Person of Interest: Sarah Shahi Confirmed for Full-Time Return

Reason No. 39 why Person of Interest needs to return sooner rather than later: Shaw is back, for real.

Sarah Shahi, who has been on maternity leave from the CBS drama since the middle of Season 4, is returning for much of the coming run, the actress told TVLine at CBS’ Television Critics Association press tour party on Monday night.

“I go back in September — full-time,” Shahi, who gave birth to twins on March 1, shared. “I’ll probably do eight or nine” of the shortened season’s 13 episodes.

As for Shaw’s return storyline, “I have no idea what the plan is,” she admitted with a laugh.

Shaw has been glimpsed twice since being shot to “death” — in a “She’s alive!” reveal filmed before Shahi took leave, and in a season-ending tag that was pulled off with digital trickery.

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