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The Mindy Project Season 4: 'Mindy's at Square One Once the Baby Pops Out'

Mindy Project Season 4

Shortly after announcing the premiere date for The Mindy Project‘s upcoming fourth season, the cast of the Fox-turned-Hulu comedy assembled at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills to drop hints about what’s ahead.

“We always thought it was funny that an OB/GYN would have an accidental pregnancy,” Mindy Kaling explained, adding that “the episodes about what to do with the baby have brought out really funny sides of Mindy and Danny’s personalities.”

Noted executive producer Matt Warburton, Mindy’s “sort of at square one once the baby pops out.”

Hulu also screened a brief sneak peek of the fourth season, promising a massive culture clash as Danny gets to know Mindy’s family — like when Mr. Lahiri convinces Danny that he’s going to cut off his hand as punishment for knocking up his daughter. Reporters also got a first look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Mindy’s dream husband. (“These chips are terrible,” Mindy says, to which Gordon-Levitt’s character responds, “Those are seashells, babe.”)

Speaking of Gordon-Levitt, Kaling said his Sliding Doors-inspired episode came about because a “supernatural” story would be a fun way to kick off the show’s Hulu run.

“We explore what it would be like if she’d never fallen in love with Danny,” Kaling said. “He plays a reality TV producer who’s best friends with Andy Cohen. He’s the man of Mindy’s dreams, his apartment’s in Gramercy Park. … It was very fun to use him as a character who seems ideal, but then goes in a very surprising direction.”

Danny, meanwhile, ends up with Freida Pinto. (Revealed Kaling, “I say to her, ‘Oh, Freida Pinto, people always tell me we look alike. Do people tell you that?’ And she responds, ‘I don’t know because you’re not famous.'”)

Additional reveals from the panel:

* Beth Grant (Beverly) assured reporters, “They have promised me sex” this season. Fingers crossed!

* Mindy and Danny will have very “different” approaches to the birthing process.

* Garrett Dillahunt’s character will take over for Mindy when she goes on maternity leave.

* There’s a road trip episode with Danny and Morgan in Season 4, which Kaling described as “very fun and very play-like,” as well as a “disaster.”

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