Rookie Blue Recap: Were You Able to Detect 15 Division's Dirty Cop?

Rookie Blue Season 6 Recap

You’re a bad man, Oliver Shaw?

Nah. On Thursday’s Rookie Blue, 15 Division comes to the Sergeant’s rescue, with less than a day to clear his name.

Commissioner Santana wants to know why he wasn’t informed of Noelle’s investigation. She does an impressive job of covering her behind/placating Santana by telling him she was trying to take some of the stress off him. He’s got to delegate, after all. So while she’s bought herself some time, it’s not a lot: Santana wants that report by end of day.

“You got to fix this, Sammy,” Noelle tells her friend, who enlists Andy’s help. McNally then brings in Dov and eventually Traci in their quest to help Oliver. They go in search of the explosives supplier who has mysteriously disappeared with his daughter, leaving behind their house as if they’d been raptured.

Eventually, the team tracks down the father-daughter duo hiding in Paranoid City. The girl starts blowing a whistle when Andy approaches her in the library, while the dad yells to Sam, “You’re in on it!” It takes a while, but the officers manage to convince them they’re just trying to help their friend. Plus, why would they approach them in a public place if they wanted to harm them?

Slightly calmed, the father reveals a guy called him for components. He showed him his badge, but he was in a rush, so he didn’t fill out the paperwork. After the bomb explosion, the cop’s phone number went out of service and the supplier’s daughter was threatened. The man’s name? Oliver Shaw. And he sure looks guilty: financial troubles since his divorce, crazy spending (because of the divorce) and Izzie’s disappeared drug charge are pretty incriminating. They’re going to bury him, Sam says.

For everything he’s done for the city and all the moments in his daughter’s life he’s missed because of work, this is the thanks Oliver gets? So he decides to turn in his badge. Meanwhile, the explosives supplier recognizes Steve’s caller ID photo on Traci’s phone as the man who called himself Oliver Shaw. Twist! Although I wasn’t completely shocked — he’s tangential enough to be bad, but connected enough to the main cast that the consequences will be significant  — I immediately felt heartbroken. Poor Traci is going to be so crushed. And of course, it will also affect Gail and their family’s cop dynasty.

Rookie Blue fans, what did you think of the reveal that Steve Peck is a dirty detective? Did you see it coming?

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