Difficult People: Is Hulu's Billy Eichner Comedy an Easy Favorite?

Difficult People Renewed

Take a moment and reflect on all those horrible, politically incorrect thoughts that run through your mind each day, none of which you would ever say out loud.

A little freaked out by the name your best friend chose for their kid? Turned off by your ex’s newfound love for religion? Wishing you could express all those opinions without alienating the people closest to you?

Well, that’s a gamble that Billy Epstein and Julie Kessler — the protagonists of Hulu’s new comedy Difficult People — are willing to take, and they won’t hesitate to speak their minds on every topic from Susan Sarandon to Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy.

Billy (played by Parks and Recreation‘s Billy Eichner) and Julie (Mulaney‘s Julie Klausner) dream of one day breaking into the comedy biz. Until then, they spend their time waiting tables and recapping TV shows (hey, it’s a noble profession!), all the while offering unsolicited commentary on the lives of friends, family and strangers alike.

In the comedy’s premiere episode, Billy and Julie make enemies just about everywhere they go: at a Broadway production of Annie, at a friend’s Oscar party and at a business meeting gone awry, to name a few. And when you consider the topics the pair finds funny — for example, musician R. Kelly’s alleged pedophilia — it’s hard not to side with the NYC inhabitants who find Billy and Julie unsavory.

Fortunately, Billy and Julie do have moments — albeit fleeting ones — of vulnerability. For all her television-recapping prowess, Julie worries she doesn’t have what it takes to be a real comedian. And Billy, who doesn’t seem to care much about what people think of him, still struggles to get over a guy who recently dumped him.

Even though Billy and Julie’s cynicism borders on aggressive and off-putting, it’s these rare glimpses of their humanity that make Difficult People a refreshing 22-minute watch.

OK, your turn. What did you think of Difficult People‘s series premiere? Grade the episode via our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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