Devious Maids: Who Killed Blanca and Louie? Susan Lucci Teases Big Reveal

Devious Maids Killer

With only five episodes left in its third season, Devious Maids is getting ready to reveal its latest killer — or killers, as the case may be. But first, Genevieve’s got a secret of her own that’ll rock her maid’s world.

“It sure could,” Susan Lucci tells TVLine when asked if the big secret, being revealed Monday (Lifetime, 9/8c), could permanently alter her relationship with Zoila.

But don’t worry too much about the fate of Genevieve and Zoila’s unorthodox friendship; Lucci says their “push-pull, co-dependent, Lucy-and-Ethel” chemistry will remain very much in tact, even after all is revealed.

Below, Lucci talks more about Genevieve’s future with Zoila, as well as the show’s multiple mysteries.

TVLINE | Genevieve and Zoila have my favorite friendship on the show. What makes it work so well?
Honestly, I can’t reduce it to any one thing. It’s the writing, it’s the chemistry between Judy [Reyes] and me … I couldn’t ask for a better acting partner. She’s so wonderful to work with, and we just have a ball with the relationship; you often wonder who’s the boss and who’s the employee.

TVLINE | And I’m sure things will only become more complicated once Zoila has her baby.
That will certainly be a challenge, especially if Genevieve keeps bringing men home and keeping everybody up at night.

Devious Maids Season 3TVLINE | Speaking of Genevieve’s men, I’m not so sure I trust Dr. Neff just yet.
Oh? And why is that?

TVLINE | Well, we know Genevieve doesn’t have the best luck in love. Didn’t Philippe turn out to be a killer?
[Laughs] That’s right! She doesn’t make the best choices with men.

TVLINE | Should I still give Dr. Neff a chance?
Well, he’s very handsome and very accomplished, so I think we have to give him a chance. I think he’s the best man to come into her life in quite a while, and she’s definitely looking for husband No. 57. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Moving onto the Louie Becker murder, is Genevieve in the clear?
They haven’t found the killer yet, so she’s definitely still a suspect. She’ll keep pointing her finger at Evelyn, who will continue pointing her finger at Genevieve. … To be honest, the writing on this show kept me guessing right up until the finale.

TVLINE | Did you all talk about it on set and come up with theories?
Oh, yes. In the hair and makeup trailer, everybody talks, and no one was able to figure it out except for one person, and it wasn’t until the very end.

TVLINE | Did you guess correctly? What was your reaction?
I was not on that wavelength. I was surprised, but you’ll definitely be able to go back and notice where all the clues were given. It’s very interesting.

Devious fans, who do you think killed Blanca and Louie? Could it have been different people? Drop a comment with your latest theories below.

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