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Melissa & Joey's Melissa Joan Hart Weighs in on Series Finale Twists

Melissa & Joey Finale

ABC Family’s Melissa & Joey aired its final episode Wednesday, revealing happy — and stressful — endings for its core four.

Not only did Melissa Joan Hart‘s titular character discover that she’s carrying twins, but with a little encouragement — and an elaborate gunshot metaphor — from Joe, she also decided to continue her bid for Congress.

“I think the writers did a brilliant job of setting it up so that the audience wouldn’t be too sad or confused,” Hart tells TVLine of the finale. “They’ll go, ‘Oh, I get what’s going to happen to them in the future.'”

The finale also featured the surprising engagement of Zander and Lennox, and while Mel is thrilled for the happy couple, Hart isn’t so sure she’ll be celebrating for long.

“We did that future episode where [Zander and Lennox] are married, but I’d say that kind of thing doesn’t usually work out in real life,” she admits. “They’re two extraordinary characters — very bright, mature and passionate — so maybe they’ll be an exception to that. I’d like to think they’ll live happily ever after.”

And while Hart is sad to see the show conclude after more than 100 episodes, she’s glad it ended before she had to start strapping on a fake baby belly.

“I’ve never played pregnant in anything, so I’m sure after one week, I’d be like, ‘Can we be done with this now?'” she says. “And I don’t know if people would want to see that. Friends did [a baby storyline] well, but on other shows, it’s like, ‘We get it. You’re pregnant. What else?'”

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