Emotional Jimmy Kimmel Targets 'Jackhole' Who Killed Cecil the Lion

Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night put the crosshairs on the Minnesota dentist who paid some $50,000 to hunt a lion in Zimbabwe, and wound up illegally killing a beloved lion, named Cecil, that resided in the Hwange National Park.

The avid hunter, Walter Palmer, has claimed he thought everything was above-board when he paid local guides to draw out a lion for him to hunt. In actuality, the guides reportedly used a dead animal to lure Cecil — a 13-year-old black mane lion and major tourist draw — out of the national park, where animals may not be hunted. Palmer first struck Cecil with an arrow, wounding him; 40 hours later, he tracked down the lion and shot him with a gun.

What Palmer did then with his prey, while the guides tried to destroy the GPS tracking collar placed on Cecil by an Oxford University conservation group, is not for regurgitation here. But as the Jimmy Kimmel Live host notes, Palmer’s $50K foray also bagged him a spot as “the most hated man in America who never advertised Jell-O pudding on television.”

“I’m honestly curious to know why a human being would be compelled to [hunt a lion],” Kimmel says in the clip above. “Is it that difficult for you to get an erection that you need to kill things that are stronger than you?”

Kimmel gets choked up at the close of the segment, in the midst of suggesting ways to support the wildlife conservation unit that had been tracking Cecil.

What are your thoughts on the Cecil tragedy? Are you buying the dentist’s “alibi”?

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