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Good Wife to Pit Peter vs. Hillary in Season 7 Presidential Showdown

Peter vs Hillary

A potential Joe Biden candidacy may be the least of Hillary Clinton’s problems in her race to secure the Democratic nomination for presdient.

Good Wife exec producer Robert King tells TVLine that art will indeed imitate real-life politics when Peter launches his own bid for the Democratic ticket. “If Peter runs, he is running against Hillary,” he confirms, conceding that it’s “amazing” CBS is “letting us do that.”

King adds that Season 7’s campaign storyline will parallel the official primary timeline so that when “the Iowa Caucus happens [on Feb. 1], it’s going to happen in our show. We’re trying to parallel what’s happening on our show with what’s happening in reality.”

Of course, the bold storytelling strategy presents inherent challenges. “The difficult thing for us is we started writing these scripts in June, so you’re always kind of guessing where things are going,” King concedes. “And we’re stunned in politics how things change overnight. We’re not sure if Biden will enter the race at this point. We have the ability to ADR some lines in if that’s necessary, but we’re kind of playing the betting game at this point.”

Depending on how things play out on the real political stage, King reserves the right to veer “off from reality at some point” (i.e., Hillary winning the Democratic nod doesn’t preclude Peter doing the same). One thing that does seem unlikely: any mention of rogue republican rabble-rouser Donald Trump. Explains fellow EP Michelle King: “Peter is running on the democratic ticket, so at this point there’s not been reason to bring [him] up.”

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