Did UnREAL Hunk Cross the Line? No Angel Reunion on Suits? Pretty Little Moms Spinoff? And More TV Qs


We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Strain, UnREAL, Pretty Little Liars and Mr. Robot!

1 | Based on what Killjoys’ “Lucy” detailed about the timing of John’s return to the ship, can we deduce that the Dutch/D’av sex didn’t last much longer than “8 minutes, 29 seconds”?

2 | Is there a single stereotype that Disney Channel’s BUNK’D didn’t assign to its young Asian camper?

3 | Why, Strain fans, The Strainwould a vampirism outbreak result in office buildings burning…? And does Young Setrakian kinda remind you of Jason Segel?

4 | An excellent True Detective point raised by TVLine reader Mike Donovan Lacy: How did Lt. Burris know which tunnel exit Paul would use?

5 | When/where did Falling Skies’ Anne get such a pristine, new, tailored leather jacket? (Not that we are in any way complaining!)

6 | Why have Food Network Star judges Bobby and Giada stopped emphasizing point-of-view and branding as crucial components for winning? And which of the three online Star Salvation hopefuls — Dom, Rue or Alex — have the best shot of upsetting Season 11’s two-horse Jay-Eddie race?

7 | How hilarious were Bachelor in Paradise‘s opening credits this week? And did they make you wish sitcoms still had such fantastically cheesy intros?

The Fosters8 | Man, the Fosters promo for next week isn’t hiding anything, is it?

9 | On Chasing Life, did April’s mention of a honeymoon in Italy — coupled with the fact that Italia Ricci was recently in Italy (yet seemingly sans Scott Michael Foster, who’s now on Blood & Oil) — make you panic about Leo’s future on the ABC Family series?

10 | There’s no way UnREAL‘s Jeremy can come back from what he did in the finale, right? No one’s still Team Jeremy, are they?

Devious Maids11 | Safe to say that Devious Maids‘ Carmen is as flummoxed by her giant “fish skeleton” earrings as we are?

12 | Did Pretty Little Liars‘ mom-centric scenes give anyone else flashbacks to Desperate Housewives? And when can that spinoff happen?

13 | Any coincidence that So You Think You Can Dance had its best live show of the season on the night when we finally got all duets, rather than all those unwelcome trios and quartets?Dawson's Creek Jack McPhee

14 | For those watching the Dawson’s Creek repeats on ABC Family: Were you impressed by how incredibly powerful Jack’s coming-out episode, “…That Is the Question,” still is today?

15 | Isn’t it a shame that Suits hasn’t yet been able to get former Angel co-stars Gina Torres and Amy Acker in a scene together?

16 | Is the Mr. Robot mask supposed to look like the Monopoly dude, Guy Fawkes, or both?

17 | Is Mr. Robinson‘s school so strapped that it would have a substitute teacher greeting the kids’ folks on Parent-Teacher Night?

18 | Who’s ready to join us in rioting if America’s Next Top Model doesn’t let openly gay (and openly gorgeous) military guy Miguel — who got very little screen time in the premiere — make the Top 14?

19 | As TVLine reader Jessica wondered: Why didn’t Rookie Blue‘s Sam and Andy show the explosives supplier a photo of Oliver, to confirm that the man he met with was really Oliver?

20 | Is Empire done guest-casting yet for Season 2…??

Mistresses21 | Snap poll! A pregnant Karen on Mistresses — brilliant or blasphemous?

22 | If you’re Complications’ Dr. O’Neal, are you stealing away to a supply closet to pop open that envelope and listen to John’s mysterious audio recording?

23 | Which Big Brother showmance gives you a bigger case of the heebie-jeebies: Clay/Shelli or Austin/Liz? And did the return of Derrick and Cody make you long for the smart gameplay of BB16?

24 | Was GOP debate co-moderator Megyn Kelly’s tone unexpectedly mocking heading into the final commercial when she teased, “After the break we’re gonna let the candidates make their closing statements, their final thoughts. And… God! Stay tuned for that!”? Also, how did Trump’s hair maintain its “blurry thicket” effect through the entirety of the high-def broadcast?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!