Rookie Blue Recap: Best. Weekend. Ever.

Rookie Blue Andy Sam Engaged

McSwarek fans, was it worth the wait?

On Thursday’s Rookie Blue, Sam finally put a ring on it and proposed to Andy. But the couple’s getaway weekend wasn’t an entirely romantic affair.

The first hitch comes during the drive to Oliver’s cabin, when Andy can’t let go of the fact that she witnessed Juliet getting out of a random SVU earlier. Her spidey sense is tingling, and she’s itching for answers.

“How long do you think it would take a biker to infiltrate the police?” she muses to Sam, before explaining her theory that the transfer is a mole. Her boyfriend just urges her to let it go.

Then they make an unexpected stop because Andy thinks they hit a bird — a detour that leads to a case of poison ivy. “We’re going to have the best weekend ever,” an irritable, itchy Andy sneers. To make matters worse, the cabin has been ransacked by animals and smells like a zoo.

“I wanted this weekend to be perfect,” Sam tells her.

“I like this weekend,” Andy replies. “This is better than perfect. It’s us.”

The detective then gets down on one knee and holds up a ring. “Marry me, McNally,” he says. What, no big speech? I know Sam’s a man of few words, but come on. Andy doesn’t need any big declarations though and tearfully accepts. But she can’t let her suspicions about Juliet go, so she brings it up later in bed. (So not sexy, McNally.) Sam reveals that he went to someone he trusted in Internal Affairs to investigate if the corruption allegations about 15 Division are true. He thinks Juliet is the IA officer they sent in.

So who is his trusted friend in IA? Noelle, of course, making a welcome return. The episode closes on her meeting with Juliet, who’s finally ready to present her potential suspects for 15’s dirty cop. First up: Chris. “You’re bringing me Diaz?” Noelle responds in disbelief. His sleeping with Jarvis’ wife is “just trading one addiction for another.”

Juliet next offers up Duncan Moore, who is as “dumb as a bag of hammers, but he’s also got step daddy issues.” Then she notes that someone else used their keycard 20 minutes before the bomb went off. “If you didn’t like any of those other names, you’re going to hate this one. It was Oliver Shaw.”

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Gail’s adoption caseworker asks if she’s ever done any community service. Luckily, Steve and Traci come to her rescue and make up a story about how she’s organizing the community outreach baseball game. “I love getting balls together,” Gail exclaims with mock enthusiasm. “And kids. And bats.” And now she has to do it for real. As terrible as it is, it’s probably best for Gail that the game gets interrupted by a drive-by shooting, since it allows her to step up and do what’s right when she realizes their witness is lying to protect her brother. Her reward: an unexpected visit with Sophie.

* After discovering some scandalous content on a teenage witness’ phone, Chloe becomes concerned about what’s residing on her ex’s cell. “Rest assured, there is no evidence on my phone that we ever even met,” Dov tells her. Sad! But after she leaves, he erases some photos. Get back together, you two crazy kids!

Rookie Blue fans, what did you think of Sam’s proposal to Andy? No one’s buying that Oliver is corrupt, right? Who do you think is the real mole? Hit the comments with your theories!

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