Fear The Walking Dead: Full-On Zombie Outbreak 'Delayed' Until Season 2

Fear The Walking Dead

The zombies in Fear The Walking Dead will be in no rush to mobilize.

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills on Friday, showrunner Dave Erickson said the walker quotient will be decidedly light in spinoff’s six-episode first season (debuting Aug. 23). “We purposely built the show a bit more slowly than the original,” said the EP. “We call them ‘infected’ and not ‘walkers.’ There’s absolutely going to be walkers, [but] there will be a build.

“By design, we tried to make it as much about the anxiety and paranoia and tension that goes along with this outbreak,” he added, “as about the actual confrontations with the zombies.”

But a full-on apocalypse is coming — most likely during the show’s already-ordered 15-episode second season. “By the end of Season 1, we definitely know the world has changed,” Erickson explained. “It is the end of the world as we know it.”

Erickson, meanwhile, reinforced his previously-stated stance that the universes of Fear and The Walking Dead would not overlap. “There’s no crossover plans right now,” he insisted. “We’re telling parallel narratives that live under the same mythological umbrella… but there’s no intention of having Easter eggs or character references.”

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