Complications Finale Recap: Not What the Doctor Ordered

As USA Network’s Complications wrapped its freshman run, Dr. John Ellison trades one load of troubles for another.

In meeting with Detective Holden and his shady-looking new partner, John declined to divulge any details until he was face-to-face with the DA with an immunity deal in front of him. Alas, John did let slip that Antoine was safe and sound at a medical facility, effectively putting Holden on his scent.

Gretchen later was tending to Antoine, who took a turn for the worse after falling during transit, when she spied Holden pull up to the surgical center and pocket a gun with a silencer. She phoned John, who was 10 minutes away, who then alerted Darius. A surgical masked Gretchen meanwhile distracted Holden during his search of the vacant wing where Antoine was holed up.

In the course of getting to Antoine, John realized that Holden was dirty and in fact was the one who started this whole mess by robbing the Locos’ stash house, then shooting Antoine to make it look like a kin-for-kin gang war. Arriving at the surgical center, he and Darius raced to Antoine’s side, where, alas, Darius forget the cardinal rule — always watch your six. As a result, Holden got the drop on the gang member and popped him. (It’s OK, li’l Bruce Wayne needs him!)

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Elsewhere, at John’s insistence, Sam took her son and father-in-law to the family cabin to hide out. But Holden’s dirty partner showed up there with backup, demanding to see either John or Sam. Gary attempted to fend off the fuzz, to little effect, then took a swing at Holden’s partner ad started a scuffle, affording Sam and the kid chance to escape into the woods.

Back at the surgical center, John did his best to talk down Holden, arguing that three more murders — including that of a small boy — were not necessary. Holden almost caved, but then went for his gun — just as John lunged for his surgical kit, grabbing and firing the pistol inside. With Holden dead alongside Darius, Gretchen convinced John to not call the cops but leave this to be seen as another gang shooting.

And it was. And in the aftermath, Sam asked John if he still believed in their family, given his infidelity and everything else they’ve been through. As John explained how a bullet left in the body needn’t be fatal, and ultimately gets encased in scar tissue, a montage showed life returning to normal for everyone.

Until the phone at the hospital rang.

On the other end? An ominous someone calling John about the clinic he torched after stealing the cancer drug, giving strict orders to meet him in the parking garage in three minutes. Or, presumably, else!

What did you think of USA’s Complications? Worthy of renewal?