Rookie Blue Recap: Oh, Baby!

Rookie Blue Marlo Gives Birth

Did anyone ever have any doubt that Rookie Blue‘s Andy was going to be the one to deliver Marlo’s baby? I’m pretty sure that’s a TV rule — the current girlfriend must help her boyfriend’s ex give birth to their child. And that’s exactly what happens on this week’s episode, with an MIA baby daddy and some life-threatening complications.

What keeps this storyline from becoming cliché is the fact that Andy and Marlo do have their own history — separate from Sam. It’s a nice reminder that there was a professional relationship and a friendship between the two women before things got so complicated among the trio. There’s even a sweet, funny moment where Marlo laments that if she had cancer, not bipolar disorder, then her colleague would have cooked her a casserole or organized a 10K. There wouldn’t be any shame in it, she tells Andy, who replies, “Marlo, listen to me. If you want…I’ll make you a casserole.”

That’s not to say everything is hunky-dory. While their wedding plans are going swimmingly, Andy does have one request of fiancé Sam: “Maybe no Marlo. Is that a crappy thing to say?” Nope, and Sam is happy to grant his girl’s wish.

But when push comes to shove — and pushing’s exactly what Marlo has to do after she goes into labor — Andy does what’s necessary. While Sam is investigating a stabbing at Marlo’s support group, she and Andy go to an apartment building to look for Sylvia, one of the suicidal members. As she’s trying to stop Sylvia from hurting herself, Marlo feels a contraction. Sylvia uses the distraction to lock herself in the bathroom, and Marlo refuses to leave without her. “The good news is, you’re going to have a baby today,” Andy tells her after deducing that her contractions are too close together to get to the hospital. “And the bad news is, it’s going to be here.”

Thankfully, Andy helps Marlo safely deliver the child, even untangling the umbilical cord from around the baby, and Sam arrives just minutes after the little one’s arrival. As Andy later tearfully watches the new family, it’s clear that even though she just helped bring this life into the world, she’s already feeling like she’s on the outside.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Praise be, Dov and Chloe finally make up! But first, he unleashes all his feelings on his ex: “Our entire relationship was an affair!” Dov exclaims. And worst of all, he couldn’t even get angry about it because Chloe almost died. “I’m mad that you were married to somebody else. And I hate that I’ll never be married to you first,” he continues before planting a kiss on her.

* Gail tries to reach out to Traci with a letter from Steve — only to be rejected. Then she gets the honor of being teamed up with Steve’s former partner, who’s not thrilled about all their cases now being under review. At least Gail’s day ends better than it began, over a glass of wine with Traci and the declaration, “We don’t have to wear this. This is not our fault.”

* A reinstated Oliver chooses to go back out on the street.

Rookie Blue fans, what did you think of the big delivery? Did you enjoy the Marlo/Andy scenes? And are you celebrating Dov and Chloe’s reunion? (It better stick!)

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