically, is going to die in vain and this whole trafficking operation is going to go. I’m not going to let that happen.'”

The EP adds: “Voight advises him not to do what he thinks he’s going to do, and Casey is hellbent.”

Meanwhile, Dawson is waiting for the right time to tell her ex-boyfriend that she’s expecting. Given everything that’s going on, it’s not surprising that finding that perfect moment proves difficult. But once the beans are finally spilled, “She — and the news she brings to him — is what really helps pull him out of the quagmire that he’s been in,” Olmstead reveals.

Casey seizes the announcement of his impending fatherhood “wholeheartedly, because it helps make him stay away from what he went through,” the EP shares, adding that the pregnancy also reunites the former couple.

But despite her ex being 100 percent in, Dawson still has her doubts about their relationship. “There’s definite ramifications in terms of her wanting to know, ‘You’re doing it for the right reasons, wanting to be back with me? Because we weren’t even a couple when this happened,'” Olmstead says. “It just becomes like, ‘OK, you got what you wanted. Now what?’ Reality sets in. So it gives them some nice twists and turns as a couple. But they’re galvanized as a couple, certainly, in the first part of the season.”

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