The Strain Recap: Lights Out

Strain Recap Vaun Dies

This week on FX’s The Strain, Setrakian revealed a squicky secret, Gus joined Vaun’s team on an ambitious mission, Palmer got a rockin’ bodyguard and young Zack somehow and for some reason became even more unlikeable.

So although last week left off with Kelly tasking her “feelers” with finding her son, we got none of that storyline this week. Zack however was determined to find his mom, but he got nabbed by his dad in the course of hopping a bus to Queens. Eph attempted to educate his son on the work he and Nora were doing, by experimenting on the McGreeveys, but Zack’s only response was to act out and turn the lab into a disaster scene. Eph’s answer to that was to give the kid a close-up look at Mr. McGreevey, to make clear exactly what they are dealing with — and to drive home the point that this is what his mother now is.

Speaking of test tubes and what not: Setrakian lopped the head off a strigoi while out and about, then made a point to collect some of his vic’s worm-infested innards. We saw the professor boil and tinker with the worms he had corralled, ultimately dropping some sort of liquid into his eye. Nora later found Setrakian on the floor, nearly dead and his eyes bleeding, after which he confided that his 94-year-old (!) self consumes the worms, via a solution, as a means to stay spry. He is resolved to “win or die” and not “fade away” as an old man.

Following a run-in with some cops, during which he used his proboscis to summon a pack of pals to assist, Bolivar was assigned as Palmer’s bodyguard, given the old man’s too-close-for-comfort encounter with Setrakian after the presser. Palmer unsuccessfully rebuffed Eichorst’s insistence on extra protection — and did his best to insulate Coco from the super-dark reality about what he is up to, doing work that “good men” can’t do — but an attack on the penthouse by Gus, Vaun and some Sun Hunters forced some truths into the light. After sequestering themselves in a panic room, Palmer triggered an array of UV lights that flooded the outside room with vamp-frying beams. One by one, Vaun and his men succumbed to the lights, ultimately toppling into a pit as a trap door in the floor opened up. Gus offered to pull Vaun to safety, but the team leader declared himself a lost cause and urged Gus to escape.

Guys, if Vaun and his really, really cool voice are gone, I’ll be very sad.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* After the Zack attack, Eph and Nora discovered they had found the right balance of pathogen, and were ready to send Mr. McGreevey outside, to hopefully infect other strigoi.

* Having spied a “LOST” flyer that was looking for her lover Nikki, Dutch confronted Nikki’s mother, who we learned greatly disapproved of her daughter hooking up with the “vampire” who “sucked all the good” out of her.

* Following a ceremony in which she declared Staten Island “plague-free” — and at which she revealed a display of decapped strigoi, meant to send a message — Councilwoman Feraldo was charged by the mayor with working her same magic on Manhattan and the other boroughs.

* Palmer’s former righthand man, Fitzwilliam, resurfaced in Staten Island, where he reunited with his brother.

What did you think of this week’s episode, “Fort Defiance”?


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