Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale: Stars Tease Death, Romantic Twists & More

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale

Pretty Little Liars fans, who’s up for some last-minute scoop before Tuesday’s epic — and I do not throw that word around lightly — summer finale (ABC Family, 8/7c)?

TVLine caught up with two of Rosewood’s shadiest residents, Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish, for a taste of what we can expect from tonight’s revealing affair, which Pieterse admits feels like a series finale “because, in a way, it is.”

MONASSISTANCE | As per usual, Mona will come to the girls’ aid in the finale. Explains Parrish, “She comes to the prom to find the girls and helps them uncover a big piece of the mystery. Through following that trail, they uncover who ‘A’ is and why ‘A’ has done everything that ‘A’ has done.” Now I’m definitely willing to bet money that Mona is the “A” the girls encounter in this scene:

ALI VS. THE GIRLS? | “It’s very confusing for her,” Pieterse says of Alison’s sympathy for her twisted brother Charles. “It’s so personal for her, and she’s going to struggle with that. There’s a very suspenseful moment towards the end where it’s a ride-or-die thing. Alison is very conflicted, but the fans will be, too. As crazy as Alison is, I think the fans will agree with her in a way.”

SARA’S SURPRISE | “Emily is infatuated with some of Sara’s qualities, but I don’t think she sees everything about Sara,” Pieterse teases. “She’s trying to save her, which she did with Alison, too. Emily has a pattern. … But I think fans will be totally shocked by what happens with Sara, as well. The fans might even be a little bit upset, but in a good way, I think.” (I’ll be the judge of that.)

#ALORENZO | Speaking of relationships, it sounds like something big is going down between Alison and Lorenzo. “Their relationship is really complicated right now,” Pieterse admits. “But It’s been important to see Alison have this relationship. … I think she has many mixed emotions, but they’re on a fun journey, and I think the fans will appreciate the outcome.”

DEATH’S DOOR | Lastly, Pieterse confirms it’s “quite possible” that one or more characters will face an untimely end. (Gulp?)

Time to drop your final theories before tonight’s game-changing reveal: Who do you think has been behind all the Pretty Little madness of the past six seasons? Drop a comment with your best guest below.