Astronaut Wives Club Finale Recap: Which Couples Survived the Program?

Astronaut Wives Club Finale

If you thought the Ashley Madison leak ended a lot of marriages, you obviously didn’t see Thursday’s Astronaut Wives Club finale.

No, seriously, this was one of the very last lines of the series: “Of the 30 space couples in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, only seven marriages survived.” And, sadly, one of our favorite out-of-this-world twosomes were casualties of that marital bloodbath.

Here’s a quick rundown of where each of the couples ended up by series’ end:

* Trudy got an offer to expand her and Gordon’s air-courier business, and while he initially opposed it, his opinion became considerably less important after she divorced him. She decided to fly solo, so to speak, and start her own courier company, which became a huge success.

YVONNE STRAHOVSKI, WILSON BETHEL* After making a splash with her television debut (“To hell with the pineapple cake!”), Rene got her own nationally syndicated talk show where she was free to discuss real issues — and didn’t have to smash any more eggs into diaphragms. She didn’t get back together with Scott, despite their lingering chemistry, but they remained on good terms until his death in 2013.

* Marge found her calling as a ringleader for future clubs of astronaut wives, eventually developing the nickname “Mother Marge.” And despite her loyalty to NASA, Marge also supported Betty’s lawsuit against North American Rockwell, which ended up working out for her and the two other women who lost husbands in Apollo 1; Betty never remarried after Gus’ death.

* John Glenn, as you’re hopefully aware, went on to have a successful political career, serving as a senator from 1974 to 1999. Annie, meanwhile, spent her time as a spokesperson for a number of different causes.

DOMINIQUE MCELLIGOTT, LUKE KIRBY* The whole Louise-and-Max thing eventually fizzled out, with her telling him, “I’m glad that we met when we did, that things worked out and that we made the choices we did.” She ended the series married to Alan, who was also the only man in the group to make it into space. Their marriage lasted for 53 years, and they died within weeks of one another.

* And because I’d like this mini-recap to end on a positive note, I’ll finish with Wally, who became a famous TV spokesperson and remained married to Jo. Win, win!

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