Chasing Life Recap: Certain Tragedy

After a whirlwind romance — culminating in an even whirlwind-ier wedding — April and Leo were finally allowed enough breathing room on Monday’s Chasing Life to properly evaluate the state of their relationship.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the best thing for their relationship. The duo ended up bickering over whether or not to have children someday — lots of general future issues, really — until April completely lost it, admitting that she only took her anti-family stance because she didn’t want to promise Leo a life she couldn’t provide.

“I want to dream about all these things with you, but there’s this voice inside my head reminding me I might not be around long enough to do any of it,” she confessed through tears. Leo, naturally, reassured her with one of his classic “anything is possible” speeches, paving the way for a spectacular night in “Italy.”

That’s when Chasing Life dropped the floor right out from under us, having April approach her assumedly sleeping husband with “Life is short” … only to discover he’d died in his sleep. Yes, fellow Chase-ers, they did the one thing none of us wanted to them to do; they killed Leo Hendrie.

And even though many fans have been mentally preparing themselves for weeks — tonight’s episode was titled “As Long As We Both Shall Live,” and next week’s is “The Ghost in You,” so the writing was practically on the wall — that really doesn’t make it hurt any less.

(Disclaimer: This was not technically a full recap of tonight’s episode, but we really needed to talk about this. I think we’ve all got something to say right now, so drop a comment below with whatever you’re feeling.)

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