Playing House: Maggie Gets a 'Real, Live Human Family' in Season 2

Playing House Season 2

The ladies of Playing House are back — and they’re (Mr.) Kookier than ever.

On the surface, not a lot has changed in the four-and-a-half months since Maggie popped out little Charlotte: She and Emma are still mistaken for a couple on a regular basis, Bird Bones is still cagey (tee-hee) about either woman spending time with Mark, and Bruce is still working on repairing his relationship with his Dean Martin look-alike mother.

But Tuesday’s Season 2 premiere unearthed a devastating revelation: Maggie’s been making secret trips to Mark’s house — while Bird Bones is away from the nest, of course — so Charlotte can bond with her “uncle.” And they would have gotten away with it, had Maggie not forgotten Charlotte’s favorite toy, Mr. Kooky, during her latest visit.

Seeing an opportunity for maximum shenanigans, Emma and Maggie broke into Mark’s house — and when I say “broke in,” I mean “typed in the security code” — to retrieve Mr. Kooky. What they weren’t counting on, besides Mark and Bird Bones’ early return, was having to go toe-to-toe with a “little a–hole” bulldog named Rene.

After escaping from the closet, then greeting Mark with the most flawless chair-swivel I’ve ever seen (chair-swivel be bangin’!), Emma and Maggie were forced to sit and make peace with Bird Bones Tina — though I wouldn’t expect to see them downing Bloody Marys in that immaculate kitchen anytime soon. I am, however, anticipating a lot more crying from Maggie, especially now that she has the “real, live human family” she’s always wanted.

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