Downton Abbey Boss, Cast on Movie Hopes, Unexpected Season 6 Renewal

Downton Abbey Season 6 Spoilers

Downton Abbey will soon come to an end — but could the estate one day reopen its doors in the form of a film?

“There is this speculation about whether we’ll make a Downton movie,” executive producer Gareth Neame conceded Saturday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills. “We might. It’s something we’ve talked about.”

“I think a Downton movie would be a wonderful thing,” he continued. “But we don’t have a script or a plan as of yet.”

As for the period drama’s upcoming run (premiering Jan. 3 on PBS), star Hugh Bonneville was surprised that the show was even renewed for another year. “We were all expecting to finish after Series 5,” he revealed. “[Creator] Julian [Fellowes] said he felt it would feel a bit truncated, so he asked if we would do another nine episodes.”

Added Neame: “Maybe we’re leaving a little bit early, but I think on a high note.”

Other takeaways from Downton‘s TCA panel:

* When asked why not take the series through 1929 and the stock market crash — Season 6 takes places during 1925 — Neame said, “If we’d gone to a Season 7 or 8, we probably would have taken it that much further. … I don’t know if I could bear to see [Robert Crawley] go through a financial disaster.”

* Production on the final season wraps Aug. 15, but the cast is already saying their goodbyes and getting emotional. “We finished [shooting] at Highclere Castle a couple of weeks ago,” Bonneville shared. “Now we’re in the studio with two weeks left. We said goodbye to some of our characters last week.” Meanwhile, stars Michelle Dockery and Laura Carmichael got misty over a seminal set location. “Laura and I wandered around… and sat on Matthew’s bench,” Dockery recalled. “We had a bit of a cry.”

* “I love the journey that Edith has gone on,” Carmichael said. “She could have been the most conventional of the three daughters. She wanted a life like her parents and grandparents. Because of the heartache, she had to find a direction path for herself. She’s incredibly resistant.”